The Darwin Chronicles, Book Three: The Blackfire Meadows

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Chapter 21

Emmett stood back, as if she'd shoved him with her words.

I don't love you, Emmett. And I never will.

And all this time...

He forced himself to remain calm and turned, feeling numb with shock. He basically marched out. Luke looked at him expectantly, but Emmett ignored him, slipping into his tent.

"MUTINY! MUTINY!" Someone screamed from outside. Emmett scrambled up, throwing his shirt on backwards sleepily, running outside with his sword before being even fully awake yet.
"Wha-what?" Emmett stammered, rubbing his bleary eyes. A woman running past him stopped.
"There's a group of people over there, attacking Mark!" She ran towards what appeared to be a blazing fire. Emmett took off in the same direction, shoving through the panicking crowds of people.
"Are you ready to burn in hell?!" A masked figure shouted, raising his torch. Mark was tied to a stake next to a huge bonfire, kneeling. A number of other masked people stood clustered around Mark, shouting and brandishing weapons and torches. "Are you ready, Father?" With a jolt of horror, Emmett realized that the leader of the masked gaggle of mutineers was Mark's own son, Luke.
"Luke!" He shouted, trying to push the bystanders in front of him away. It was no use. There were too many people riled up, and Luke wouldn't be able to hear him over the terrible ruckus.
"Bring her out!" Luke shouted. A pair of traitors marched Amy, who was gagged and tied up, into the circle, and was forced to her knees in front of Mark. "Do you see this girl?! This girl, Amelia Roberts, whom you hated so much?! You were a bloodthirsty idiot, and you wanted her to die! But now, you are the one who will die!" A cheer went up, but was quickly silenced by a glare from the leader. "I've won tonight. You may have bullied me and abused me as a child, but not anymore! I will not be repressed any longer. But you did teach me things, I'll credit you for that." He sneered, reaching out his hand to caress Amy's golden hair. "You taught me how to get what I want, I'll give you that. I've got her now, even if she says otherwise. I saw how you won over my mother. No matter how hard you hit her, she was willing to stay with you. But, like all women, she was a helpless little slut. Women cling to men when they bear children because we support them. You taught me that. That to win a woman, you just have to have them bear you a child. Isn't that right, my darling?" He added, stroking Amy's hair still. "Thank you for those lessons. But now-it is time to die. Well-you all know what to do."
Four strong men lifted the stake and threw it onto the bonfire.
"LUKE!" Emmett screamed, sickened and horrified by the act and words alike. You can't just burn someone to death, no matter how disgusting they are!
Luke's icy blue eyes somehow caught his green ones and flashed triumphantly, as if to say, I won.
And he did. Emmett ran away, feeling nauseous. Luke had won Amelia, the entire army, and, to Emmett, his whole world.
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