The Darwin Chronicles, Book Three: The Blackfire Meadows

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Chapter 33

"Excuse me?" Emmett asked, startled. "Did you remember something."

"That cavern! The one where Isaac died. When we were leaving, we looked back one last time to make sure we had all of our things. We left his possessions sitting there. And-and-there was the orb!"

"What? I don't remember seeing an orb."

"The ring! He had a gold ring. On that rings was a fire opal with the crest of Blackfire."

Emmett's eyes widened. "Holy..."

"I know! We both tried to forget Isaac. We gotta tell Phil!"

Emmett clambered to his feet in a flash. He and Amelia raced across the square towards the warrior headquarters.

"Hey! Where are you going?" Norie called.

"Where's Phil?" Amelia panted, slamming to a stop at the front table.
Thomas, the person on duty, gave them an apologetic look. "Phil's out in Splintered Ash down South for a few days. Would you like to leave a message?"
"No. There's no time!" Amy sprinted out again with Emmett following. "Emmett, we're going to have to make the trip ourselves. You have your sword and things, right? Let's go."
"Wait, what? Now?"
"Yes! The longer we wait, the more time the Ciis gets to terrorize people. It should only take a few days at most."
"Fine." They turned into cats and sprinted out of Briarlight.
"Halt!" A burly woman with a serpent fang around his stood in front of their two hurtling bodies. With a grunt, she fell as they slammed into him, unable to stop their momentum. A small army, all with shadow serpent fangs around their necks, leered at them as they looked up from the floor.
"I hear you're on the lookout for the Lyrie orb," the burly woman growled. "You want to destroy it?"
The duo got up from the ground. Amy swallowed, but stood her ground. "Yes."
"Then we've got a problem." The woman unsheathed her sword and took a menacing step forward.
Lyrie? That's Isaac's last name. Maybe that's why he had the orb...he a descendant of Rodale. Emmett shook his head to clear his mind. That's not important right now. Come on. Focus. Burly and her troops are attacking. They each unsheathed their own swords. Burly sneered.
"One little girl and one little boy can't possibly defeat all of us. You two should run home. You have no chance of defeating the Ciis, or destroying the orb. You can't destroy the orb unless you have a sword smithed from phoenix fire. The only way to get that is with a legend. Seeing as you two bear the crest of Briarlight, it's impossible. You do know that one of your Legends should be too weak to move from what we did to her, and the other has trouble turning into legendary creatures still?"
Amy's grey eyes flared, and Emmett could sense a storm brewing. Adrenaline rushed through his veins, and he could feel his muscles tense, ready to fight. He sense Amy was feeling the same way.
"Yeah? Well, we are those two weak Legends. And we'll defeat you without even going all out!" She shouted. With that, they charged at the group with their swords.

The group lay on the floor, all unconscious. They smiled at each other, each panting slightly.
"Being the two best swordsmen in the mountain ranges is great," Emmett grinned.
"Definitely. Let's keep going." They sheathed their swords and started off again. "Emmett, do you know anything about blacksmithing?"
"Yes, actually. My uncle was a blacksmith, and my dad's hobby was blacksmithing. So I do know how to smith swords pretty well."
"How well?"
"I made my own sword."
"Impressive. Well, once we get to the mountains, we need to make swords with phoenix fire."
"So you really trust them?"
"I'm not sure. But it's worth a shot."
As they ran, Emmett thought, It's like when we first met. She's like her old self. bliss.

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