The Darwin Chronicles, Book Three: The Blackfire Meadows

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Chapter 2

They touched down in the mountains hours later. Emmett shook off his exhaustion and scooped up Kevin, sprinting down the mountain. He met a few people long the way, travelers, who stared, but didn't interrupt. Finally, finally, he was in Briarlight territory.

"Halt!" A familiar man's voice shouted. A warm body tackled him. It was Dan, a friend of Emmett's.

"Ow!" Emmett shouted. Dan looked surprised and quickly got off him.


"What was that for?" Emmett shook the dirt and leaves off of himself, brushing off his dragon, who sneezed.

Dan looked sheepish. "Er-well, we've tightened up security a little bit, Emmett. Where have you been?"

"Emmett!" Joseph pushed Dan aside. "Your mother and sister's been worried sick! What have you been doing?!"

"Let me get home. Then I'll tell you."

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