The Darwin Chronicles, Book Three: The Blackfire Meadows

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Chapter 30

The orb sparkled serenely in the dirt. Rodale wiped the sweat with his brow and dropped the shovel, listening it hit the grass with a soft clang.

No one will find it here, surely, He told himself silently. Not in this enormous meadow. Besides, the only way to destroy it is by the strongest phoenix fire. Legends are extremely rare within itself, but a Legend that is able to turn into a phoenix, the most magnificent of creatures, is the rarest of all. It requires...extraordinary power. The last Legend who could do that was five hundred years ago. He pushed the dirt on top of the orb, feeling the warmth in his shoulder. The only flaw...every being with Blackfire blood running through their veins will be able to sense it. And at that, only the most powerful!

Rodale tugged his cloak over his left shoulder, where the crest of the Ciis had been branded into his skin, and walked away after giving the freshly dug dirt one last stomp to compact it.

Years later, Isaac stood in the meadow, carrying Flora on his back and a pail of water in his hands.
"Look what I found!" A small boy's voice rang out through the tranquil plain. The blond kid handed a shiny object to a man, obviously his father. Isaac recognized the family, minus the mother, from the Blackfire square. The object, a small sphere, glinted in the sunlight. Isaac's eyes widened.
Could it be?
The secret of his family that had been passed down for generations, for hundreds of years...the secret of the power of the Ciis? He was certain that he'd seen a fire opal in their hands, and not some random orb. He knew it had to be. He could sense it, could feel a warmth coming from his left shoulder.
Flora squirmed on his back and whimpered, which meant she was probably hungry. He turned and raced towards home, brimming with information about the mythical Lyrie Orb(also known as the Orb of the Ciis) and its whereabouts. He couldn't wait to tell his family.
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