The Darwin Chronicles, Book Three: The Blackfire Meadows

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Chapter 35

"INTRU-!” The girl screamed in a guttural voice. Amy quietly sneaked up behind her and cut her throat, letting her fall.

“Shit,” she murmured.

“What did you say?” Another guard turned back around to face the girl. Instead, he saw two strangers and a dying girl with her throat slit.

"INTRUDERS!” He screamed. “It’s them!” He took out his bow and arrow and let the arrow fly. Amy tried to dodge, and caught it in her left shoulder.

“Emmett, we have to fight!” She shouted, ripping the arrow out of her arm. Emmett raised his sword. A shadow serpent charged at him.

This sword should be able to kill the serpent. It’s made with phoenix fire! He sliced through the serpent. It hissed as it was engulfed in multicolored phoenix flames and died.

“Good!” Amy shouted, parrying her opponent’s jab. Their sword clattered to the ground. She raised her leg and kicked him in the chest, forcing him to fall backwards onto his comrades. “It’s going to go faster if I fight as a phoenix. you stay on the ground and battle it out here!” She blocked a sword and changed into a phoenix, promptly sending fireballs firing everywhere. The same man who had initially attacked her immediately sent and arrow flying at her. It caught in her other wing, sending her spiraling down as she morphed back into a human.

“Amy!” Emmett smartly smacked his opponent’s head with he butt of his sword and ran to her.

“I’m fine! Get to the orb!” She pointed at a small, short pillar in the center of the room, about twenty feet away from them. On the pillar sat a golden ring with the orb embedded in it.

“Got it!” He helped her up and she clumsily picked her sword back up.

This isn’t good. Both of her arms are injured. If one of us turns into a something that flies, we could get shot down. Turning into something big and powerful takes to long and leaves us too defenseless to their swords and the shadow serpents. If we turn into something small, we’ll be squashed. We’ll have to fight our way to the center of the room using our skills with the sword-

"OW!” He screamed as a dagger entered his side. It missed his major organs, but still. He slashed at his opponent while clutching his side. Out of the corner of his eyes, he could see Amelia narrowly missing death by mere centimeters by miraculously dodging a blow to the head.

We’re ridiculously overpowered. How did they find out that we were coming?!

“This is great. We can kill Briarlight and Blackfire’s last Legends! Thank goodness the Advisor told us you were coming.” The young woman in front of him craftily grinned. Emmett stuck her in the gut and stumbled on, pulling Amy with him.

The Advisor...she told them. I guess she really isn’t taking sides...she’s on everybody’s side!

“Here!” Amy reached the pillar. “We need to destroy it. Now!” She raised her sword, aiming for the orb. Out of the corner of his eye, Emmett could see Isaac watching. Smiling.

“Wait!” He started towards Amy, raising his arm in warning. She brought her blade down on the fire opal, and it split and two. Everything was quiet for a moment, then the silence was broken by Isaac’s maniacal laughs.

“Rodale created that orb to protect humans. The dream we sent was fake. Thank you. Now we can all slaves! Monsters will rule the world!” He titled his head back and started laughing hysterically at the cavern roof.

Amy turned back to Emmett, her piercing, stormy grey eyes filling with horror.

The broken orb glowed, taking in energy. Emmett reached for Amy to comfort her, but couldn’t quiet reach. No. There must be some way to stop it. The hero never fails. The orb was charging, ready to explode and kill all who was in the cavern. A purple glow filled the room. A strange, piercing, high pitched sound, like violins sustaining a suspenseful note, filled the air, getting louder and louder, and louder, and louder, and LOUDER, AND LOUDER.

The purple glow was blinding, the noise was getting louder, their ears bled, their injuries bled, blood splattered to the floor, the hero can’t die, the hero never fails, it could be stopped, nothing was wrong, Amelia and Emmett would-


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