The Darwin Chronicles, Book Three: The Blackfire Meadows

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Chapter 31

Ah! Young traveler. You've come to hear the stories about these parts, yes? The tails of the mountain ranges. I even have stories about the deserts! And the meadows! But you've just come for the local stories, right? Well, I've got a good one for you. It's basically a fairy tail, but you'll enjoy it. I can tell. You've come this far for stories, so you must.

Once upon a time, there were two deities. One was a beast, named Tallurah. The other was a mage, named Kallenea. The two were friends, and enemies. One day, Tallurah created a black serpent, her pet, out of the shadows. To combat this creation, Kallenea created humans. However, the first humans were powerless against these serpents. So she added an element of magic within them, using her own powers, and gave them the ability to transform into animals. Still, this was not enough, and Kallenea studied these creatures they had created, thinking of a way to outdo Tallurah's prized beings. Then, to their surprise, these humans were gifted with a mysterious wonder; fate. Some of them were fated to die young. Some of them were fated to love each other. Some of them were fated to hate each other. Some of them were fated to be unremarkable. And some of them were fated to change the world together. The latter, the ones fated to change the world, evolved by themselves. They were truly remarkable. They could turn into creatures that they thought only existed in their wildest dreams. Their senses were enhanced. They could use this to bring destruction and peace alike into the world. We know them as Legends in the present times.

These humans formed colonies. Each had at least one Legend, and these Legends were the leaders of the colonies, or, as we call them now, tribes. Tallurah, in a fit of envy, created many more of these shadow serpents. The serpents soon outnumbered the frightened humans, and so Kallenea gave them the gift of reproduction. And now here we are in present day.

Another story? Hmmmm. Let me think of another. Ah! Yes, I know one. This is more modern. Now begins the story of how the world was saved by two young Legends. Oh, I guess I just gave you a slight spoiler, didn't I? That this ends with a happy ending. Well, keep listening anyways! There's much more to come.
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