His Ellie.

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chapter 31

Elle pushed down the bile in the back of her throat as nausea clutched her stomach in a vise like grip. This wasn't something new altogether. It had been happening from the last two days. Whatever she ate, her stomach would try to throw out. The only thing that she could stomach was Lord Damien's blood. Her headache simply refused to leave her alone and she in turn refused to think of the mild fevers that heated her skin.
As a vampire she was immune to almost all the deceases that humans were susceptible to, so why exactly she was so uneasy all of a sudden was a mystery to her.
She had had her lunch only an hour ago before she had left with Lord Damien for the meeting with the wolves. And mind you, the movements of the carriage on the bumpy routes through the forest were not helpful at all in her attempts to not throw up. The dull thudding in her frontal lobe could be ignored but not how hot she felt in the closed place. Even though the windows were open and cool wind rushed in as the carriage raced ahead, she was still hot as if she was standing on a beach.
She huffed and leaned to the window for some fresh air to no avail. Her unease would not go away. It wasn't severe in any sense, but the mild ache in her extremities and her dull headache were constant enough to make her agitated.
Outside she spotted Orion as he rode his horse. He had decided to ride a horse instead of travelling in the carriage. Oh how she wanted to be the one on the horse right now. Surely he must be not be feeling claustrophobic and motion sick, and did she have to mention the obvious smell of the leather cushioning of the seats?
Elle leaned against the window frame, closing her eyes to fight against the motion sickness gripping her insides. Damien wondered why she had a sheen of sweat on her forehead even when it wasn't hot outside, or not even warm at that. She looked tired and as if she was on the verge of falling asleep. It was nearly an hour of travelling through the forest till they reached the werewolf pack where the meeting was arranged.
He nudged her a little and she opened her eyes in alarm, as if expecting an attack on her. When her eyes met his, those green orbs of hers lost their caution. She gave him a sweet smile, her lips had somehow turned into the red of a rose, her eyes glistening with a shine that he had been noticing for quite a while now.
"Come here, Ellie." He offered her his hand. He looked at it and then back at him before placing her hand in his. Her face turning a bright pink as heat rushed to her cheeks, making her look lovelier than ever. He knew not when he would stop getting fascinated by her, but surely it won't be in the approaching weeks or even months at that.
As he gripped her delicate hand in his, he pulled her to him so she fell on his chest. Moving an arm around her waist he pulled her up then glided the same hand down to her thigh. As he made her straddle him, he took pleasure in how she blushed even fiercer.
"M-Milord. What are you doing!" She shrieked. He could hear her uneven heartbeats as her breath hitched. So close his senses were overwhelmed by her scents, his lungs holding onto the sweet perfume as if he hadn't ever smelled anything better.
"I wonder what, why don't you tell me?"
Both his arms circled her waist and pulled her up, pressing her into his chest. Her unsteady and slightly trembling hands clutched his biceps, her delicate fingers digging into his skin with a rather strong grip.
Damien slid in front a little for making space to lean back with Elle placed on his lap such that beneath the layers of her skirting and his trousers, she straddled his desperate erection with her saccharine warm core.
A gasp left her mouth as he found home to settle back, his hardening length getting comfortable where it wanted to be in. Comfortable and................with no guilt demeaning his intimacy with the woman in his arms. No ghost of Amara looming behind him disappointed eyes staring holes in his soul, burning his heart.
No. There was no place or time for that, not when the way Elle stuttered with a red hue covering her face. Not with the way she moved her lips as she answered to him, words that fell on deaf ears and a fool's mind. He was engrossed in her, even when he wasn't naked with her or pounding in her. Even all coated with clothes he was pleased to hold her. Finding peace as he held her.
" I seem to be dumb, Milord." she whispered breathlessly as she felt his poking at the entrance of her core. No man had ever come closer to her in the manner that Lord Damien was holding her in. Her curiosity was that of a woman yet to be introduced to the pleasures of adulthood, to the games of desperate bodies and mature tricks. "I can make no sense of this closeness. Why don't you explain instead?"
She knew not where the boldness came, perhaps from the fact that her close proximity to Damien cooled her feverish skin or because she felt sparks igniting her insides, but she rolled her hips uninhibitedly on his lap, making his very male part rub on her aching core.
The sparks inside her turned to thunder as he growled lowly in his throat and she felt a pleasurable pulse down below before it was gone as quickly as it came, leaving her panting for more. If a quick brush with his hard length did that to her, what would happen if he took things seriously and gave her a real insight in these things?
She would have rolled her hips again but his hand came down on her ass, stopping her movement but grinding her on him.
"It'd be a long lesson, my sweet. Perhaps after our return." He answered her, with his other hand cupping the back of her head he made her rest on his shoulder, her palms coming to his chest where they stayed. "Sleep till then, your unease would be bothersome if it accompanied you to the meeting."
And he meant it. He did not want to look out for her while dealing with the pack elders.
His Elle nodded her head like a sweetheart and brought her face to his neck, finding her repose in the crook of his neck, the footfalls of her breath warming his skin as he gulped down his need to get her naked.
With a sigh he pressed his lips to her shoulder, then up to her neck, lingering on the region where a vampire left his claim on his woman. The throbbing in his fangs was just an indication of what his instinct urged him to do. He clenched his jaw and held her close as she tried to lose herself to sleep. And if nothing else he was sure that she would indeed fall asleep by how much she was overworking and how tired she was.

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