His Ellie.

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Chapter 38

When she woke up, she was bundled by his side, Damien's arm was wound around her waist, his fingers stroking her skin. He had spent the night noticing her, gazing at each and every detail of her face, her long lashes, the curve of her eyebrows, her slightly parted lips. He had been enthralled by her.

With the rising sun he had watched her wake up, open her eyelids to reveal those beautiful green eyes of hers. Emeralds. They reminded him of emeralds, he wondered if would like a few, he could gift her a necklace, or maybe a ring.

When Elle woke up, she still held on to him, knowing well that her health had somehow brought back the saddening reality that was unescapable. The wolves thought of her as their Goddess, Lord Damien had indirectly made it clear that she might as well be just a conquest for him and she was too wrapped up in him to look past her greed and heed to the commands of her bruised ego at his indifferent behavior on their way to the camp. Literally.

But things had to proceed further and she had to face the pack elders. She knew she wasn't their Queen. She was born to two vampires, or so her aunt had told her. She had been living off on blood from her childhood and indeed had a healthy appetite for that red life source. Even now her fangs ached at how comfortably she was nestled in the crook of his neck, so close to his jugular.

She just had to convince the elders.

Which was the hard part.

She pushed herself away and sat up, holding the torn edges of her gown to her body in futile efforts to hide her skin. Only her bust remained bandaged, the rest of her pouchy stomach and a little too much softy waist was open for his eyes to feast on. And feast he did.

But she couldn't sway in that direction, and when she met his eyes, she knew that he too understood where their priorities lied at the moment. They were in the wolf tribe. And they had to get out.

Damien's hand extended to her and cupped the back of her neck, pulling her sharply to his face. And then his lips were on hers, as harsh as the pull had been. But she liked the rough edge to his soft lips. They made her hope he too was like that, just a faithless man in the armor of his harsh exterior.

Once they were both breathless and panting, he raised up and left. After some time two wolf maidens came to tend to her. And and hour later she was dressed in a thin, single layer 'gown' which she regularly used as a sheath under her gowns. It was a camisole more than a gown, just long enough that it reached below her knees.

Wolfs had a higher core temperature and did not require much shielding from the cold. Elle on the other hand was shivering. But asking for more clothes was besides the point as once she was washed and clothed, the maiden kneeled, touched her feet and left without a word, leaving Elle a insecure mess in an unknown territory.

Some time later, the elders returned with a very confused Orion and a frustrated Damien. Damien gave her a once over with angry eyes and a soft growl travelled from his chest and out of his mouth, clearly not happy with the state of her undress.

Elle had more important things to deal with that an alpha vampire with his possessive tendencies.

Damien forced himself to stand where he was and not cover her up. Those long legs and slender neck of hers were exposed in what she wore. That flimsy gown was a sheath of satin held on her with thin straps, displaying just her cleavage and those pointy nipples that poked through the fabric. Only he was allowed to look at her that way, no one else.

Damien walked to her, removing his jacket on the way and draping it over her shoulders and pulling the lapels together at the front. She hugged the coat and he stood beside him.

He watched as the whole discussion unfolded. From the elders arguing that she was the Goddess to her displaying her fangs and vampiric claws. But then they pointed out that vampires did not go through heat and that her aura was indeed nothing like any mortal being.

But his Elle was a step ahead of them.

"If I am your Goddess then you must heed my command. And as of now, I wish to leave with Lord Damien."

There was a lot of resistance, they wanted her to stay in the shrine, the temple where they would trap his Elle for the rest of her life. But as she said, if she was a Goddess for them, they could not hold her against her will. The mortals were incapable of commanding the immortal.

And so they left for the carriage to be on their way. Orion was once again on his horse, Damien and Elle in the carriage. Once they had stepped inside though, he had pulled her to him and settled her in his lap, burying his nose in the crook of her neck with his arms around her waist. She was still wearing his jacket and it somehow calmed him, filled him with something a keen to pride. He liked her in his jacket, smelling of him and flaunting his coat. She was his. And he liked her in his clothes.

Her smell in his nose did things to him, everything manly about him relished in the possession that he felt over her, as if just a jacket would make her his. It wouldn't, but she would carry his smell on her. And when she was changing, when her heat was making her seem like a delectable feast for men, he wanted a claim on her. He wanted them to stay away from her, leave her be.

On her waist, he could feel the extra pounds she had put on, he liked it. Liked everything about her, from the smooth tresses of her curls to the glow on her face and the change in her figure. He loved it all.

"Lord Damien?" She turned around, looking at him. Her lips were by now imprinted in his brain, haunting his dreams.


"What will we do about the white wolf thing? I know I'm not her, but they don't. They will ask me to come back at sometime, what then?" She asked, her eyes holding that ancient look which made uncomfortable. He didn't like her so seriously worrying about something.

"We'll just have to find the real Goddess, wouldn't we, my sweet?" And he wondered if that search was gonna end on Elle's aunt. What secrets her aunt might reveal was a thing to dread. He really wasn't looking forward to learning that one of Elle's parent's was a wolf.

He absentmindedly stroked her waist, pulling her more into his chest and nuzzling in her shoulder. He wouldn't like to let her go, he was obsessed with her. And he surely would not like to destroy a whole race just to keep Elle to himself.

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