His Ellie.

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Chapter 27

"So , you're telling me that you came back without even entering the bloody cave?"

Lord Damien was as exasperated as he sounded. Orion had left for the southern mountain range right after he was done with fruitlessly interrogating Elle's attackers. He was already frustrated with the lack of information he had about the ambush, and now this. The wolves were getting harder to control, the alphas getting together and fighting for a purpose they were ready to die for.

They would not be held off for much longer. Damien was allies with the mer people, and the wolves looked at them with reverence. The mer people stood strong by the vampires, and so the wolves were kept at the bay, not because they were insecure but because they respected their enemies.

"The territory is spell-guarded and we are dark blooded, entering that fae claimed region is impossible even for you." He sipped his scotch and moved the ice around in his glass. "The spells are irrevocable, all we can do is wait."

Damien sighed and rubbed his eyes, he was beyond tired and ready for a break. His life had long since ceased being a smooth slide, now it was much like a freefall with no water to cushion his drop.

The wolves were barking, fae were desperately looking for their prince, Elle was a fresh breath of air but she too came with her own package. He was lusting after her like she was the last woman alive, her touch was driving him crazy and he wished for her to drink from him like a maniac. The guilt in his heart and disappointment coming straight from Amara's grave was just another complimentary side dish that his soul loved more than the main course that was the mess his life was.

"Have someone keeping an eye on the border, at this point even the fae won't be of much help. And I have one more task for you."


If Elle's aunt really was out there somewhere, Damien wanted her in his castle with her mouth babbling anything she might know relating Elle.

"Is it about Ellie?"

Damien looked at him pointedly.

"It is. Search for her aunt. And learn whatever you can about Ellie's family clan."

Some two hours later, Orion was out with a purpose. As he walked in the hallway, he wondered why he hadn't yet ended his life. He had no other purpose than to serve his Lord, and that was more out of his boredom than any loyalty he had towards Damien. His life was empty, empty since the day his wife Aara had left him for a werewolf mate. Some time after which Damien had brought him into his dark world.

He understood what Damien felt, he too had lost someone very important in his life, Amara had been the sun in Damien's life, just like Orion's life had revolved around Aara. Aara was everything Orion had ever wanted, everything he had done and achieved was for her, and once she was gone he had lost all motive in his life.

Now he was a shell of a person that he was before, even his emotions had abandoned him. His loyalty towards Damien was because he had given him another life, love was lost on him, lust was an undeniable need of his body. Apart from that he felt nothing, thought of nothing for himself and lived just for the sake of living.

Orion had no relatives, his wife had betrayed him and then his soul had been dipped in the venom of immortality and a life as a vampire. He could die, of course not of old age, but he could essentially be killed. But just like he had no reason to live, he found no meaning in dying as well. After all, Devil knew what those reapers did once a soul is carried away from the land of the living. And he was not prepared to face something unknown to him.

His gaze carelessly wandered over to the garden where Aiden was busy giving out orders to a few gardeners. A sigh left Orion's mouth. He had no hard feelings for Aiden, the butler was ever helpful and loyal to his marrow, and it was a shame he was falling for Elle.

If Aiden kept on making his moves on Elle, Damien would rip the man's heart out. And he could sense an outcome of the same variety creeping towards them.


Lord have mercy on Elle. She prayed as she sat at her desk. Three days had passed since she had woken up, and she had never been more self conscious.

She was trying to avoid Aiden like he was the Devil messenger. Elle got flustered whenever she saw him or was near him, she found herself escaping his presence and unable to meet his eyes. And she wondered if it was her imagination or whether she really was seeing a lot of him.

She often found him near her, during her lunch breaks he would hover above her and try to make small talks. He monitored her behaviour and kept an eye on her whenever she was out in the garden or in the shed. A day back when she had gone to the town's square for making a public announcement, he had stood beside her and even went ahead and placed his hand on the back of her waist protectively.

When she needed blood and had sought him out in need of a willing human, he had been in complete resistance of the idea. In the end she had gone to Lord Damien, and he had been in a very foul mood already when she knocked on his office doors and interrupted his meeting with a fae man. His face had not shown any frustration but she knew he was irritated beyond measure. She could see right through his fake smile that he had greeted his guest with.

She had sat with them for the rest of the meeting, something about Lord Damien agreeing to search his territory for the Fae prince and getting back to their Queen as early as was possible. Once Lord Damien had seen visitor off to the door, he had returned to the study and taken his seat in the huge chair.

Damien had made her sit on his lap and heard her out. She was hungry, no, starving was more like it and she hadn't yet been shown to the feeders of the castle. He too did not appreciate the suggestion of her partaking from someone else,but he understood her need for blood. He had allowed her to drink from his wrist as his other arm had snaked around her waist and caressed her stomach.

Later that day she was shown to the feeders of the castle and she partaken small amounts of blood from four feeders for her thirst to quench.

Things were changing for her or more like she was changing. Damien had noticed it from the day she had woken up. Vampires did not get hungry for blood everyday, there was at least a week's difference between ordinary blood thirsts. But Elle had had her cravings everyday.

Her body was changing too, very subtly, but indeed she was getting more gorgeous by every passing day. Her smell was sweeter and more intoxicating, her skin was softer and with a glow she hadn't had before. Her hair was longer and her curls were more bouncier. And her eyes definitely won the trophy. They were as vibrant as emeralds in sunlight.

He had his guesses about what was happening, and he hoped his his hunch was just his wild imagination.

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