The Darwin Chronicles, Book Three: The Blackfire Meadows

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Chapter 24

Emmett looked out from behind the rock to look for Kevin, despite Dazhong's warnings.


"Goddamn it!" Emmett shouted, falling back and clutching his eyes. He knew this blindness would be temporary, but how long would it be? What were they doing to Kevin?

"Kevin!" Amelia shouted, running up to the raging dragon. Kevin glared at her.


Excuse me? Kevin, calm down, please! You'll hurt someone.

Emmett. I need Emmett.

I don't know where he is right now.

Then connect with him!
His icy blue eyes shot down to look at hers. I know you can.

She was hesitant to do it, especially with all that had happened between them.

Do it. Kevin's anger pulsed through her mind at her hesitance.

She surveyed the chaos around her, and knew that if the blue dragon got mad, he could commit some serious damage.

Alright, She agreed grudgingly. She closed her eyes, concentrating.


Emmett, still clutching his eyes, furiously tried to block her out. He didn't have time for her...whatever. Especially since she'd been so...cruel to him. I don't have time for your bullshit, Amelia. I have my own problems.

Don't be such a baby. Amy channeled her shadow serpent tooth, which was still hanging around Emmett's neck. And don't distract me, or we both burn up, as you know. Got it?

What-? No, don't-

She focused on what his eyes looked like-green like leaves, full of life, and, recently, full of metaphorical fire. Searing pain overcame her as his eyesight was restored.

What the hell! Blue light glowed around him as his eyesight returned to normal. He recognized the glowing as the healing glow used by Legends to-well, heal people. Furious that he was once again in her mercy, he conceded to talk to her. Really, what?

Your dragon,
she responded curtly. Anger coursed through him once again, but her words peaked his interest.


Yes. He says he has a message.
Suddenly, like he had often been only a few weeks ago, he was looking though Amy's eyes, in her body.

Emmett! Kevin's voice rang through his and Amy's head. Before I forget. I saw this in tonight's rebellion-Blackfire.


Yes! It's fate. Blackfire. Do not forget, because I will. Blackfire! I don't know anymore than that.

Emmett once again left Amy's point of view, and quickly blocked her out of his mind before she could say anymore. Why had Kevin even chosen to begin to trust Amy? She was just a lying piece of scum.

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