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Chapter 14

Orion escorted her to where Damien was talking to someone and was surrounded by a few women with bejeweled hairpins, gold necklaces and what not. Even though she had no interest in any of the jewelry, as they approached the small crowd, she hated the way the berating eyes moved over her.

When she and Orion met with Damien, he excused himself from the women who openly gawked and tried to get his attention and the three of them made their way towards a lady who was dressed in a gown with woven jewels and rings on most of her fingers. She had done make up, her eyelids were colored and so were her bow shaped lips. Her hair was done up in what they called a chignon and were those pearls stringed into her hair?

Yes, she decided, indeed they were pearls, delicate and not over the top. A choker on her neck which too was delicate and the smile which she gave Damien was as pure as Elle as the diamond that was embedded in her ring. Upon their approach, Damien gave her a smile and bent down to kiss her cheek.

The kiss made her unsettled. More so because the lady greeted her with the same inviting smile and was not hostile in any way. She was not mean like the aristocrats tended to be.

After that point, most of her time was spent in making introductions and remembering names, just what she was brought here to do. Damien maintained his distance from her, keeping everything professional but it spiked jealousy in her when he greeted everyone with a warm smile but ignored her presence straight away.

She stood in the side and watched as he was flogged by women who gossiped of insignificant things that made Elle wonder where exactly the priorities of wealthy people lied. And to her surprise, Damien talked with them as if they were the most important people present around him and their issues, such as they were, were of cosmic consequence.

And even when she had her eyes and ears on the Lord, she was acutely aware of the stares and glares on her. The women judged her, their catlike eyes noticing her lack of appropriate manner and inability to dwell in the environment, and openly making taunts which Damien did nothing about. And if that was not enough to upset her, the lustful gazes that she was well acquainted with were ever present on her body.

She regretted coming here, more so because of the indifferent behavior of both her companions, one of whom was no where to be seen and the other had excused himself to dance with the host.

So she stood there, essentially alone among the waiters who served wine and other preferred drinks, she had already availed herself to wine, twice. And not to mention that she had already been approached by men since the beginning of the dance. The dinner was yet to come, and she was looking forward to it, unlike the men who subtly touched her under the pretense of greeting her. Like how one caressed her hands after placing a kiss on her knuckles, or a kiss that landed near to her lips rather than her cheek. Promises of wealth for a good time, as if she were from the red light district.

After some point she took to hiding in a corner which gained the least attention. She was done with everything, exhausted and on the verge of blowing up. At this point of time, even the construction of the place and the decoratives could not hold her spirits up.

As she took another glass of wine, Damien frowned from where he swayed Janet to the music being played by the orchestra. He should have thought this through, the woman looked tensed, her shoulders drawn down and her head low even when she drank from the glass. Her eyes were hooded, and he knew it was the wine working it's on her. He had absolutely no idea how well she tolerated alcohol and she was only making herself more of an easy target.

Throughout the night he had seen her turning men down, and it had been a relief. But he wondered if the attention she attracted to her displeased her rather than the opposite. He had assumed that Orion would give her company, but as he was no where to be seen, Damien gathered that he was nestled between the legs of some woman.

"You shouldnae have brought her here." Janet said in a hushed voice.

"I feel so too." He murmured when he watched another man approach her and sighed in resignation. She was too much of a sweet dessert for bastards to not want a taste of her.

"She smells weird, if you know what I mean. And her looks too."


His grip on Janet's waist tightened when his ears picked up on the offer that was proposed to Elle, to be a mistress for him who was most certainly a merchant of carpets and other draperies. Elle shook her head violently and her face flushed a shade of crimson that definitely gave an impression that she was simply playing hard to get.

Damian clenched his jaw.

"Does she mean anything to you?" Janet questioned at his reaction.

"Nothing." he gritted out and watched as Elle sent the man away, but the merchant did not part without stealing a peck from her lips.

The anger that boiled his blood at the sight was the contradiction to the answer he had given Janet, and Janet knew well not to probe into the matter. Especially when he felt her disgust and discomfort dimming her aura.

She wiped her mouth and downed the rest of the wine in one go.

Now that he had seen that merchant kiss her, he wanted to replace it the act with a kiss of his own, just to mask his taint on her sweet lips.

"she reminds me of someone." Janet said.

"Does she?" His eyes were on his curly haired beauty, whose eyes were currently sparkling with unshed tears.

"Yes, ne'er seen eyes like that." she answered. As he heard her breath coming out in a harsh exhale, his claws extended, she felt degraded and he felt infuriated at that.

"Janet, isn't dinner taking too long."

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