His Ellie.

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Chapter 36

Lord Damien watched emotionlessly as she lay in his arms. Once she was injured, he had acted quickly without any hesitance. The first thing he had done was applying pressure on her wound and putting his wrist to her mouth as she started losing her consciousness.

Being a vampire had it’s own perks, feeding blood to the wounded helped the patient in rebounding faster than humans or even werewolves. Vampires were naturally quick healers but when the wounds were deep or fatal, healers had to be called, which was the case with Elle.

She was ripped to her bone.

His mind and heart had gone on a lockdown, suddenly he felt nothing, thought of nothing. He just acted, gave orders to no one in particular to bring a healer. The wolves were still bickering in the background but Orion had managed to get them on track and make them cooperate for Elle’s sake.

Damien simply acted, his heart beating in her chest which was injured, if she died he would lose his last ray of hope, he realized. Since Amara had died, he had been surrounded by darkness. Darkness so dense he could not see his path to the light. And he had given up hope as well. He was more than happy in surviving in the dark than thriving in the light where there was no Amara.

He sat on his throne with no real interest, ruled because he had to, bedded women because his body demanded it, he was a shell of a person whose emotions had fled him. Nothing was meaningful. But then Elle had come venturing the darkness with a candle in her hand.

He had unconsciously started getting involved in her, and although that scared him, he couldn’t help but care for her. He started craving her touch because it ignited something in his dead chest. He liked to have her around because she lightened his mood by how clumsy she was. He liked to hear her talk because her voice calmed his anxiety ridden mind.

He started to feel without intending to.

And when she got injured, his mind went blank on him again, As if his body realized that it was losing someone who meant something to him, even if it was just a fondness that wasn’t much.

He gathered her in his arms and carried her to one of the mattresses, laying her down so she was flat on her back. Meanwhile Orion made sure that only the head of the elder’s council remained I the tent with them while Damien kept feeding her. He was no healer, he knew not when a body simply gave up, but considering that no reaper had as yet visited them, he heaved a sigh of relief knowing that she was still bound to the land of the living.

“Where’s the fucking healer!?” he shouted at those around. She was gulping down his blood but her lips were sloppy around his wrist, her gulps were not as they should’ve been, blood left her mouth instead of going to her stomach.

“We’ve sent our wolves.” The elder was wise not to interrupt her feeding. He simply looked at her as she gulped down slowly, knowing well enough that werewolves did not drink blood. But she was.

For Damien, it was like loosing Amara all over again. But only this time, if he lost Elle, there would be no redemption. His Elle would leave a vacancy in his heart that would never be filled, as be she had made a space foe herself in his conscience.

Hours later, Elle felt as if she was drowning, the only difference being that she was able to breathe. Her ears were somehow converting every sound that she heard into something undecipherable and everything was an unclear noise thudding against her eardrums. Her eyes were glued shut and exhaustion had gripped her such that she was utterly incapable of moving her body. Even the air pressure felt too much to handle.

When she tried to open her eyes, it was all fruitless efforts which added more to her headache. Her throat was dry as a dessert and her lips were stinging and numb. It felt as if she weighed as much as a mountain as she lay there, helpless and in agony. Agony?

No, surprisingly, she was not in pain, on the contrary, she felt nothing. Her upper body was completely numb, she felt no sensations what so ever in her arms and chest. Her legs felt heavy as if someone had tied her down, she tried to move her toes and they moved. When she did the same with her fingers, she was not so much lucky with them.

Panic gripped her and she struggled to open her eyes. When she did manage to do that, everything was blurry, only colourful blotches dancing on her vision.

She blinked a couple of times and the images started making sense to her. It was Lord Damien who was looking down at her, she realized that she was sleeping in his embrace. Her back was leaning against his bent knee, his left arm around her back and cradling her to his chest. His other leg was stretched out and his right hand was moving through her hair with tenderness that was very much unlike him.

"Finally." he whispered and Elle watched as relief slowly consumed him, his shoulders loosing their tension and curving a little while his eyes lost their haunting depth. He was still the strong Lord who ruled a whole species, but he was a man who had been worried sick.

His hand came down from her hair to her cheek and he caressed her skin with his knuckles. His eyes with something near to devotion as he watched her.

She tried to move her lips but they were chapped and numb, she tried to gulp but her throat burned. She furrowed her eyebrows and tried again.

"my ch-chest. Numb." she managed to speak. His left hand was caressing her back.

He nodded his head while leaning down and then his lips were on her forehead. A gesture so sweet she wondered if he was indeed Lord Damien. His hand cupped her cheek and he pressed his lips even more on her forehead, his lips lingering on her skin and heating her insides even when she was injured.

Damien stroked her cheek with his thumb, and relished in the feel of her skin. She was finally awake. He was uncomfortable by how much it relieved him, how much he liked the feel of her in his arms. He allowed himself to take pleasure in her closeness. He kissed her forehead again before moving to her cheek and kissing it.

"It's the herbs, baby. You'll be numb for a while." he answered her once he had leaned back. His one hand was still behind her back and he kept spanning her back, as if to reassure himself that she was fine and awake. His other hand was busy caressing her cheek, feeling her skin and hating how pale it was.

He couldn't help it and kissed her cheek again.

She gulped down again, feeling hunger making her stomach cramp. Her face was definitely an expression of her need because Damien brought his face down for one last peck on her lips before he raised his wrist to her mouth.

"Take from me, my sweet." he urged her on, not that she needed it. The moment his wrist reached her face and she felt his manly smell enter her nose. All inhibitions were forgotten the moment she sensed his pulse and she went for it.

She sank her aching fangs in his generously offered gift and took from him the life essence that she needed to survive.

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