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Chapter 4

It was some twenty minutes later that Orion finally graced the Lord with his presence. He wasn't expecting to see Elle in the Lord's mansion, but it was good to have her around. She was a bright soul, one that very few possessed and how her spirit was untainted after being shoved around and pulled down in the dark world for so long was an enigma that he cared not for. She would be safe here.

Two months back, during a tea party held at Milford's mansion, a person had tried to kill her. And although she was able to defend herself, Orion would rather that she stayed out of trouble altogether. For so long as she worked with Damien closely, no harm would ever come by her.

"How are you acquainted with Miss Elle?" Damien asked him once he had taken a seat.

"I met her at Milford's mansion. That fool wants me to court his daughter and has me going over there a lot of times." Orion answered and tool out a parchment from the inner pocket of his suit.

"Can she be trusted?" Damien asked. He was awaiting a reply from the wolves, hopefully a positive reply so the matters could be hurried and gotten over with. As he took the parchment and started reading, his hopes disappeared.

"Elle is the most reliable person I've met till date. And considering that I've been breathing for the last three centuries, I think that speaks a lot."

"Do you know anything about her childhood or her parents?" Damien was pretty irritated by how everything was turning out to be. It was as if the whole cosmos was up to going against him. First a war that ate up his mate, then his son revolting against him and now this. The mutts with their tails going up about their White wolf. And to top it off, this new girl whom he knew nothing about. It was disturbing because he didn't know what she really was.

"Grown on the streets and was taken in by Milford's wife when she spotted her shivering and curled up in a back alley. She requested Milford to bring her in and that's how she ended up with the Duke's daughter." Orion knew what was going on in Damien's head. The bond between them was more than friendship, something akin to father and son as Damien had turned him into a vampire. These bonds strengthened over time to bind the vampires in what the humans would call a family.

"What is she?" Damien asked and took out a blank paper to draft an edict. Till the wolves were stopped from attacking his kind, he had to keep the vampires away from the borders.

"My guess is that she is a hybrid with one of her parents being a vampire." Orion answered, " her needs are more when it comes to blood. I've seen her digest a vampire's blood before."

Damien's eyes snapped up at that, looking at Orion with furrowed brows. For a vampire to consume the blood of it's own kind? The creatures of the dark were outright devilish, but even when they hunted the humans for blood and were known to be the source of all the evil in the living world, cannibalism was not their thing. It evoked disgust from the deepest part of his being.

"She's killed vampires?"

"Nope." Orion gave him a gay smile "I volunteered to be the source."

For reasons well known, nothing came out as a surprise when it was about Orion. The man was known to have neither fear nor boundaries when it came to doing as he pleased.

Damien shook his head at his heir and continued writing. Once done, he folded the parchment and handed it to Orion, asking him to have someone announce it in the town's square.

"I want all the thirteen appointed Dukes to gather here for a meeting in three week's time. And also call for all the royal advisors." Damien stood up and rolled his shoulders back.

With a nod, Orion was about to take his leave when he was stopped by the Lord, as Orion has already guessed. When peeking in Elle's eyes he had seen a glimpse of something romantic between his Lord and her. With Vampires, love wasn't a gradual process that happened over a very long period of time. It was rather like blasting a balloon, one prick and alls satisfyingly unsettling. It started from the moment a male saw a female who could hold his attention. That spike of attraction was instantaneous and for a lifetime.

"Are you courting Elle?" Damien asked him.

"No. She's much like a small sister. That aside, Janet is throwing her birthday party next week, be sure to show up."

Damien rubbed his eyes and wondered for a thousandth time about why he was the Vampire lord. Why couldn't anyone else take his place. But then again, although he was sick of the parties and all the official business, he was not ready to let go off his throne. His crown was what kapet his mind grounded. Take it away and he was liable to go rouge with all the emptiness and hurt within him.

These parties were important to maintain good political connections and earn favours from people below him. For getting a donkey to carry his weight, the donkey must first be fed with endearments and lies.

Orion had left quite some time ago and he had made it a point to visit Elle before he left.

While going to his chambers, Damien spotted through the windows in the hallways a girl playing with a wolf. A wolf twice the size of her. A wolf that was starved for two days to keep him feral. And Elle was playing with the wild beast as if it were her pet dog, tagging and running her fingers through the fur of the animal.

He would have the animal killed. Those beasts were kept to guard and kill. If they started playing and getting petted, they were just a waste of air and the meat that they were fed.

As if sensing him looking at her, she tilted her head back and looked in up at him, their eyes meeting for a brief moment while she flustered about getting caught. Without a wave or a smile he turned around and let her be.

He had asked her not to leave the servants quarters.

The girl did not do good with taking orders and sticking to them. What was she going to do if she was cornered by frustrated maids for loitering around or if the men working in the horse shed decided to get a taste of her?

He wished that it happened. At least he would get a reason to break a few necks.

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