His Ellie.

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Chapter 22

When she woke up, there was no trace of any sickness that indicated her prior illness. Her eyes opened to look at the room assigned to her in Lord Damien's mansion. She was not in a gown though, the cloth was not clinging to her body like normal gowns did. She looked down to find herself in a shirt, four buttons on the top were open and the cold air made a chill go through her.

She clutched the two halves close and sighed in relief, at least she was not nauseous and aching all over. But then she realized that she was wearing Damien's shirt, and that was enough to overwhelm her. Her breath caught as she brought the collar to her nose and took in his masculine scent, something about his cologne made her feel tickly down below.

She flushed as she recalled the night, and then went anxious at having been so close and intimate with the Lord. No man had ever looked at her or touched her that way, and ne'er had she enjoyed it. She was too dazed to remember the details but she recalled with clarity how his body had felt behind her, chest to her back as his breath warmed her shoulder. And had he told her she belonged to him?

Dear God! And had she accepted belonging to him? She was getting giddy again, how had so much occured between them without any of them planning or intending to do so? Not that she was complaining, but one had to wonder how far things would've gone.

She had loved the sensations that had enveloped her from within, igniting a fire inside her womb which demanded to be extinguished by his touch and skin. She had been wet like never before, lust so heavy se would've given anything to have him inside her, and a part of her knew it was the effect of the blood.

His blood was something else altogether, the sweet taste of which still lingered on her tongue, and it had a different effect on her. No blood ever worked as an aphrodisiac, but his had been a stimulant too unbearable for her.

She had admitted to herself that she was attracted to him, and his little stunt of going through her memories might've scared her conscious, but her body reacted the same to his presence anyways. She recalled how he had cradled her, held her gently and the one thing she remembered with lucidity was the soft kiss he had placed on her cheek, where his lips had lingered and warmed her heart.

No one had ever treated her so carefully, not even Freya who had raised her for four years. She never let any men near her because they all had bad intentions lighting up their eyes, and her libido was never awaken. She was touch starved and she hadn't realized that until last night.

But one had to wonder how he would have treated her had she been alright and not in need of medical attention. She had been blinded by lust and everything was hazy due to his blood, but what was his excuse? That he was a Lord and could do what he wanted? But then if that was so, why hadn't he taken it ahead? Would it have mattered if she was unwell?

She took another long inhale and closed her eyes, allowing her hands to wander over her skin and imagine them to be his hands. Cupping her breasts, she groped them and thought of the night before when his hard palms had caressed her. A sting went through her core, her lips clenching at her entrance as she pressed her thighs together.

A gasp left her parted mouth at the friction on her tightening nipples, she caressed more and liked the way her insides tingled with anticipation. This was definitely what they referred to as sexual need, something that was unknown to her body.

She loved the way her nipples were all tight and sensitive and how they called forth a new form of pleasure from within, so she massaged them, circling the erect buds with the tips of her forefinger. She shuddered at the new exploration and wondered why she had never touched herself before.

When she wanted a little more, she pulled her breasts out and tugged her shirt beneath them, and her fingers returned to her pleasure points. She squirmed and rubbed her thighs together as a delicious ache started forming between her thighs, a certain wetness pooling between her pussy lips.

She tugged at her buds, pulling at them.......................at which point she heard a growl in the room. Her eyes flew open and she looked at the door while covering herself and pulling the blanket over her..

"A-aiden," she gasped, all the lust leaving her in a rush, anxiety and embarrassment taking it's place, "Wh-what are you doing her?" She gulped down and looked at her blanket covered feet.

She had not expected to see him, much less for him to look at her when she was half naked and in her delightful self exploration. She glanced up to see his an undecipherable expression on his face, but if his harsh breathing and his trembling hands were any indication, he had not appreciated the view she had given him.

"Came to check on you" he answered her, his eyes on her bust that lay beneath the covering, but then they came up to meet her eyes, "You've been asleep for more than two days and I've been reporting to Lord Damien about your progress. Good to see you awake, Miss Elle. And since you are well enough, you may resume your duties tomorrow. "

He gave her one last glance and walked out, leaving Elle a mess of emotions, fear of judgement, anxiety and even blame and tears were soon welling in her eyes. And had she heard him right? Had she really been asleep for two days straight?

Something was really wrong with her, and her fate? She was mayhap doomed since her birth because she kept getting into these awkward and certainly unappreciated situations.

She cursed and flopped back on the bed.

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