The Darwin Chronicles, Book Three: The Blackfire Meadows

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Chapter 4

"I met Amy's cousin, Celeste," Emmett started. "She hates Amy, and she'll do anything to hurt her. She works for the Ciis, but only for the power. She forced me to strike a deal with her, and I did. We traveled through the desert, to get to the Ciis base, where they took Blackfire citizens. When we finally got there, she pretended that I wanted to join the Ciis and they let me in. I found Amy, and we found a room with all of the people they'd taken. Celeste gassed them, and every single one of them died. Celeste-" He swallowed a lump forming in his throat. "Celeste lied to her, and said I betrayed her. I don't know what happened to Amy after that. She probably returned home to get help."

Joseph gave him a strange look. So did Norie and Eliza. "What?"

Norie and Eliza lowered their eyes. Dread grew in Emmett, tightening into a know of despair. "What?"

Joseph sighed. "Son, there's no one she can get help from in Blackfire. Every Blackfire citizen was taken. And by the sound of it, they were all gassed. They're all dead. Blackfire is gone. Well, except Amy, of course. We need to find her."

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