On the Outside

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Every year, on December 21, one person goes missing from the Inside. No one knows where they go, what they are doing, or who took them. But everyone knows, that every year, for hundreds of years, one person is taken without fault. This year was no exception. One person is taken and us Insiders can now relax for a year, not having to fear that ''you might be taken''. Or so we thought until I was also taken...

Fantasy / Mystery
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“Come oooon” flick flick flick

“Come on, you can do it” flick flick fli… “Shit! You fucking bastard!”

In case you don’t know trying to light a lantern in absolute darkness is pretty hard. But when your lighter only has one drop of lighter fluid in it, it is pretty damn near impossible. It’ll either not light, light, or light and burn your finger, then turn off. So of course I have just been blessed with the latter option. Splendid just splendid.

I would have liked to feel how bad it’s burnt but I don’t have time for that. I need to get this lantern-lit and get the fuck out of here before they find me.

Flick flick flick. Followed by a flash of light and I know I have a chance.

“That’s it you can do it” I slowly bring the flame to the wick. It starts to fizzel, then I get light and pray that it doesn’t go out. “Finally, I’m ready to get the Hell out of here”. Just as I’m about to get up and look for a way out I hear a deep chuckle, void of emotion, sound from behind me. My blood runs cold and it’s then I realize that my lantern staying lit is the least of my worries. “Shit, shittady shit shit shit“.

“Kitten, we both know I’m not shit,” he says with a humorless laugh. That voice, deep and raspy. I used to miss it but now I know better.

“Oh I know,” I say quietly, slowly turning around knowing I’ll have to face him eventually.

“Do you now Kitten? I’m not too sure about that. After all, you did try running didn’t you?”

I was now fully turned around, but wouldn’t dare look up and meet his eyes. So I’ll keep looking at his feet. Oh are those new boots?! I’ll have to ask him where he got those, I could use a pair myself…

“Didn’t you?” he repeated getting angrier by the second.

Oops still got to answer him. Mental note: stop ranting in nervous and deadly situations for it could cause further peril…

A low growl notifies me that I’m ranting again.

“No, I didn’t try running. I tried living” I said as dryly as I could. Better not let him know how nervous I am.

“I’d like to say that was a creative excuse Kitten, but I’d be lying” He slowly started to walk closer to me, which means I have a good idea of what he will be doing next. “I miss you Amb, so you’re coming with me”

“Please,” I said, fighting back my tears, trying not to submit to his charm like I once had. “It wasn’t an excuse”

“I’m sorry Kitten,” he said softly, still getting closer. The sweet smell of lavender and another bitter smell, that I have yet to identify enters my nose. I start to feel tired, but try and fight it off as much as I can. Realizing my efforts to resist, I feel him place a finger on my temple. My head starts to feel light. Right as I’m about to pass out I hear him whisper. “Truly Kitten, I’ve missed you”.

I feel myself start to collapse but strong arms are there to catch me. Then everything goes black.

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