His Ellie.

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Chapter 34

The council was set up in a huge cabinet tent, and although every aspect of the arrangement was warm, the accusatory and antagonistic stares somehow managed to downplay the welcoming settings of the gathering.

Instead of chairs, there were lush mattresses meant for one person to sit. They were arranged on a carpeted ground in a semicircle so everyone in the council was facing each other. Leave for the three seats meant for the blood dominions, all the other seats were occupied by people who were old yet with muscles fluffed by strength and a body meant to fight.

By the side of every mattress were golden wine glasses, a similar golden jugs and a platter of fruits. In the center of the tent was a large silver container filled to the brim with water. When Damien looked up, he understood the significance of that placement. The tent was made such that the center of it, right above the water container, was not covered. As such the moon was reflected in the water.

Orion had walked in first and analyzed everything for possible threats. As the werewolves could obviously turn into beasts, the vampires were allowed to walk in with their weapons. But that still did not reduce the risk, they were three against a crowd of possibly a hundred if they decide they wanted to have Damien's head.

Damien's spine straightened with anticipation and as his muscles strained with tension, anything could go wrong at any moment, he had to be prepared at all times. He was painfully aware of everything around him, his senses high and searching for anything that seemed out of place apart from the rage and displeasure on the faces of wolves.

Elle was walking behind him, and just as anticipated, the wolves were sniffing the air. He could smell their arousal in the air, their intentions to mate clear in the way their pants tightened. They were looking past him at the woman deliberately hidden behind the huge frame of Damien.

Once they were inside and she came out from behind him, he saw the young guards in the tent visibly gawking at her. They were young and she looked ready for the taking, a woman in her prime whose mere existence called out to men for mating.

Damien growled at them as they continued staring at her, from her head to toe their eyes roamed and their eyes lingered on her delectable body. A body which belonged to her. In their eyes he could see that they were entranced by her beauty, by the way her brown curls framed her curvy body and how her dress caged that voluptuous bosom of hers. Her lips pouty and gleaming with a red tint that begged them to kiss her, her eyes sparkling with an angelic glow that set afire the embers those mutts carried in their beasty chests. Just the way the dogs guarding the tent and the ones who escorted her did..

Their eyes were glued to her like she was the only woman alive that they had ever seen, and she definitely was the prettiest woman they had the pleasure of seeing.

Damien growled again, a roar that resonated throughout the forest and drew their attention to his dominating frame. He had to give the elders credit though, not a single seated elder looked at her with lusty eyes, only with eyes full of harmless wonder.

They got up, every single one of those elders who prided their strength and their wisdom, got up and approached them. The oldest one of them, one with silver hair, a salt and pepper beard and ancient eyes waved his hands in dismissal of the guards.

They did not leave.

Their eyes had again wandered to Elle, their mouths were parted, their eyes glazed over and their hands were turning into claws. They wanted her. They wanted His Ellie.

"I would suggest you get them out of here before I rip their throats open." Damien growled again. By this time Orion had come to Elle's side so she stood between them.

The elders growled at him, but again, the elder who had dismissed the guards before, who seemed to be the head of the panel, ordered the young guards out with what had to be an alpha command because they visibly shivered at his tone and moved out.

While they walked in the direction of the entrance, Elle pulled out the dagger he had given her and held it at her shoulder level, from where she could easily go for their throats.

Damien stepped in deeper and gave her space to move. Even when the guards had left, she did not heave a sigh of relief, her dagger came down to rest by her thigh but it was still clutched and ready to strike. Her moves. were calculative, as a woman who just been eyed like an object should be.

And then something seriously unexpected happened.

Those elders, all those proud ex alphas who were the face of leadership in the werewolf community, they fell to their knees before his Elle.

Elle took a hesitative step back, shocked to the bone by their submission. She had been uncomfortable would be an understatement in the true sense. Since the moment she had entered the territory every man she had come across had been drooling at the sight of her. They had sniffed at her like she stank and had gawked at her like she was naked.

If that wasn't enough, now all these elders bowed to her with reverence and such utter submission that she was stunned into stillness.

With wide eyes she looked at Lord Damien to find that his expression matched her. He too found it hard to digest. She questioned him with her eyes, asking what she was to do, begging him to do something, to take command of the situation and pry them away from her.

She did not like it when people bowed or kneeled before her. It reminded her of the aristocrats who had mistreated her all her life till she reached Milford's mansion. It disgusted her with any form of similarity which she might share with those snouty, greedy aristocrats.

Instead of asking them to rise, like a man paranoid for his woman's safety, a man with his heart at the tip of a blade, Damien walked between the semicircle which those elders had made and pulled Elle behind him again. Damien couldn't help but see a threat to her since the moment they had arrived here.

He knew all about the sick ways of the wolves. He was aware how their alphas demanded their lunas wear a collar around their neck to how the lunas were fucked by their mates in front of the whole pack.

His Elle was too pure to be amidst any of those beasts. He should not have brought his darling here in the first place. He should've known that if she tempted him so much, the dogs would be chasing her with their tails up.

The elders, all six of them, looked up with hate filled eyes, their canines extended at him in a warning. Their eyes flashed black, a sign that their beasts were taking a hold of them.

"We knew it all along!" one of them accused. "You blood suckers had our Goddess all along."

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