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Chapter 19

Elle had no idea what was happening to her, she had once taken blood from Orion and she had been at her strongest at that time. But she had an impending sense that satiating her thirst with his blood would not end well for her. He was a Mystic, one of those who had descended from the hell, and she was but a mortal. His blood was of a different origin altogether and her body was incapable of accepting the foreign blood.

As chills went through her body and made her a shivering mess in his arms, she felt him turn them on their sides so she was pressed between the cushions of the lounge and his warm body. Her lips were quivering, her fingers and palms felt cold to a painful degree, she could no longer feel her feet.

She groaned in pain and pressed her face into him, her stomach was turning comparatively cold, her tears flowed down her cheeks. What made her suddenly so comfortable and trusting towards him was a question she would ask herself later.

She found little comfort in the way he was rubbing her backs and sides, his breath was warm as it fell on her head and at some point he had pressed his lips to the crown of her head.

Lord Damien cursed again, pulling impossibly closer to him. But then her world tilted again and she tasted bile that had traveled up to her throat as he moved her. She was in his arms with her arms hanging down because she did not have the strength to hold onto him. The cold air that came with the change in position worsened things for, her skin burning all of a sudden, as if she had been sleeping on ice for an eternity.

Her grunts made him look down at her pained face, her tears rattling him in a way that nothing had mattered in the past few years. Her skin was turning colder by the second and his mind sprewed unholy thoughts of death and how it took the warmth out of a body.

With a clenched jaw he carried her into the attached bathroom and turned the tap open so hot water ran into the classic marble clawfoot bathtub. Meanwhile he set to work at stripping her down.

It wasn't an easy task to get her naked, mostly because he remained a man with high sexual needs and she was a wet dream brought to life. Her gurnts and her trembling kept any vile thoughts at bay though. He looked at her face as he took her out of the silk and pulled her hair over her front to cover her breasts.

The trembling of her lips became worse, the shaking of her limbs increasing at the sudden exposure to the cold air of the bathroom.

Leaning forward he covered her lips with his, his palms on the small of her back as he pulled her into him.

Damien had fear creep beneath his skin only a few times in his life. Those were the darker times when he wasn't physically compromised or afraid of someone dominating him. Those were the times when he had lost the coast to his sea and the life he had harboured in the all that water. His Amara and his son had caused the few times when he had been scared.

He felt the same fear ripple through him when her lips were stone cold as he sucked them, her body holding almost no warmth at all. Her whimperes reminded him of how Amara had died and he marvelled over how helpless even a man like him could be.

Steam rose in the air, raising the temperature a little and when he heard the sound of the overflowing water, he picked her up like a porcelain doll and with all the care of holding a fragile fairy, he lowered her into the water. The sigh that left her mouth was a temporary blessing.

As looked at her from where he stood, he was disconnected from everything around him. He saw in the water a woman who looked too beautiful to be a mortal, he heard the water that was still overflowing and the air was thickening a little. And he felt that he would look after her. When he raked his mind for one good reason to care for her apart from his lust for her body, he came up with nothing rational. But he still knew he would be caring for her.


He murmured in the air and with the same disconnection from himself he started removing his clothes. A conscious thought in the back of his mind told him this was betrayal, that there was no need for anything that he was doing. That she was yet another servant at his mansion and her death would not matter.

But that was a lie, wasn't it?

If she died, it would forever haunt his conscience. And he was afraid she would leave behind another hollow in his heart with her departure.

He turned the tap off and climbed in behind her, spreading his legs on either side of her body and settling her in the cage of his arms. With a single hand he moved her hair over one shoulder and felt the back on his torso.

Damien moved his palms around her waist and reveled in the feel of her skin directly as it ignited sparks all over his body. His skin prickled with heat and sexual desire, her soft body melting into his.

He placed a kiss on her shoulder and then rested his chin on it.

"You're gonna be okay." He whispered, kissing the shell of her ear.

The water was too hot, and normally, no one would be able to enjoy the bath. But she needed the heat and it was evident in the way steam rose from the tub. Seeing that, he turned the tap on so the water level would not fall and kept on caressing her naked body, taking pleasure in the feel of her legs touching his.

"Orion...." She murmured in a daze.

Damien growled as the name left her mouth, his arms tightening in possession, his fangs aching to make it clear whom exactly she belonged. She was his now. And hearing her call for another man when he was tending to her was worse than any rejection. More so the jealousy that angered him was untamable.

She whimpered at his authoritativeness. Trembling slightly against him.

"Look at me." He kept his voice as calm as ice, intimidation laced in each word even though they weren't threatening.

She was still not too week, but she would heed to his command. He knew. And she did.

Her body was still tired and resting against him as he supported her weight, but she turned her head and looked up at him.

" What do you need Orion for?" With a sweet smile on his face and his palms rubbing stomach under the hot water, he asked again in that cold voice of his. The intensity of his eyes matched the tone of his voice.

She merely shook her head, the slight movement frightful as she teared up again, her half opened eyes pleading.

"Then why call his name? Do you like him?"

His tone was too authoritative, one of the king who ruled an empire with an evil aura and a wicked mind. He was being harsh, he knew it, but he needed to know what she felt for Orion.

She just shook her head again and a tear slipped through her eye and slid down her cheek. He frowned at it.

"I don't want you ever calling for another man around me." Where was the territoriality coming from? Devil knew. But he wanted what he did, it is what it is and he could not change what he desired. So he would set things to his liking.

She nodded her head very lightly, the frown still on her face. He sighed and bent down to kiss her cheek, wiping the trace of the tear.

"You're my property now. Mine alone. And I want no man to ever come close to you in this manner. Are we clear?"

The seriousness of his voice made the steamy and warm bathroom suddenly as cold as his soul was. He had lost his wife, and if this woman meant even one percent of what his Amara did to him, he would be damned if he let her be with another man.

She nodded her head again.

He growled his approval of her submission and raised her so he could place her on his lap.

With great relief he noticed that she was getting back to normal a little, her core temperature rising a bit.

Damien nuzzled in the crook of her neck, running his neck along the column of her neck and then placing an open-mouthed kiss on her shoulder.

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