His Ellie.

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Chapter 39

I'm warning you! Stop right there!
He was chasing her like mad dog onto a crazy hunt. She was running. Running as fast as she could, till her lungs were screaming for an easy breath, till her throat was burning as if it was set afire. Her legs were paining, giving up in between and making her trip, but she would not be defeated by her own body. Not in a million years. She got up again and ran.
In the woods, she stumbled on an overgrown root, and this time, her legs refused to stand up. She lay there on her back, taking deep breaths to satisfy her hungry lungs.
Heavy breaths echoed above her and she dared not open her eyes for she knew her death was looming above her. She would die, maybe even worse. She feared that he was the one who had murdered her family. The one who had painted her house red in the blood of her father and mother.
"I had warned you, hadn't I? You will pay for this, " The devil breathed above her. Tears started streaming down her grey eyes. She was but a child and yet she was destined to witness such gory, such ill fate. She had had to bury her own parents, had to clean the bloody floor and carpets for they were drenched in blood and reeking of evil. She had to stay in their empty cottage alone, waiting for someone, anyone to reach out and look for her, feed her empty stomach.
No long lost relative ever arrived to care for the four year old, how would they when they did not know of the occurred deaths? Why would they when they when they had abandoned her family at her birth itself?
And when she had ventured out, this psychopath had found her, tried to restrain her and failed as she had managed to free herself from his chokehold and run away with her inhumane speed.
But alas, a four year old can nae overrun an adult male. He would probably sell her into slavery, she thought. And yes, she knew about it. She knew about a lot of things without someone having to explain them to her. She was different. Special as her mother would call her.
She opened her eyes to stare in the face of her doom, and she was petrified by the evil glint that she saw in his face. He was one of those people who took pleasure in other people's suffering, who lived to hurt others, to whom age did not matter.
He straddled her tiny self, sitting on her waist and putting a hand on her already burning throat. She did not want to die.
"You should listen to others, slave. Obedience should be absolute. You need to be taught a lesson" he murmured and slapped her tight across her face. The sting of it was still fresh when he slapped her again. "I'll turn you into an obedient cunt!"
but I am only four! She wanted to scream but she couldn't as he increased the pressure on her throat. She didn't even know the meaning of those words.
When he loosened his chokehold, she screamed. She screamed at with everything she had.
Ellie screamed and woke up thrashing in his arms. Her forehead was covered in sweat, her body trembling as she pushed his away and fell down on the carriage floor. She stared up at him wide eyes, panting heavily.
Damien couldn't understand why she suddenly reacted so violently. She had even unconsciously reached for the dagger he had handed her. One moment she was calmly sleeping on his lap and the other she panicked sure as if he had attacked her. Was it a nightmare? An incident from her past maybe.
"Ellie, darling, it's nothing." He raised his hands, showing her his empty palms in surrender. She needed to calm down. "We're in a carriage, safe." He whispered and crouched down, getting to her level. Recognition flashed in her eyes but then they went wide again, shocked as some other thought entered her mind.
"safe, she isn't safe, Lord Damien. We need to go, save her. She is in the woods, south of the Shifa woods. We need to go." She crawled to him, desperately clutching his hands and the look in her eyes brought his soul to life again. That sleeping monster in the cage of his heart took a breath again after years since Amara's death by how helpless Elle looked at the moment. By how much she needed him. And the desperation in her voice made him protective of her, made him want to shove her behind him even when no one was attacking.
Safe. By the way she reacted to whatever her nightmare had shown her, he knew for sure that she wasn't safe before him. She was always susceptible to danger. Always alone..
Maybe it was a glimpse of her past, maybe a part of her many survival incidents that haunted her present?
"Who are you talking about, my sweet?" He pulled a hand from her grip and caressed her tear stained cheek. She was crying again. So much pain in those crystal green eyes of her that it broke his heart in two.
She stared at him silently. Her eyes ancient and hurt.
"Neeyah." she whispered, "Neeyah Whiteblood. She is just a child, milord. Only four she is. We need to save her. Please. Please, we need to go. Now. He is still there, he will take her to the cottage, I know where it is. Let's go. I beg of you.."
"Shhhh, we're going, I'll take you. Calm down Elle, everything's fine. I'll take you to her." Her begging ruined him in ways he was scared to admit. He never wished for her to be so miserable again, he never wanted to see her so helpless. And that too for someone else.
It was probably a memory from way back, but for her sake, he had to take her there. He will take wherever she led just to calm her raging nerved and bring her back to the present.
He ordered for the carriage to be taken around, Elle told where to to go, leading through the forest to an exact location. As if she knew the place like the back of her hand. Orion was likewise following them. She was sitting restless, jittery, gripping the dagger so hard that sometime down their way he smelt blood. Her palm had ripped open in her white-knuckled grip. Her eyes were locked out of the window and on the scenery, now there wasn't an ounce of helplessness, only hatred. Hatred so strong that he knew she was a person worth fearing.
Even his blood ran cold at the sight of her determined face. She was looking for a fight, seeking blood to fuel her fury.
After some twenty minutes the carriage came to a stop. She jumped outside and rushed away before he had a chance at warning her about the disappointment that would grace her.
Elle ran to where she knew the child was forced down and attacked. She knew it wasn't her past, it was as though she had seen it all with her own eyes, lived it herself rather than look at someone being abused, She came to a stop right where the outgrown root was and looked down.
Sure enough, there were traces of blood, droplets of it leaving blotches on the otherwise green grass.
"Elle, baby there isn't anything over her. What you see............" His distant voice came closer and closer until it stopped altogether as the smell of fresh blood reached his nose. And then he was standing behind her, looking down at the blood paintings of vile child cruelty.
Elle's blood boiled at the memory of her vision. She had indeed seen something happening in the present time at somewhere away from her. She had seen a vision. Or mayhap..................perhaps that child had shown her the vision. sought her help and subconsciously shown her where to find her as she tried to reach the nearest person to her.
Elle turned around to look at a stunned Lord Damien who was examining the blood.
"She was here, Lord Damien. And he attacked the poor child. He ought to have taken her to the cottage." She said and brought his attention to her. He was still shocked, wondering why she knew about the abuse.
"Orion, I know where he has taken her. Help me on your horse, we must go before she is hurt any further."
"Indeed we must." Damien spoke from where he had crouched before the crime scene when Orion had arrived. The blood was fresh, and the signs of struggle clear on the grass. She was fleeing him, he judged from the tiny footsteps on the grass coming from the opposite direction, and he tackled her to the ground.
A person who could hurt an innocent child had no right to live in Damien's kingdom. He had to die
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