The Darwin Chronicles, Book Three: The Blackfire Meadows

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Chapter 26

James watched as the little girl helped her little brother across the stepping stones in the brook. On the other side, the older boy gathered shells to decorate their house with. Each of them had the same honey golden hair, and grey eyes. His children. Their mother, Rosetta, was at home at work, an architect, building walls and homes as needed.

Amelia ran to Andrew, holding her white and icy blue dragon doll in her arms. "I want to help!"

"Fine, fine. Look for the shiny ones!" He showed her an example, and she took Aaron's hand and guided him a few feet away from their older brother, bending over to look at the ground for their treasures.

"I want to look myself," Aaron complained, taking his hand away from her.

"Fine." Amelia wagged her tongue at him playfully, then walked further up the bank.

"Don't go too far, Amy," James called to her.

"I won't!" He observed her silvery aura, swelling with pride.

That girl'll go so far as a Legend.

"Look what I found!" Aaron crowed joyously, pulling James from his brief thoughts. He was holding a small object. It looked like a small orb...

"Let me see, Aaron." James stood up and walked over to his youngest child, who dutifully handed him the sparkling object.

It was a beautiful orb of fire opal, with the crest of Blackfire. Could this be...?

Images flashed in his mind-a honey-golden haired girl, sporting arms with scars in the shapes of ivy, dragons, and phoenixes, holding the same orb, then crushing it with a sword. A brown-haired, green-eyed boy, destroying a shadow serpent fang. Screams of agony filled his ears, and a newborn baby's cries, a sudden warmth filling his body when he held the small bundle, memories or seeing that silvery aura, and...a set of his own piercing grey eyes, open wide, blazing with the fire of life.

"Dad?" Those same stormy eyes looked up at him-the same eyes, though a little wider in her youth.

Yes, she will go far. Further than any Legend has gone before.

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