His Ellie.

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Chapter 32

Are we there?

From beneath a willow whispered a voice all to known to him. A voice determined to create devastating ripples in the serenity of his calmly flowing soul.

You promised we would be there.

Indeed he had promised, and as promises go, when given to those we cherish truly as word of our loyalty to their belief, he felt wrecked.

Her voice was as pleasant as it always felt in his ears, if not sweeter. But just an echo it was, nothing real, no true carnate source to that voice.

Damien shivered as a wave of nostalgia plundered at his soul, stealing tiny bits of his tranquility, leaving behind only guilt and nasty woe. As a big, uncontainable lump of sorrow started tearing his throat, he took a deep breath and snapped his eyes open.

On inclination his arms tightened around Elle's waist, pulling her ever so closer to him, so much so that he could feel her heart beating against his chest. Burying his nose in the nest of her curly wisps, breathing in her elevating scent.

As his ragged breath started to calm down, he felt her comparatively smaller arms encircling his waist. She was breathing heavily too, her shallow breaths warming his ear where her head rested on his shoulder. She had pressed her face in the crook of his neck.

She didn't utter a word, but once in a while she would press her lips on his skin in a reassuring kiss, her lips lingering on his neck and jaw for a second or two longer. He was grateful she she didn't speak, for he did not know how to expose his demons to her, when he wasn't even sure what he with her. He wasn't committed to her, he would never make her his queen. He was attached to her so he couldn't call her a fling and she was no rogue for he knew he owned her. For reasons unknown, he was too possessive of her to not claim her as his own. Did that make her his pet? Vampires did have slaves of their own, so was that what His Elle was to him?

He was too scared for himself and what he knew was the most sacred emotion he harbored in himself to give Elle more importance than that. He was scared for he had once promised a forever and utmost loyalty to someone who meant the world to him. He had promised her that there won't be a second queen, and his Amara meant too much to him for him to let her down, even when she was gone. Love did that to a person, didn't it?

Love always found a way to bound hearts such that even separation couldn't render the bond into oblivion. His heart and soul were still tied to his Amara, all the sacred promises in that church on their marriage were still tying him to his wife.

And yet his heart calmed as Elle stroked his hair and placed kisses on his neck. His fingers gripped her waist as he moved back to stare down at her face. She looked up with those translucent eyes, her lips parted and ready for him to take and consume. Elle moved her arms around his neck and pulled her head down to hers, comforting him with her touch. And the animal that he was, he needed just that, comfort in her touch, her closeness and her body.

He obliged to her demand, giving in and capturing her lips in a hungry kiss. He wasn't aware of what he was feeling, couldn't identify one emotion from another. He was angry on himself, sad and sorrowful at his loss, lusting over the woman in his arms and enjoying every second of it and let's not forget the guilt he felt for wanting Elle so much.

His hands moved to the nape of her neck, holding her to him as he devoured her welcoming mouth, her parted lips giving way to a sweetness that her tongue guarded. He played with her tongue, stroking and teasing her slick tongue with his own.

And he got dizzy just by the taste of her, but that did not do anything to stop his mind from reeling over what Amara's voice had whispered to him when he had dozed off a little. He still didn't understand how he managed to fall asleep, he was an alert man, especially when he was travelling for enemies could always pull an ambush on him. And to think he was carrying his darling in his arms.

He shuddered at the thought of something ill happening to Elle, especially when he was there with her to protect her.

As he started loosing his mind to the feel of her body and touch, he finally heard her moans and felt how desperately she ground herself on him, rubbing her breasts on him as her claws clutched on to his shoulders, her fangs nipping at his lower lip.

Elle felt him growing under her, his hands moving hastily as if he didn't know what he wanted to feel, as if he was desperate for touching everything. Her heartbeat spiked as an erotic heat enveloped her inside out. She knew not what she was doing, or why her hips moved over his lap in a rhythm that she had never learnt and yet which came to her naturally. But she was consumed by all the overwhelming sensations that she was feeling at the moment.

The sparks and tingles that ignited in her only roared to life when his palms came to her front and cupped her breasts, palming and groping them in a manner that could only be called possessive and greedy. As her lips gave up moving at the feel of his hands caressing her through her gown. He only gladly did the work for both of them, his tongue exploring every corner of her mouth.

His fingers pinched her erect nipples to elicit a sensual moan from her, her breath coming out in pants as he continued his assault on her breasts. Her head tilted back as absolute pleasure took over every one of her senses, closing her eyes to feel everything completely.

"Open your eyes, Ellie, look at me. His command reached her ears and she obliged without any delay took meet his mesmerized and utterly captivated red eyes staring down at her. He leaned down and she gulped at her suddenly dry throat.

Damien looked at her moist lips and felt his dick twitch at how sexy she looked. A nymph that she was to him, she was taking over the space in the carriage, dominating everything in there by her seducing looks and bewitching beauty.

"Whom do you belong to, my darling?" he needed her to say the words, to remember that she was his, for her to know she belonged to him, body and soul. No fighting it and no denying it.

She moaned instead as he rolled her nipple in his thumb and forefinger, teasing her and then pinching just a little harder than he should of.

"Answer me, babygirl, who owns you, my sweetheart?" he asked urged her again, rolling his hips up and between her thighs.

"Damiennnnn" she moaned, panting heaving, pressing herself into him as if to become one with him.

" Damien what? Elle I want a proper answer from that pretty mouth of yours. Now." he knew he too was no better than her, heaving and controlling his urges to take her raw and fuck her till she was putty in his hands.

"I am yours, Damien" she answered and opened her eyes. And when she did, for a moment he went blank like an unused slate. Her eyes had specks of dazzling gold and shimmering copper in her usual luminescent green.

How was it possible for a normal vampire to have eyes so unearthy and heavenly. And why were her eyes shining like that? Was he the reason for it?

Without thinking he lowered himself to her mouth again, taking her lips in a sensual and sweet kiss while caressing her nipples which he had been previously pinching.

"That's right" he murmured on her lips, "You are mine, baby. MINE." he grumbled

He was going to take things ahead when the carriage came to a halt. Pulling her to his chest instead, he looked out of the window to realize that they had arrived.

A frustrated growl left his mouth as he realized that he couldn't take thing any further. And was he really thinking of fucking her in a carriage? on the seats barely big enough for two people to sit comfortably?

What was he thinking!? Right....he wasn't. Which he realized was always going to be true when it came to his Ellie. Letting out another groan he looked down at his disheveled beauty. He ran his fingers through her hair in an attempt to tame it and little.

Someone knocked on the door. "We have reached, Milord."

"Alright." he called out and looked down at her face. She was as mesmerizing as ever, and her eyes still sparkled with those heavenly tints of gold and copper in them. It was a mystery that he would solve, but it would have to wait a little longer. Would her eyes lose their green colour to gold and copper completely if her had proper sex with her and gave her the hype of that intimacy? And if so, then just how heavenly would she loo then? He would have to find that out, wouldn't he?

He licked his thumb and moved them on her eyesbrows, taking his sweet time to groom her as he then started correcting and straightening her crumpled dress.

"Lord Damien?" she spoke in that breathy manner that he was coming to love.


"Where is there?" she asked timidly and made him freeze. He slowly looked into her eyes.

"What do you mean by there, Elle?"

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