His Ellie.

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Chapter 23

Two days later and having used all his resources and contacts, Damien now sat in his study with a cigar in his hand. The smoke that he blew out was as dense as his thoughts were jumbled, and everything ended with Elle being the sun in the galaxy of trouble. Orion had interrogated the ones found at the fight scene who were alive, and being the twisted sadist that he was, he had also spent a lot of time with the prisoner having heart to heart conversations. He was always were rash yet patient with the way he tortured and interrogated, something that always got men talking.
Damien's fingers caressed the hair of some maid who had arrived to sate his needs. Her blood had been sweet, but certainly not a delicacy that Elle's blood would surely be. He could only wonder how she would taste on his tongue, warm liquid would flow down his throat, it's taste would be divine. sweet with a hint if spice. Her smell would take over his senses as he would take from her throat, her soft skin which he knew felt like satin under his hands would be all exposed for him, naked, she would be naked and straddling him.
Damien took a deep drag from his cigar, focusing on the burn rather than what the maid's mouth was doing all wrapped around his erection. Her warm tongue moved all around his length in her hot and hungry mouth................................he would have loved it any other time.
But not now. Not when he was concerned about Elle and definitely lusting over her body.
He had claimed her, told her she belonged to him, and now he wondered what made him do that. His Amara would never approve, she would probably slap him the way she had when he had kissed a woman after their marriage. She had been so hurt, her fury making her hands shiver while her eyes shined bright with betrayal and pain. He had never been a one woman man before her, and after he had married Amara, he hadn't really thought he would leave his old ways. Cheating simply did not exist for him.
But then Amara had walked in on him and some random bitch making out somewhere, he had spotted her and smiled, extending an arm to invite her in on what was taking place. He noticed her tears and quivering lips and knew she wasn't open to sharing him. Amara had walked up to him, looking at him dead in his eyes, she took slow steps towards him with tears breaking free and rolling down her cheeks.
Damien's heart had broken at the sight, he had never wanted to hurt her or make her feel insecure and bad. But the truth was that relationships came with loyalty and it bound people together in fragile truths, flourishing their hearts to a place where they could belong.
That could never happen when Damien was disrespecting his wife and seeking pleasures in some other woman's body. Not even when he himself did not find anything wrong with bedding women. He knew that only one woman mattered and it was Amara, love was only for her, others were only used and discarded.
But Amara was disgusted. She had never imagined him to be sleeping with other women. So he let Amara haver her way with him, turning around he simply stood before her. Guilt suddenly made it's presence known and in turn his heart sunk in the waves of rue.
Her slap had been very unexpected and surprisingly very strong. He had deserved it.
It had taken him months to get her back to normal, after that he had never touched another woman until his wife had died. He had loved Amara in the true sense, he had changed himself for her and allowed her to demand anything from him.
And now he was feeling something that was a little similar to what he felt for his Amara. He hated the feeling and yet was incapable of not caring for her. Only his Amara owned held that power on him, even after her death. So where was that loyalty which Amara had gained from him with her tears and that slap? Why was he attracted to Elle?
Apparently those assassins had been ordered to bring back Elle's head. Damien clenched his jaw, someone wishing such ill to Elle was infuriating him, making him lust for the blood of Ellie's ill wisher. How he would rip that fuckers throat out, Damien would skin him alive.
The attackers which were interrogated had not a clue about who had sent them or how he looked and his whereabouts. They only knew that they had to kill Elle and bring her head back to a cave somewhere off in the north. They had already been paid a hefty amount and all they had to do was kill his little birdie.
Damien took a last drag and blew out the smoke, tapping the maid's shoulder he asked her to leave. He had to talk to Elle, Orion was already going through her past and everything that was there to know about her. Orion would surely come up with something, he had also asked if he could talk to Elle.
Damien had denied, he would talk to her himself, she must be knowing why people were at her throat and wishing her an early grave, Elle had a real enemy out there and if he wanted her safe and in his sheets, Damien had to take care of that enemy soon.

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