His Ellie.

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Chapter 20

Ellie felt her heart race at how gentle his hands were on her skin, his breath was warming her cheek and she found it hard to believe she was naked with a man, much less the vampire king. In her dizzy haze and her pain, she readily believed it to be a dream, it was easier to comprehend than believing the reality. Damien kept caressing her sides as her pain slowly started receding, his fingers stroking her and coaxing her to relax. Her body was worn out and limp in his arms, the water around them hot and warming her numb body, blowing life back into her.

His words, the ones that were like a warm breeze in a cold night, were as fickle as the nature of wind. His words were lost on her, and tough she liked the feel of being a someone to anyone who might want literally any form of fond relationship with her. Excluding the offer to be a merchant's mistress on pay or any man looking at her that way.

She had no strength in her, and now that the chill was receding, her body started aching, breathing was a task before when she was going cold, now although it was easier, the water pressure made it hard for her tired body to breathe. She had a lot of physical discomfort and pain to appreciate their close proximity or take pleasure in it. She just wanted to rest, for the pain to go away.

He kissed the side of her neck, his fingers crawling down down her legs and evoking the similar ache in her core, the one that craved his touch and had her squirming in his lap. She still wanted his touch, wanted to explore the part of her that showed her naked fantasies she had never experienced.

His palms came flat on her thighs, massaging the tense muscles. A sigh left her mouth, her eyes closing in on their own as her body started giving up on her again.

"Elle," His voice was soft as he spoke, his hands still working their magic on her body.


"Do you know who attacked you?" He nuzzled in her neck, his stubble scratched her skin and she hissed a little. Her skin was very sensitive at the moment, everything was overwhelming and too much to handle. Her nausea was down for the moment but opening her eyes seemed like a huge task. She was utterly spent and on the verge of breaking down from how the night had turned out.

First the guys making their move, then being asked to be a side whore, then the ambush and the post feeding pain that her body had pulled on her. She wanted to do nothing, absolutely nothing at the given moment than to enjoy the feel of the pleasure his skillful hands were bringing.

She did not say anything, simply enjoying the serenity that was brought by the bath and him.

"Elle. this is important." he urged again after some time spent in quite. He kissed her shoulder, then giving her a small bite when she did not answer.

She moaned again, leaning to the side to avoid his face, but then she felt a need to bend her legs. Bringing her knees to her chest she turned in his lap so her cheek rested on his torso and for a moment, his hands were off her but then they came around her again as she nestled into him for warmth.

He brought a sense of security with him, as if she was safe from the world when in his arms, and when everyone had only offered her pain and offense, the comfort that he brought was at once the world at her disposal and a hard gamble. She did not have the will to ponder on what exactly Lord Damien was serving her. He was the King and she was a servant under his roof, nothing more than that as he had never treated her differently. But his sudden soft gestures had come off as a surprise that she was too wound up and tired to not take advantage of.

She deserved to be taken care of. After everything she had been through for all the years, for once, she needed the fondness and liking that he offered. Nothing about the shared space was sexual in nature, he was taking care of her when she was sick and the iron of it all struck her like a sick joke, making her giggle internally. She had to be sick and pained for someone to actually look at her with kind eyes and a stroke her with a caring hand.

"I don't know," she whispered back, only because she did not want to anger him and break whatever spell he was currently in to look her through her spasms of agony. And it was also the truth. She had no idea who they were...........................could've been sent by anyone of her enemies, and she had a long list to go through. But working for the king came at a price. She was a criminal and coming out clean to identify the attackers or go through the probable person wanting her head was not a good option. When she had entered the mansion for the position, she had waked in with a tight noose around her throat, no reason to make the king pull it tighter. Lord Damien was being like a sweet lover at most tonight, and it was a spell bound to break under the nature of politics and hierarchy, she wished to savor every passing moment he had to offer.

Her voice was so small that it worried him, but considering that she was unable to speak a word about ten minutes ago, this was a great improvement.

"I see."

He pulled her back into him again and rocked her for a few minutes, both of them silent for some time. Her hair was wet at the ends but he had made sure not to make her scalp wet. Placing a kiss on the top of her head, he took her in his arms and got out of the tub.

"Can you stand?" he asked her. She hummed instead of answering so he took it as a no, carrying her to the counter and setting her on it. His one hand supported her and his other reached out for the towel hanging by the side. As his eyes fell on his Ellie again, his eyes went wide at the sight of her.

Not because she was naked and he was ready to fuck her.


He skin was red, glaring with burns and marks of where his fingers had been gentle as silk as he had caressed her. She was breathing in puffs and slightly shivering again, but he wondered what he was to do now, or whether it would hurt her as he dried her.

He went with the plan though, dabbing her skin with the fluffy towel and getting her ready for the bed. She hissed with each contact the towel made with her, now that the barrier of water wasn't there to soothe her, her skin was burning.

What now!

she was indeed a package of headache and worries.

But he still felt the bond that had compelled him to be so sweet to her.

He made sure to be as gentle as he could and then took her in his arms again, to which she grunted but fell limp on him anyways.

When he went in the room, he took her to the bed and laid her on it. She groaned and twisted with a frown on her closed eyes before finally giving up and finding peace. He pulled the covers on her and stepped back.

Now that she seemed to be recovering, he had business to look after. Going back in the bathroom he took his pants and pulled them on. He had to know who had caused the ambush and Orion must have gotten some lead on it by now.

Elle was attacked when she was on her own. Someone had the nerve of attacking a lone female when she was distressed and seeking solace all by herself. The act would have anyways triggered his anger, but the lady being Elle infuriated him to no end.

Things had to be taken care of.

The Devilious blood in him was already making him see red and go on a fucking killing spree.

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