The Darwin Chronicles, Book Three: The Blackfire Meadows

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Chapter 19

AMY! Emmett screamed in his head. He and the rest of the troops ran towards the edge of the cliff. "AMY!" He shouted, this time out loud. A phoenix suddenly swooped up in front of them, making them dive backwards to avoid being burnt. This phoenix dove right at Mark and turned into Amy, who used her momentum to tackle Mark and put a knife to his throat.

"You aren't fit to be a leader!" She shouted, pinning Mark's struggling form down. "You are a ruthless, dirty tyrant, drunk on power!" She pressed the knife down. Beads of blood started to form.

"Amy!" Emmett and Luke both shouted, running forward to yank her off. Mark sat up, enraged.

"Son!" He barked at Luke. "Lock her up!"

Luke looked slightly guilty but yanked Amy to her feet and led her away.

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