The Darwin Chronicles, Book Three: The Blackfire Meadows

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Chapter 20

Emmett sat at the campfire again, eating his dinner ration of bacon, beans, and a roll. To his surprise, Luke sat down next to him, looking glum.

"Amy's been sentenced to death," Luke told him. Shocked, Emmett put down his food and looked up.


"Because for one thing, she didn't kill you when she was supposed to," The other boy explained, "And another thing was that she attacked Dad-I mean, Mark. I went to go talk to her, but she refused to speak. Maybe she'll talk to you. She's in the Dragon Cavern."

Emmett trekked to Dragon Cavern. The leering caves and stalagmites and stalactites really did make the rock formations look like a dragon, and he was walking into its mouth. A guard stood at the entrance, not moving. He didn't react as Emmett walked in. Amelia sat on the hard rock ground.
She looked up, sudden fury on her expression. "What are you doing here?"
"I came to see how you were doing."
She gave a hollow laugh. "I'm going to die. How do you think I'm doing?"
"No need to be rude," He snapped. He'd come here to be nice, and this is what he got?
"Just go away, Emmett. I don't want to break your heart."
"You're not."
"I'm not, am I?" She glared at him. "I know how it feels when someone you love dies. It's best if you just moved on. Fine another girl. There's bound to be a few from Briarlight, just waiting for me to die to get their hands on you."
"Like that's going to happen. I love you."
She looked straight into her eyes, some kind of conflict that Emmett couldn't read awake. Then, she spoke the words that would stab him in the chest, pull his heart out, squeezing it in their fist, throwing it to the ground, stomping on it, grinding it with their heeled foot.
"I don't love you, Emmett. And I never will."
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