The Darwin Chronicles, Book Three: The Blackfire Meadows

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Chapter 28

Amelia's eyes opened wide. She lay in her bed in Briarlight, panting. Those dreams...were nothing like what she's ever had before. They were...flashbacks. She had to find something. But...what? Something in...

Blackfire. That was what Emmett's dragon, Kevin, had said. Blackfire. Although he'd never been there, had no connection to it...he'd said the word.

But how could she possibly find it? She had absolutely no idea what she was looking for, or how, or where in Blackfire. She just knew that destroying it would destroy the Ciis.

As she headed outside for training, people were murmuring to each other.

"Did we all dream the same dream?" Someone asked. She stopped dead in her tracks, and turned around.

"Something about...finding something. In Blackfire."

Amy. He didn't want to see her, but he had to. Emmett ran through the cobbled streets, listening to people talk about the dream. The same dream.
"Amelia!" Emmett stopped in front of her, panting. He noticed her tense up, then turned around.
"I know. The dream."
"You-had-it-too?" He said.
"Obviously. Everyone did."
He straightened up. "But you're from Blackfire. Do you know anything about it?"
She gave him a long look, most likely hesitating about whether to say anything to him or not. "I've heard about leaders from years ago siding with the monsters. Just-you know. Nursery rhymes. Stories they told us when we were kids. Nothing about fire opals."
"You're lying." Emmett glared at her. I can tell, Amelia. I'm not an idiot, you know. I've grown since you first met me.
Infuriatingly, she gave him that familiar dissecting look, with those piercing grey eyes. I know.
Give me a break,
Emmett snapped. I'm a Legend too, Amy. You know that. I may not be as powerful as you, but stop treating me like I don't know anything!
I know you're a Legend. If you weren't, I wouldn't have performed the Awakening on you, would I?
That's not what I meant!
Emmett let himself ride the wave of fury that was building up in him. Why do you have to be so demeaning? Don't forget, I was the one who saved your sorry ass from the Ciis.
With Celeste's help.
Yeah? I still did it, I still cared enough to go after you all the way in the Reilene Desert, with or without help.
She kept giving him that look, unfazed. And you were dumb enough to forgive me after I killed your father.
You're right.
Emmett refrained himself from punching her, then turned, furiously walking away. It was a waste of time. All of it. At that moment, something crossed his mind, something that had never crossed his mind before, until that moment-that he could, maybe should, destroy the shadow serpent fang that hung around his neck, and, with the fang that girl's unhappy life.
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