The Darwin Chronicles, Book Three: The Blackfire Meadows

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Chapter 15

All of Briarlight trudged towards Blackfire. Emmett noticed Amy walking alone, staring at the scenery. He knew by instinct that she knew every flower and every tree of the Blackfire landscape.

They pitched tents, setting up camp in the luscious meadows. He gathered up the courage that night and sat down next to her in front of the fire she'd built. The flickering flames felt warm and homey.

She didn't react, but simply kept staring into the flames. The dark circles under her eyes were more visible than usual-she hadn't been getting much sleep lately.

"Hey," He said, hoping that she wouldn't punch him again.

"Hey," She murmured, still not looking at him. They sat in silence for a few minutes. Emmett cleared his throat.

"Listen. Please. Okay? Please don't get mad."

To his relief and surprise, she nodded. "Okay."

"Okay. I didn't mean any of those things, okay? I was just angry that you were angry at me."

"I know." She hesitated. "I'm-I'm sorry. I'm sorry I didn't listen, and I'm sorry that I punished you for something you were forced into."

"I don't want anyone to hurt you again, and I don't want you to be tortured again. I'm sorry, Amelia. I'm so, so-"

He broke off as she turned to him and leaned in and kissed him, effectively shutting him up. Once again, Emmett felt the familiar stirring and desire and passion churning inside of him as her warm lips gently pressed again his.

"Shut up," She said as she pulled away. "Please, Emmett. I haven't totally forgiven you yet. Just-leave me alone."


"Please, Emmett." She spoke in his mind again. Please. I don't want to go through this stupid pain again. Of loving someone. Just go.

Emmett sighed. "Fine." He stood up and left her sitting alone by the campfire.

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