His Ellie.

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Chapter 26

Her senses were on fire.

Her skin tingling all over as her heart continued to race while trapped in his embrace.


There was a desperation in the way his hands clutched her waist, fingers digging in her soft skin, his face buried in what was a nest of her hair.

Elle's mind stalled for a moment, just enjoying their proximity and giving up on the work of thinking altogether. His warmth seeped into her. relaxing her tense muscles better than any hot water bath ever could.

Then timidly she moved her hands from where they were caged between heir chest to go around his broad chest. Her arms couldn't even reach all the around!

A relieved sigh left her mouth as took a deep breath, inhaling his tantalizing scent that made her mouth water. She would love to have a taste of him, again loose herself in the way his lips caressed and used her.

In his nose and down to his gut, he knew she was changing. Something about her was definitely different, a slow change had started in her.

Her smell was sweeter, heavier and more headier. Her body was healthier in his arms than he recalled from two days back. And her hair, it had a little lustre to it which was impossible to miss. It wasn't drastic or much, he hadn't even noticed it before when she was sitting just a few feet away from him. But now that she was in his arms and pressed to his chest, he knew she was a little different than before.

His arms went around her waist and he pulled her more into himself, if that was even possible. Damien ran his nose on the curve of her neck, immediately followed by his tongue which got him a little squeal from him.

His mind went over all the ways he could fuck her, on the desk, or on his chair where she could ride him, the lounge, the bloody wall! The tension in his pants was pretty evident, and he made a show of it by rolling his hips into her.

Her breath hitched, her heartbeat so strong it was a drumbeat in his ears. Her fingers likewise pulling at him.

He was about to lean back and kiss her, take her mouth in the rough kiss that he wanted......................................when she grunted in pain.

He loosened his grip on her and looked down at her pained face, she rested her face on his chest.

"Are you unwell, Elle?"

Lord Damien asked her, his hands rubbing her sides and her stomach contorted in pain. This was hunger. Thirst.

She did not understand how are why she was hungry again this early when she had taken blood from him mere days ago. But her cramps could not be mistaken, she needed blood and needed it in the coming few hours.

Her extended fangs must have answered his question because a frown appeared on his beautiful face.

With one swift move he picked her up by her waist and pushed himself between her legs, his face leaning down so he could rest his forehead against hers.

" Are you thirsty, Ellie?" he asked, his husky voice making her hungry for more than his sweet blood. She remembered how delicious he was down the back of her throat, how powerful his life essence had made her feel and now all she wanted was him.

The pain that had followed the consumption of his blood was lost to her, she could only think of the strength and power of his saccharin sweetness and how his hard body had held her tenderly.

"yes." it was a breathy reply, one that came out as a gasp as her eyes locked themselves on his collar covered neck.

"What are you thirsty for, my sweet?" he asked her in a hushed tone. He placed a featherlight kiss on her flushed cheek.

She moaned instead of answering, her back arching into him as pressed herself more into him. Her hands came up to clutch his shoulders, fingers digging in and trying to pull him to herself with strength that he had to consciously fight against. She was strong, definitely stronger than before.

"what was that supposed to mean? Water?"

She shook her head a no, and he leaned back as she leaned into him, her fangs long and sharp as they came down completely.

"Blood." she answered.

Not the answer that he desired. Not at all. He wanted her to say his name, tell him it was him specifically that she craved. He nipped his lip with his fang, a small cut formed, droplets of blood flowing down his lip and chin.

She gasped as the smell of his fresh treacly liquid entered her nose. She leaped at him but he was quicker to catch a hold of her wrists and pinning them back so she lied down on the desk. It was a task he had to work hard for, hovering above her, just out of her reach.

He adjusted his face so the dripping blood fell on her lips, either entering her mouth or flowing down.

"Please..." she whimpered, raising her head to him, her back and arms straining to fight him off. He had to be careful. Now he knew his blood wouldn't kill her but what she went through as an aftereffect of the consumption was never going to be an option for them.

Damien did not want to give up on the pleasure that accompanied her satiating her blood needs. The waves of lust and relief that she called out when she sank her fangs in him, the softness of her lips and the caress of her tongue, he would not deny himself that rapture.

His only option for that was to make her body accept him, maybe allow her to daily consume from him in small doses until her body stopped reacting to him in that manner. Conditioning of her body as it was.

"Tell me what you want and it's yours." he whispered, taunting her with the way his blood landed in her mouth. She groaned, her breath heavy and labored, the heels of her shoes digging in the desk, making scraping noises to compliment the melody of her forced gasps.

" you." she gasped out, her eyes locked on his parted lips, never straying away. Now this answer might've been okay, but he liked tormenting her this way, watching her face as she desperately tried to reach him, her gaze locked on his lip as if she would consume him completely.

"I what? You want me to leave?" he asked her, pressing his body into hers to feel her soft breasts rubbing against him. His erection strained in his pants, growing harder with every glance and whispered touches of her body. He wanted her badly, wanted to lose himself in her and seek his essence in himself, all at once. As if he was lost and she could somehow guide him back to himself, fill in the void left behind by Amara.

The thought chilled him to his bones. Made him feel as if he really was replacing his wife, finding a source to fill her empty place in his heart.

And yet he continued.

She shook her head a no.

"I want you." it was a whine that left her mouth, one that ended his childish stubbornness.

Finally he leaned down and kissed her, allowing her to suckle from the ut on his lip. they kissed like that, with his lower lip in her mouth, her tongue lapping over it. It did not last for long though, no matter how deep he had sank his fang, he healed much faster than others did. It had only been a minute or so and the cut had vanished already.

Playtime was over.

He pulled her up into a sitting position and undid the button of his collar. And then waited for her assault.

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