His Ellie.

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Chapter 12

That was what he was feeling. Hot and ugly envy was burning his insides while he put on his poker, nothing special face and very disapprovingly noticed noticed how close Elle was sitting to Orion.
Her hand constantly went to her neck to adjust the bracelet turned choker that adorned her neck and the skin was red as irritated already, even though it hadn't even been ten minutes since he had put it around the column of her slender neck.
He did not want to notice that about her. Nor did he want to notice that the flush on her face refused to ease or the way her hair was all over her and troubling her, to the point where she finally resorted to tie it behind with her handkerchief.
But his mind did make a note of it all. Nothing was left behind as his eyes kept on scanning her from time to time. As if she would change significantly in a matter of minutes and he did not want to miss anything about her.
But even as his ever hungry body lusted after her with a vigor that left him hard and hot in places that should have been resting, his soul burned in the fire of guilt. Guilt that was deep rooted and came from the place that treasured the memories of his mate, his Amara.
He had bedded women, partly because he was a man in his prime and had a life that equaled to an infinity in front of him. He had needs that needed to be taken care of, but even as he had warmed the sheets with strangers who offered themselves for insignificant favors from him, his mind had always shown him images of his mate when he had closed him eyes. There had never been any emotions involved, only hard fucking with his eyes closed so he could think of Amara and temporarily return to where they were together. He knew it was wrong but it brought him some solace, and even though it came with a pang of guilt, it was welcomed.
His heart had always belonged to only one person, and that was Amara. He had always been sure he would never find love again, that his body would never react to any other person like that again, his love for her had bordered to devotion, grounding him such that moving on was not an option. He was happy to be in the space that he was in, his memories enough to keep his soul breathing.
But here he was now, his body reacting willingly to a woman who was not Amara, his soul taking interest in her and his mind determined to notice every single thing about him.
And he had a vague thought that if her took her to his bed, he will think of her, and Amara would be blocked out...........left behind.
He feared that like he had never feared his death.
And yet he threw a gander at her, and at that moment she too had glanced at him, like a deer caught in an opening, she turned her face to the window and looked out at the changing scenery. He though, kept on looking at her. And indeed, the skin of her neck was red, her fingers coming up to massage her and trying to loosen it.
"Orion," she spoke with her eyes still staring out.
"Yes ?"
"Why do the wolves think that we have their Goddess?" she looked up at Orion, and Damien ground his teeth at. He wanted her to ask him, talk to him instead.
"The last track of their wolf disappeared in our territory."
"Did you investigate?" her hand again went to the neck, her nails scratching and tugging at the bracelet.
"We did" Orion eyed her neck as he spoke, "Her scent is present there, but she is nowhere to be found."
"Where exactly was that place?" she asked again. A curious little woman with a very poky nose. Damien usually hated the people who went on asking questions uninvitedly. But her? He was angry instead that she wasn't talking with him, asking and demanding from him.
"South of the lake, near the border of the wolf territory."
She frowned at that, those plump lips on that pretty little face puckering out. Orion suddenly reached out and removed the bracelet from around her neck. Damien's eyes narrowed at that, until his son removed the velvety handkerchief and arranged her hair with his bracelet such that it looked like pin of sorts, the diamonds and white gold appearing and disappearing in her thick lengths.
Clever, but completely unappreciated. Damien did not like the way Orion touched her like he had a right on her. Like it came to him naturally and there was nothing wrong in doing that.
The jealousy was pointless as Orion had already told him he looked at her as he would his sister. But they weren't blooded sibling and vampires were anyways sinners, what if Orion decided she was too good to be looked at as a sister?
Damien curled his hands into fists.
"Does that territory not merge with the Southern mountain range?" She asked, and her being completely unbothered by his touch fed to his displeasure.
"It does, why do you ask?" Damien asked, like an attention starved kid who just wanted her to spare him a glance.
But she did look at him, so there was no harm done.
"Um, Milord, if I am not wrong, is it not where that purple cave is located?" She asked in a small voice, lowering her gaze to the ground so she could avoid his stare, her apprehensive tone something that he frowned upon.
But indeed, she had a point. He looked at Orion to see him likewise a little lost. The area was claimed by a group of isolated Fae people, no one bothered them as they could be a handful from time to time. He hadn't really thought that the goddess might have went up the mountains that were otherwise considered off limits.
As though reading his mind, Orion nodded hi head at Damien. The matter will be looked at.
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