The Darwin Chronicles, Book Three: The Blackfire Meadows

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Chapter 5

A small scouting group had been assembled to find the missing girl. Emmett had tried to go, but Joseph had refused to let him go.

"No, Emmett," He said. "It's best for you to stay here. We'll find her. Don't worry." With those words, he shouted at the scouts to move out.

Emmett now sat on his friend's front doorstep. A lot of people had gathered, wanting to know what had happened to the Blackfire citizens. He'd told them, and it had spread like wildfire. Now they were waiting to see what had become of the last survivor. The scouts had departed from Briarlight hours ago.

"There they are!" Someone cried. Everyone turned their heads towards the north. The rescue group had returned. Dan had Amy leaning on him for support, her arm around his shoulders. She looked half-dead in the twilight, blood still dripping out of her cuts. Everyone around Emmett murmured in shock at the sight of her wounds.

"That's terrible."

"Who could do such a thing to another human being?"

"The poor girl."

"Take her to the Walker household for healing," They heard Joseph instruct Dan. Dan nodded and started slowly walking, when Amy cried out in pain and collapsed, him quickly catching her. He'd accidentally elbowed her, hard, in one of her burnt areas.

"I'm sorry," Dan gasped uselessly. She was unconscious, and it frightened Emmett how pale she was. Dan quickly scooped her up and sprinted towards the Walker household, Emmett following.

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