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Chapter 33

His hand gripped her jaw in a tight, almost painful grip and and stared down at her with eyes cold enough to make her soul shiver. His fingers dug in her skin, his nails hurting her a little, not scratching or digging painfully but simply nipping at her.

His sudden aggression at the topic was startling to say the least. She realized that any topic about the late Queen Amara was not just unwelcomed but forbidden altogether.

" I do not want to hear you speak of anything related to her ever again. Am I clear." His voice was dripping with rage, at the moment, he was completely and utterly detached from her, as if the intimacy they had shared mere seconds ago had been but a dream forgotten once he opened his eyes. It hurt her emotions more than his painful grip.

Being unable to open her mouth and speak, she nodded her head with tears brimming her hurt eyes. Did she mean nothing to His Majesty? She had only asked a simple question, one of a vision she had seen. So what if it was about the previous Queen, it was just a simple inquiry about a location that he was aware of, and she knew for sure that he understood what she was referring to.

Why get so offensive? Had he not warmed up to her even a bit? His cold eyes were treating her as if she was a stranger who had crossed her boundaries and not someone whom he fed from his vein and held close to his chest. She was hurt to say the least.

He left her jaw, more like shoved her away and exited the carriage. As if he did not owe her an apology or he hadn't just made her question what they had been building between them, or mayhap it was always one sided.

"What are you waiting for!" He called out.

you've had worse. Elle tried to calm herself, to justify that it was simply foolish on her part to actually start getting comfortable with him. One personal question and he bolted, what if she actually did something intrusive? Would he even think twice before passing a verdict just for trying to know him well?

As she got down from the carriage, she decided it was a good thing that he reacted as such, it was a glimpse at the real man within him. Even if she put aside the matter that she had been physically close to him, she should not be feeling this betrayal which made so sense at all. She was hurt but the intensity of it was too much considering that they had been so close for only a small period of time.

She put the matter behind her back.

They had to walk within the territory of the wolves, and even though they were at least twenty minutes away from the main pack house, she could see the protective spell that formed a dome like structure around their property. So much power was put into the barrier that it was visible to her, which should not have been the case.

Orion had already started ahead, as if intent on giving them space that was unappreciated. But as Lord Damien and she walked further off into the wild, stepping on the soft land that smelled of the natural woodsy perfume of moist soil and green flora, she lost some of her steam.

Elle rethought about her contemplations. She knew the Lord for but a few weeks, and if that willow meant something significant to him, then his anger was justified. She must have come out as obtrusive and everyone knew how much Amara meant to His Majesty.

But it still did not justify him manhandling her like that. She could still feel the sting on her cheeks, as if they too were fuming at his behavior. Lord Damien had not spoken a single word since they had started walking, and she knew he would be sulking for some time.

As they walked further, she felt a chill numbing her bones, making her body go back into the cramping state, her lower back and stomach the being affected the most. The pain was nothing a person couldn't handle, a gentle throbbing that was quite persistent.

A few minutes from reaching the entrance of the pack, Damien stopped and held her arm. His grip could've been simply firm but she felt as if his fingers were biting into her skin.

She moved to face him, her eyebrows furrowed at his sudden move. He reached into his coat and pulled out a dagger. It was white and circular like an elephant's tusk, it's point so sharp she could easily cut through muscles and bones alike with it. She was mesmerized by it, the hilt of it was of ivory, making he whole dagger gleam white.

Damien watched as she stared at the dagger in his hand, her eyes holding wonder in them as she noticed each and everything about the weapon in his hand. He handed her the dagger and felt a pang of unease ripple through him at the sight of his fingerprints on her cheeks.

Her question had not accounted the hostility that he had offered her. In fact, it was his own inner turmoil that he wanted to tame which had brought forth his rage. Why had Elle seen the same dream? He knew not why she would be able to see the willow when she had definitely never been there. It was his and Amara's special place, and 'there' was simply not something that was open for discussion.

"Have this, and don't hesitate to strike."

As she held the dagger and slashed through the thin air for judgement of the weapon. He was confident of her abilities, she would take care of herself. And she would need it.

Her smell was divine, sweet and inviting. Add that with her delectable looks and heavenly body? She was bound to get attraction from the wolves who had very acute sense of smell.

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