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Chapter 28

Amara was not a weak person, her body might’ve been that of a woman’s but her will and heart were those of warrior’s. She rarely backed down and seldom had her own opinions trampled by others. If she was ever bothered by something, she would look into the matter herself and if ever she was incapable of taking care of her own problems, Damien was always there to see her through her issues.

Staring down at the requests from the orphanage that his Amara had started and looked after, he wondered how his woman manage to take care of so many children. Of course, she was very well capable of handling her affairs, then be it political or social. She was as perfect as a butterfly, delicate yet full of colours and life.

She had started the orphanage some two weeks after their marriage, when she had seen the state of the poor abandoned kids reduced to being beggars on the streets or even worse, the slaves that were still sold out there in the markets. His darling had been more than offended, she had taken the heart rendering very seriously. So much so that she couldn't sleep at night, and he often found her staring into nothingness.

She had one day approached him with her desire to start the orphanage. He had asked for some time to think. As a king he already had a lot of unsolved issues piling up on his desk, an orphanage would be a complication more than a social work. It would require him to adjust all his finances to come up with the necessary capital, and then too, he had no exact idea how many children were expected or what the criteria for their selection would be.

He would need a lot of resources and intellect, and more than that, he would need to be prepared for any political outburst or any revolts the public might have to offer. But alas, he was simply incapable of denying his wife anything she might ask of him. And what's the use of being a king if he couldn't even fulfil one desire of his beloved?

And so the first vampire orphanage was opened in the capital. His wife had asked if she could govern it, and he had put her on a trial. She had turned out to be spectacular in handling the institute. She had hired teachers and coaches and once the kids came of age and could handle themselves, she would employ them in the castle as per their caliber. She soon proved that she could be trusted with the royal decisions, which he was yet to share with her, after which the queen ruled as an equal to the king. In his absence she would hold the throne, in his presence she would help him manage the throne.

Not even a fly had he allowed the privilege to trouble her, and he without a doubt treasured her beyond measure. She too had loved Damien wholeheartedly. Mayhap that was why the love she bestowed upon him back then, pricked him like thorns through his heart the now, long and poisonous.

The orphanage now had around 13 branches throughout his nation, all were being neglected from time to time. He did not know how to handle the affairs of the orphanage, and so Orion was given the task to look after the orphanages.

Of course, a lot of elites were unhappy with the opening of orphanages from the beginning itself as it reduced the number of slaves out in the market. But then there would always be people who wanted to show off their status and liked to be constantly waited upon by others.

These orphanages had over the time given the nation some of the best officers, warriors and spies that the vampires had ever seen. Amara had made sure that all the children were properly fed and educated and thus most of them were developed into strong, level headed adults.

Unfortunately, a few of the branches were facing troubles over the years. And Damien had no intention of shutting down something that meant so much to his Amara.

Damien sighed and leaned back in his chair. So much was happening around which should never have been a concern to the throne in the first place. Orion had placed his two trustworthy and loyal officers, Eureka and Asim, at the entrance of the cave. Lord Damien knew them personally as well. The two of them had accompanied him in a lot of wars over the time and he too knew their worth and appreciated their efforts.

Orion had also personally set out on the mission to find this aunt Marie of Elle. Elle had surprisingly remembered how her aunt looked and so a portrait was made to be used as a link to find her. Although it was rough and not completely reliable, the search could begin by looking for any female vampire who resembled the young lady in the portrait. She wouldn't look too different as vampires aged slower than humans so it was a start.

Orion had set up a team of some spies to search for the Marie.

And as for the wolves, Damien had a meeting with them later in the evening. He had to come clean about the whole hiding the Moon Goddess thing. He was taking Elle with him, Lord forbid if he uttered a wild word about their Goddess the wolves would try to rip him apart. He cared naught for his life, but the vampires could not go on a war with those dogs yet.

Orion would also be accompanying him. Damien had an eerie feeling about this meeting, as if things were not going to go good. As if something bad was just around the corner and waiting to be discovered.

" Lord Damien, these two branches of your orphanage simply lack supplies and resources, and so they can be taken care of from here itself. We can send them clothes and what they need." His advisor, Marshal LeSang suggested from where he sat, " And regarding this branch of the orphanage, the one in the capital, I suggest that we shut it down."

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