His Ellie.

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Chapter 17

The taste of him down the back of her throat was heavenly. He was a pureblood, the strongest one to live and it was not a wonder that his blood was so divine on her tongue. But she could also feel his strength, his power that she was taking in her, in the form of blood. His soul was owned by darkness, his blood, although sweet because of his genesis and strength, was nasty in nature.
She liked the taste of him, loved the feel of his hard body that she was clutching as if he would vanish at any given moment and more than that she was consumed by his power that was strengthening her from within. But it was all dark, vile blood that she was taking in. Her body would revolt, she knew, and yet she could not stop herself from doing what she was. She was crazed more than she was hungry.
Elle had a vague idea that she was being carried somewhere, that it was Damien who was whispering things to her and was walking her into a room. At one point Orion had crossed paths with them but had left them alone once they had entered the room.
He sat down himself on a lounge chair, spreading out his legs and settling her in between so she rested on his chest. She put her arms around his shoulders, moaning and wriggling until she found a comfortable position to rest her body.
The more she drank, the more the sense of doom started overtaking her, but she was past the stage of stopping herself. His soul was opposite of what she was, Elle was the light, and he was the dark, both meant to be together but incapable of physically consuming each other in the form of blood. It was like transfusing blood of a different group to a patient in need, vital yet deadly.
Her gut started wrenching and yet she lapped at the soft skin of his neck, her tongue caressing and massaging him. His blood was like alcohol, a hangover was due once she consumed the sweet liquid that burned her throat and nauseated her stomach, but she kept at it anyways because she like the dizzy high that accompanied it.
Damien threw his head back to give her more space, she was all over him and he could feel every small thing about her. Her breasts were pressing and rubbing on him, her fingers had weaved in his hair and although she was spread out between his legs, her legs were sensually dragging and pressing in the cushions. The overwhelmingly sweet smell of her arousal was making him heady, giddy. His body reacted to her call for mating, his soul begging and aching to take her, make love to her...........own her.
He groaned at where his thoughts were leading him to. His palms moved over her back, learning her body. As her tongue licked again, he wondered what and where else her mouth could work her magic.
Her draws became less greedy, small and in between languid and sloppy licks that made him shiver. She groaned and pressed herself more into him, taking comfort from his body. She groaned and soon those fingers gripping and tugging at his hair came down to his shoulders, her nails digging in as she clutched, almost as if she was pained. Perhaps trying to stop herself from taking much from him.
"shhhh, go on. Have your fill." he couldn't believe he was encouraging a vampire to drink from him, but he wanted her to continue, to take from him as much as she required and was necessary for her to be healthy. He felt responsible for her, responsible for looking after her and keeping her safe. She was nothing to him, and yet he wanted her and everything for her.
His hand went to her head, massaging and caressing her hair. He even placed a kiss on her hair, a fond, genuine kiss. A gesture that he had shown no one but his Amara and his dead son. It was intimate even when it wasn't sexual and he had no desire to ponder on what was leading him to her so effortlessly.
She moaned in response but then stopped, licked where she had created small holes in him and rested her head where it was with her nose pressed into his neck and her arms still around his shoulders.
"Done?" he asked her, his fingers still moving.
In response she rose up to look at him, her arms supporting her on his shoulders while she looked at him with scrunched eyebrows which he should not have found adorable. But her head was lolling a little, her eyes trying to focus on him as she miserably balanced herself on him. She was behaving as if she had had a one too many drinks.
His hands were above her waist and below her bust, and he was desperately trying not to move his hands up to cup her breasts that were more than peeking out through the bodice that was slightly torn in the front. Probably from when he had pulled her to him during that fight. But he had a good control on himself, and so he managed to keep his eyes trained on her face that was marred with worry and mayhap discomfort?
"What is it?" He asked in a hushed voice, afraid that anything might startle and scare her in her drunk condition. Vampires got a little dozy post drinking, mostly because their body had to work on digesting the blood intake. But it never made a vampire drunk. But certainly the rules did not apply to Elle.
"dark-k" she slurred, her eyes falling on his lips. The sweetness thickened his breath, making it hard to breathe for him, his arousal made it's presence known again.
Elle's world was tilting around, she had a headache, nausea had taken a hold of her stomach, the blood in her pit was sickening and strengthening at the same time, her arms and legs were paining and she wanted to kiss the man beneath her. She knew it was the monarch holding her like she was a princess, she knew it was the same Damien she had been so scared of just on their way to the party. But she wanted him. She wanted him like she had never wanted anyone.
"Do you want it to be dark?" he asked her, again in that whispering tone that made her stomach tingle with emotions even through the pain that kept on raising slightly.
She furrowed her brows at his inquiry. When had she said she wanted it dark? She had meant to say that his blood was too dark for her.
His mouth is a perfect set of lips. Her brain informed her from out of thousands of questions and worries that rattled her mind.
She arched her back on instinct, as if to attract him. She had never wanted a man before, never needed to get attention of one, never for once lusted after one. But here sat this man whom she wanted to take an interest in her, to notice her and have her, even if it was only for a moment. But have her for what? She was talking as if she wanted him for sex, which she definitely didn't. She wasn't ready for that yet, but all she knew was that her body was doing all it could to get her what she desired and what set her ablaze with an unprecedented desire and need that was making her skin sizzle. All she could think of was him, all she tasted was his sweet nurturing blood.
His eyes darted to her chest and he took in a deep breath before closing his eyes in an attempt to calm himself.
It didn't work. Obviously he failed, because a second later his hands travelled up and groped her.

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