The Darwin Chronicles, Book Three: The Blackfire Meadows

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Chapter 34

"Done." Emmett took the second sword out from the forge. Amy turned back from a phoenix.

"That looks amazing." Two identical swords laid side by side. Each had a slightly golden blade, each with a small ruby encrusted in the handles. Intricate ivy patterns were engraved in the handle.

"I know, right? Phoenix fire makes it look amazing. And it's just steel."

"We have to get going again. Take the sword." She laid down her old sword on the table and put the phoenix fire sword in her sheathe.

"This is it," Amy whispered. "But...why are there so many guards?"
"The Ciis?" Emmett whispered back.
"Yes. They must have found it."
"Hey!" Isaac hissed. "What are you two doing here?"
"Destroying the Orb of the Ciis-what?" Emmett turned. Sure enough, Isaac crouched next to him, alive and well.
"How-?" Amy whispered, eyes wide. Isaac sneered at them.
"Hello, my old friends. Fair Amelia, and Valiant Emmett. The Lyrie Orb brought me back. Oh, don't unsheathe your orb. Don't worry. Your plans will never succeed anyways, so I won't say anything. On the contrary, I want to watch you die. Go on. Behind this rock is a secret tunnel into the cavern. To where the orb is."
"And why should we trust you?" Emmett hissed. Isaac's smirk grew wider.
"Well, would you rather go through that?" He pointed at the cave entrance, where a horde of guards and shadow serpents stood. "There are less inside, I assure you. Worth the risk, isn't it?"
Amy peeked around a little more. "He's right." She met eyes with Emmett, and and agreement was made. They'd risk the bargain.
"Good. Oh, and one more thing," Isaac smiled. "The orb protects me."
"No kidding. Emmett, let's go. Ignore him." They duck behind the rock, into the cave.
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