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Chapter 2

What the fuck was he thinking putting the woman on a trial? Right............he wasn't thinking at all. Which explains why he had taken the woman in only because her voice was sweet on his ears. He did not remember how she looked, rather he simply hadn't been able to look at her properly, and then he had asked her to stay. Without doing a background check on her or even asking for her full name at that!

Damien buttoned up his silk shirt and folded the long sleeves up till his elbows. He had a lot to deal with, starting with the woman who had worked as Milford's archivist. And as she had been able to recite the matter addressed in the letter he had no ground to call her up.

Rubbing his face he dragged his fingers through his damp hair and pulled it back so only a single stubborn strand of hair came down to rest on his forehead. At the moment, he hated his drinking habits.

Exiting his room he called out for his butler and asked him to send the lady in his study. As he entered the study, he was aware that he had pressing matters that needed to be attended as early as possible. Orion was going to visit soon to discuss the invasion of the shifters into his territory. He was lenient with the mutts but they will have to be put in their places.

Sitting behind his desk he fetched the notice that had arrived late at night and frowned when he noticed the seal of fae people on it. Those dwarfs with wings usually didn't contact people outside of their community.

He was about to open the envelope when he heard a curt knock on the door.

"Enter" he called out and looked up.


That was the only thing that entered his mind as he watched the woman enter. She had long curly hair that somehow coiled up to her knees, her eyes were two luminescent green orbs that glowed from within, but the green of her eyes was translucent, like a crystal that one can see through. The almond-like shape of her Asian eyes was framed by two delicately arched eyebrows.

Her small mouth with it's bow-shaped lips somehow fit perfectly on her heart-shaped face. And her skin, how was it possible to have skin the colour of ripe peaches?

But there she was, standing just inside the room with her hair tied in a ponytail which was barely held together by the tightly knotted silk ribbon. The dress she was currently wearing was one that the maids in the household were given.

She bowed her head and stood where she was, waiting for him to address her.

Her aura was different, she was like a small sun walking on the earth, and if not for her skills, he would have to keep her around to know what she really was. No vampire was ever this vibrant, and no matter how much he tried, her eyes were a little too enchanting. They vaguely resembled the orbs that witches kept with them for predicting things and ruining the living ones.

She was no vampire and yet he could feel the hum of his people in her. She resembled no other mystic creatures as far as he knew.

"Take a seat, Miss Elle." He placed the closed envelope aside and rested his elbows on the desk.

She was timid as she came inside, her eyes glancing at him for mere seconds before they returned to the ground. He could feel her nervousness as she sat in front of him, crossing her legs at her ankles and fiddling with her fingers.

It was clear he was taking up more breathing air than intended, making her a wreck under his intense stare as he tried deciphering her existence. Discarding her would be a moment's work but being ignorant of her kind if she was a different species would only lead to future complications.

The whole world was divided into empires and provinces based on the dominance of the species on the specific area of land. Like how his province had a majority of vampires and thus the Empire was a land of bloodsuckers. And although vampires resided all across the world according to their preferences, if ever they had unresolved matters and issues to be solved, they would have to travel all the way here to address the Lord.

Every vampire across the world was answerable to him. He had appointed a few Dukes all across to assist him in keeping the vampire population in control. All those Dukes reported to him regularly to keep him updated.

If a new kind was to emerge out of the blue, all the lands would have to be adjusted to accommodate for them. Not that anyone would go through the trouble, people would rather squash the late bloomers in the dark world than give up the space designated to themselves.

" What would be the name of your sire and mother?" He asked as he continued looking at her, noticing every small detail about her.

She looked up at him and just as she was about to speak, the silk that tied her hair came loose and her hair bounced and fell all over her. The loose curls turned out to be an unmanageable mess that took up all the space around her delicate face, framing her beautifully and falling over her shoulders and even the desk.

His eyes took in her sight, she was like a beauty straight out of an imaginary portrait meant to quench all the unrealistic, aching desires of shrewd men.

She quickly shoved a few locks of her curls behind her ears where they refused to rest. They kept bouncing back to her face.

Elle watched the Lord looking at her with an expressionless face, his eyes looking as though she had irritated him. And maybe she had.

"I know naught about them, I am an orphan, Milord." She decided to answer his question before she angered him further. He looked like a scary man, but it was hard to convince herself that the man before her was capable of harming her when he looked so breathtaking.

" Is that so. And how did you manage to study literature with no one to look after you?"

"Duke Milford took me in a few years back as a maid to serve his daughter. I learnt alongside Lady Muriel as she was educated and later on I served as Master Milford's archivist." She answered him and tried to push her unruly curls back.

She caught Lord Damien looking at her hair and got flustered under his gape. How she wished for the land to swallow her up and save her from this embarrassment.

Instead of any such dramatic event to happen, the Lord handed her a quill with a long golden tip and a considerably smaller feather. She looked at what was offered and up at the face of the offering man.

He sighed and rubbed his eyes as though he was already fed up by her. She took the quill with a wary mind and taking two strands of her hair from the sides she tied them in a knot behind her head, putting the quill through it to secure the small bun that kept the hair from getting in her face.

" Not to sound rude, but can you specify your birth year?" He asked, and she wondered if it was better to let her hair open so she could hide behind the mess from his direct gaze.

"Milord, if you don't mind me asking, how does my birth year concern my work?"

Her voice was so quiet as she questioned him that he wouldn't have picked up on her words had it not been for his over-sensitive hearing.

"I have to desire to entertain a kid, and you give me an impression of a child" more with his judgmental stare and calm demeanor, even as he just not so subtly called her a kid, incapable if handling important issues and what ever being a child imposed.

"I would have you know that I was born nearly two decades back in 1863. I am no kid who can't handle her own." It was the tone that she answered in that irked him. No one went ahead and just talked back to him and in a span of two days the lady had already screwed Jim with her judgmental glare, questioned his memory and shed any kind of soft spoken courtesy. Arrogance in people below himself was nothing but a persistent irritation. He hates it.

"Nineteen then. And yet you know not how to speak before your superiors. It appears that I need to remind you of whom you're talking to." He tapped his fingers on the wooden desk and watched as her eyes went wide.

He could hear the rapid beating of her heart and had no clue how she had managed to stay alive without a leash on her tongue and common courtesy.

Any other lady would have avoided the question straightaway, diverting the topic elsewhere. Any other lady would have made sure her hair was prim and proper before presenting herself to the Lord himself. And let's not talk about the way she had buttoned up the front of her dress wrongly. And let's definitely forget about why Damien had noticed that about her.

"My apologies milord." She was quick to bow down while sitting in the chair...........and hitting her forehead on the bureau.

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