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Chapter 11

Damien took a drag from his cigar and blew out a puff from his mouth as he descended the stairs with a suit jacket in the crook of his arm. He didn’t really like wearing the coat but he had to look presentable, but he would rather go around sporting his shirt.

His cufflinks were in place, the top buttons of his shirt opened, his hair combed back and his beard trimmed, he went to the men’s parlor, met with Orion and proceeded to the door. The butler hurried off to get the carriage ready as Orion told him of the deal that he had scored with the wolves.

“They have agreed on a week more, then there’s a war for sure. And the only reason for the delay was less because of our demand and more cause one of their Alphas died and had to be replaced.”

Damien thought over it. He still wasn’t sure on what he was going to do but that would have to wait for some time. At least till he put this gathering behind his back.

“Did you find anything on the White Wolf?” Damien asked.

Orion was about to answer, he had opened his mouth to speak but then his eyes went to something behind Damien’s back and his lips curved in a grin, exposing all his white lovelies.

When Damien turned around to look at what had caught his son’s eyes, he choked on the smoke that he had inhaled, his eyes skimming on the woman who came down the stairs and approached them.

Elle was in a baby pink gown with a neckline that exposed her milky neck and collarbones, the material of which clung to her body tightly, straining against her bust and hips. A hint of her cleavage was visible, enough to stir the interest of any man. Her hair was allowed to flow down her back and over her shoulders to rest on her breasts, and her face. That heavenly face was something he could bet was defined in ancient tombs as an Angel. Her lips were tinted with red, her eyelids bordered with something black, her cheeks were likewise powdered with a little red to make her peachy skin appear delectable.

His eyes refused to move away from her, and the territoriality that hit him square in the face at the thought of other men enjoying the view of her was something that he excused as his need to get laid.

His hungry eyes did not miss the way she ducked her and the insecurity that reeked off her. She wasn’t just nervous, she was scared and wary of him and as such she was quick to give him a curt greeting and moving to Orion’s side.

He controlled the growl that formed in his throat at her gesture and turned to the door in an attempt to keep his sickening displeasure to himself. He knew it was because of the mind reading that he had done, for some reason she had taken it worse than he had expected. She had been avoiding him and he was straying clear of her. All because he found his interest in her unacceptable.

As they got to the carriage, Orion was the one to help her into the wagon as she struggled with her hair and her skirting. Damien pressed his lips as she thanked him with a flushed face and a gay smile, stepped in after her and then came in Orion.

They were sitting face to face, no chance of avoiding his direct and judging stare, no space to retreat in and nothing to busy herself with as he kept on staring at her. He looked good, good enough to make her conscious of everything that she did, even her breathing that was sill difficult through the bodice that pressed her bosom tightly.

She was fiddling with her kerchief nervously, twirling the end around her finger and keeping her gaze down. She had seen his reaction when she had came down, the disapproval as he coughed on his cigar. His eyes had roamed her body and then a frown had settled on his face. She was already skeptical of what Amy had done to her face, she had never prepped up like that before, and then he had reacted that way, making her even more uncomfortable. She was unsure of how she appeared, or if she had made a clown of herself, and her hair was still damp, the tips dripping small water droplets on the soft cushioning of the seating.

She was already very unsettled and restless around him, and his glare made it hard to breathe. The presence of Orion beside her was the only thing that was keeping her sane.

“So as were discussing, I had sent our troops to search the territory for the White Wolf. There are no traces of her anywhere on our lands.” Orion said all of a sudden.

“As expected,” Damien said with his eyes still on her, “I know she’s not here. I would’ve known if she did.”

Damien watched as she glanced at him from under her lashes, clearly affected by the way he was looking at her. It was partly because he was unhappy because of the way she was behaving, as if she was the nuisance here. And partly because she was looking irresistible, her exposed neck making his fangs ache and his throat feeling as a desert with bloodlust that was alarming as she was a vampire. But then again, her scent was different than a vampire’s, a sweet smell that taunted and teased him, begging him to take her. The sight of her was making the rousing everything that made him a man.

And the way she struggled to take in a breath made her bosom rise and fall, testing his lust and cigar infused haze. Her hair was getting more vibrant with each passing second and through his hunger, both for her blood and for her body, he noticed that not an ounce of jewelry was adorning her, it was quite troublesome.

“Why are you looking for the Goddess?” She timidly asked Orion, Damien watched the way her lips moved, they way they pressed and curved, and wondered how they would feel on his own.

“hmm, the wolves want the Wolf back, they think we are hiding her.” Orion answered her and looked down at him, his eyes moving on her face “Did I tell you that you look lovely?”

She flushed even further, her eyes going innocently wide.

“N-No” she answered and fiddled with her fingers.

“Well allow me to tell you that you look absolutely gorgeous tonight.” He grinned at her and Damien ground his molars at their exchange.

He had no idea why his temper was so out of control, why he wanted this woman with such extreme desire, it had been mere days since they had met and yet he was craving her unlike anything he ever had.

Elle thanked Orion and ducked her head, a smile on her face.

“Did Aiden not hand you any royal signet?” Damien asked her. She looked up, her water light green eyes stalling his thought process for the brief second that their eyes met, and shook her head a no.

She would be a target for the elites to boast about their statuses, degrading her would probably be the best opportunity for them to make their petty egos feel better. She had not a speck of jewelry on her, not that a lady as pretty as her needed it, but the place where they were headed judged people on how much laden with gold they were, and likewise were not shy being hostile towards those who did not meet their standards.

Damien reached for the bracelet that he was wearing, a thick white gold wire with a few diamonds embodied in it. He didn’t give much thought to it as he removed it and gestured Elle to lean forward. She gulped and did as he had asked, after which he opened the bracelet from the hook and slid it around her neck before securing it. The thing fit her neck like a choker, she looked down with wide eyes and he positioned it so the diamonds were put on display.

When he leaned back, Elle blinked at him a few times, and saw a troubled expression on Lord Damien’s face, as if he was contemplating what he had just done.

“Lord Damien?” She asked in a very hushed voice, the image of him that was on her mind was still that of a person capable to enter into her most private space. A threat to her conscience.

“The elites would throw you out for being an intruder if you do not carry a signet to prove your identity .” He answered the unasked question and allowed uncomfortable silence to dominate the closed space.

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