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Chapter 43

Her fever was unlike anything anyone in the castle had seen before, her body temperature kept on rising and they had summoned the royal healer but none of his medicines were helpful, nothing worked on her. Elle's friends from the castle waited on her, putting a wet cloth on her forehead and wiping her body.

By the time it was past midnight, the first wave of heat burned her body from within, her stomach cramping and her muscles giving up altogether, she had no control on her body, the pain coming in waves and leaving her breathless, her senses were overwhelming her, she felt everything more severely, everything was overbearing.

The healer had emptied her chamber when he realized what was happening, not before he took a vial of her blood for his study. Her body kept spasming as wave after wave of heat crumpled her. Her sweat had dampened the mattress, her clothes clung to her body and felt like a million needles digging into her skin. The ache in her chest and her lower abdomen was more painful than anything she had gone through as she had grown up. And the burn in her genitals made no sense what so ever.

Lord Damien sat in his throne, his elbows on his desk with the now empty bottle of alcohol shattered on the ground. He had called a maid to feed and had sent her away once he had taken from her. If it was the Damien from before a few weeks, he would have fucked her, might've drained her of blood to satiate his hunger, but he wasn't the same. Had a sense that he would never be the same. Elle did that to him, made him ache with the need to touch her, burnt his soul with the desire for her acceptance maybe even her.......................forgiveness. But what had he to apologize for.

As her first scream of agony echoed in the hallways and rattled his heart, that question was answered. He owed an apology for making her go through it alone. But she had asked for it, demanded that he left her alone.............said she'd let Aiden tend to her. Aiden, his butler.

Images of their naked bodies flooded his mind, his lips kissing her, his hands where only he had the right to touch her. His fist acted on its own, throwing the lamp against the wall, them it was the desk's turn. His anger made his skin burn, his eyes slowly darkening to the devil's shade.

Then he recalled her words from back at the entrance, shoving him away and arguing with him. He liked that she stood up for herself, but not against him. Not because he wanted her as an obedient doll under his command, but because he was overwhelmed with the need to provide for her. He felt as if he owed her the rest of his life, as if she was what would be left behind of him.

Another cry shook the bricks of his walls, making him shiver in his skin, his mind blaming her for everything and yet stopping him from approaching her. She had asked for this. Declared that she didn't need him.

This is just the beginning.

A voice in his heart reminded him of the pain that was yet to come. He took four steps to the door and his ego stopped him in his tracks.

She had shoved him away, had shoved the monarch away. Since his birth till the moment that he breathed, he had never been treated like that. Not by his peers, not by his citizens and never by a woman who served for him.

But he'd also never felt so deeply for any woman, had he? Not since his Amara. He had no way of explaining the connection that he felt with Elle, but it was there, making him relentless, restless and filled with guilt.

His dry throat burned and his arms trembled.

He turned back to his throne and sat down. A few more minutes of the agonizing silence and a few more of her heart rendering cries and he was on the edge of loosing himself to the devil in him.

A calm, light knock on his door had him opening his eyes, black from the turmoil of his emotions that continued to wage a war against his ego, his mind. The door opened and a child walked in.

Neeyah's eyes moved on the mess in the room, then her eyes met his own. Her gentle and wise eyes could somehow sense the the chaos of his soul. She was somehow a presence he could neither deny nor had the power to shove her away. Her aura was all-consuming, rivaling his own.

He recognized her for something that was buried deep in her mind, her own conscience.

"You should not be here, little one." his voice was constrained.

"The screams woke me up." She spoke and carefully paved her way through the broken glass to the open window and stared outside at the view of the city.

"Why come here? Do you not know the way to Orion's chambers?"

She turned her face to him, her eyes as ancient as they always had been, creeping him out to see them in the face of a four year old.

"Lord Damien, do you know Elle was born as a vampire?" she questioned him in a commanding voice that his royal blood took as a challenge. He gripped his fingers and narrowed his eyes at her. She is a child, he reminded himself. But her soul is anything but.

"Indeed I do. What about it?"

"She has grown and struggled on these streets" she gestured outside the window.

He nodded his head, his mind catching up to what she ws suggesting.

"No vampire woman has ever gone through heat, so Elle has never seen a vampire go through what she is facing. If she believes she is a vampire, how would she be knowing about her heat?" She tilted her head to the side. The moonlight bathed her in it's glory, illuminating her hair and making her eyes sparkle with a heavenly glow.

"She knows not what is happening to her, knows not why she suffers.................knows not how to cease her pain. And you, Milord, have left her alone, stranded in the ocean of misery, endless until its shore is within reach."

Damien sat there with a blank mind, his eyes staring at nothing up ahead, noticing nothing as he realized why her words meant. How had he not thought of it before? Why had he been so careless?

Neeyah went to the door and turned the knob, stopping in front of the door. "Your ego is not greater than her need for you, or even worth loosing what you have with her. Very few get a second chance," she turned to him, her cold eyes as she stared at him would haunt him for the eternity that he would live " with the way you are behaving, I see you loosing it."

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