His Ellie.

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Chapter 3

He lips involuntarily curled up with amusement at the sight of the lady furiously rubbing her forehead and covering her face in embarrassment. And cue on his quill breaking and freeing the jungle of her curls.

How she managed to tend to them was a mystery in itself.
He waited for her to straighten up and when she did, she was a shade of red that was darker than the tomatoes that he had seen on his plates. He schooled his expression again to that poker face as she looked at the broken quill that lay in two pieces on the ground. Her eyes went wide at the thought of breaking something that belonged to the Lord himself.
"I apologize for your quill, Milord" she again bowed hurriedly to stop him from taking offence. And hit her head again.
Like he was so petty to get angry over a broken quill.
It humoured him to watch the young lady get bewildered over small things. It just served as a proof of how innocent she was at her heart. Like a child who worried over a broken vase and looked from beneath his lashes at his mother, she gazed up through her thick black lashes.
He knew she was fretting over being this close to him. If not his aura and body then his position as the reigning monarch was enough to get people edgy and nervous.
The woman before him was just another commoner who had never been before a Lord and knew not how to handle the situation.
"I don't have any work for you today. You can have the day for yourself but I would suggest not leaving the servants quarters. People here are unkind to new souls. And while- "
He wasn't done talking when she abruptly turned to the door with a broad smile on her face.
Was she insane?
He was yet to run a background check on her and thus did not trust her with any documents yet. Trust needed to be established and looking at how clumsy she was, he doubted she was a suitable person for the job profile.
The door opened a second later and in walked Orion in all his glory. Orion looked at him and nodded in his direction before his eyes fell on Elle and his eyebrows raised.
"Now isn't this a surprise. Elle, how are you doing, darling?" He asked her and she raised from her seat to greet him.
"Just the same as before. How have you been?" She asked as Orion took her hand and placed a kiss on her knuckles. And although she was blushing furiously, her smile was friendly and she seemed more at ease with Damien's second in command than Damien himself.
"I have been absolutely wonderful. I was hoping to catch you at Milford's mansion last night but then I was informed you were dismissed from your job."
"Yes. Master Milford appointed his son as he wants him to take over after him." She answered him. Damien's eyes narrowed at their joined hands as they held them a second longer.
Clearing his trust to get their attention, Damien raised an eyebrow at Orion in question.
"Good Morning Damien. I see you're still sulking from when you stubbed your toe. I'll give you time to curse and show the lady out to her room." Orion placed a hand on the small of her waist as Elle looked between both of them.
She couldn't understand for the love of God why Orion would outrightly disrespect the Lord in such a manner. Or why he was still walking on his own two feet if he had been doing it for a long time. But then she was not given time to ponder on what kind of a relationship the two men shared as Orion turned her in the direction of the door.
Before she stepped out she turned around and bowed to the Lord who looked about ready to grill her dear friend Orion alive.
"Thank you." She said in a low voice and quickly went out of the room before the Lord's passive-aggressive stare could set her ablaze.
Her breath was still uncontrolled and laboured at having been the point of attention of Lord Damien in his study. Everything about the Lord had for some crazy reason made her feel uneasy, in the way where her stomach felt butterflies and a bubbly feeling nestled in her chest.
But could anyone blame her?
She was a young lady, untouched by a man. And Lord Damien looked devilishly handsome now that he had cleaned up. His finger-combed hair was brushed back and without the alcohol bottle and the daze of being high, he was the most impressive male she had ever seen. He was fresh when she had met him today, unlike yesterday his own heady smell covered the room instead of the reek of alcohol. His scent was like that of wine, sweet and sour at the same time.
"What were you doing talking like that to the Lord!" She asked Orion once they were out.
He looked at her with that strange gaze of his, with his eyebrows furrowed and the colour of his eyes changing to deep red.

She knew what he was doing and she liked no part of it. He was looking at her future through her eyes, and just when she felt an intrusion in her mind she was quick to divert her eyes and break the eye contact.

He possessed some of the strangest abilities known to the Vampire kind. But that didn't mean that she appreciated being read like an open book. And although the idea of knowing her future might be intriguing, she knew that future was meant to be revealed by the passage of time. It was not be known before it's time.

"You need to stop doing that." She grumbled.

"Your life is going to change, Ellie. Be prepared. It's not an easy journey."

Rest of the conversation was downed by his words that kept on revolving in her head.

Not an easy journey

When will it become easy?

Hasn't all that she has been through enough to account a happy life?

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