His Ellie.

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Chapter 44

She was struggling with every breath, Her core aching with a foreign need, her body a hot, sweating mess and through her half closed, blurry eyes she spotted the open door with a silhouette. Even her dimmed senses could tell it wasn't her Damien. Whoever was looming at the door was not as tall as Lord Damien or even as well built as him. Lord Damien's muscles bulged in his suits and shirts, and he had such broad shoulders that he would have occupied the whole entrance.

Another wave of heat paralyzed her from within, her core cramping inwards and her muscles feeling as if someone was tearing at them. Her hot skin burned, everything piece of cloth was one too much, even the air seemed to hurt her. It was getting harder and harder to breathe, her lungs ached and she panted out shallow huffs. Her body was writhing in pain, her screams reduced to whimpers. She closed her eyes. There was no escape, no relief, only death yet to grace her.

Aiden went in, taking the sight of his daydream, the way she laid on the bed was making him hard. He had fantasied about having her for far too long, maybe this was the opportunity given to him. So what if they were gossiping about her in the mansion? They were calling her a freak for being a vampire and going through heat. They were already forming an opinion but he cared naught. He desired her too much for letting her go. He would accept her. She would be grateful.

He took slow steps towards her, his hands itching to touch her skin, feel for himself if it was as soft as he had dreamt it to be. If she was as beautiful without her clothes as he had jerked off to. Indeed, she had given him a lot of wet dreams, and at times leaving him at his own devices to deal with the his sexual frustration.

As he stood at the side of the bed, looking down at her gleaming body, he was mesmerized by everything that made her. From her astray hair that flew down the bed to the way her cheeks flushed and her eyebrows came together in a frown. She turned her head to him, as if she could sense him, as if she was trying to reach out to him through all the agony that held her down.

God he had fallen hard for her. He reached out a trembling hand to touch her skin, gulping down his excitement as anticipation yet again held him captive. His hand couldn't touch her though, no, it was hovering just above her skin when an infuriated and commanding growl echoed in the room.

Aiden turned at the door, his eyes going wide at the sight of his master barely holding it together as he stared at Aiden. Lord Damien's hands were curled into fists so tightly that his knuckles had turned white, and the red of his irises had gone to black, the devil's blood in his veins taking over his body as unadulterated rage filled him.

Aiden fell to his knees with his stare locked on the ground, his trembling increased under the unforgivingly angry stare of Lord Damien, He had seen that look and nothing good ever came when his Lord was so on the edge.

"Leave." Damien unclenched his fists and stretched his fingers while he watched Aiden get up on shaky legs. The chap was good enough not to cry at the aura he was emitting. No one could blame him for his anger though, and it was all directed to Aiden. Had that bastard really tried to touch her?

He growled again at how slow Aiden was at leaving. He wanted that fucker out of the room and miles away from her. Especially as the delicious smell of her arousal enraptured his senses, that brash demand of her body added to the way her natural scent overpowered everything had been a beacon of light for him as he had rushed down to the her. But then he had entered and found his butler mere inches away from her, breathing the air she had fragranced, trying to touch that which was forbidden for him.

Had Damien not lost his will to the whimpers leaving her sweet swollen lips, he would have ripped Aiden's head apart for being in such close proximity to her, especially when she was in such a vulnerable position, writhing with need.

And he had decided to let her be? Decided to let her face the consequences of her words? He had been more than a fool. Her sighs and cries now broke him down, he could sense nothing but his darlings pain that charged the air with seeped into the walls.

Aiden was wise enough to close the door behind him while Lord Damien finally turned to look at her. One of her arm was around her stomach, gripping hard enough that he was sure she was bleeding with the way her nails dug in her skin. Her other hand went down to clutch the mound between her bent legs, she was on her side, tears streaming down her flushed cheeks.

He took a wide, desperate step towards her and as he did, she slightly opened her eyes and looked at him. It appeared as if she sensed him, sensed his presence close to her, within her reach because the next moment her eyes were wide open and she looked up at him as if she was begging him. Begging him to her misery away.

She hiccupped and gulped as more tears began flowing down her pretty face. He slowly sat at the edge of the bed, her eyes following him while he reached out and touched her cheek.

She was burning hot, her skin warming his palm. Damien gently caressed her cheek with his thumb and felt her sigh as she found some calm relief. She turned to him, desperately twisting and turning in the bed, her face nuzzling into his palm for the tiny bit of cold that a man's touch brought in her burning haze.

Damien knew how he could end it, but no man would take any woman he cared for without her consent. No man would fuck a woman he wanted to make love to, not when she would probably not remember anything about it the very next day. Not when she wasn't in control of her emotions and sought a man's touch only to end her agony. But she needed him, she needed him so much that it hurt to know how much pain she was going through because he was being a possessive ass who allowed his ego to taint his decisions.

Damien should had explained her what being in heat entailed, told her how unbearable the pain would be and how he could help her through it.

He moved his hand down to her jaw, stroking her hot skin down to her neck. She tilted her head to offer him more space, allowing him to touch all the skin that he desired.

His cock hardened at the sight of her, at how desperately she needed him, how much she wanted his touch. But the truth was that any man would've done, even Aiden, she wouldn't have cared in the moment, her body needed release and she would do anything for it without a conscience.

He was in a great dilemma, but he wouldn't let her suffer. Not anymore. Not now, not ever. He bent down and pressed his lips to her forehead, a gesture too intimate for him but he was well past allowing the guilt to take over now. Neeyah was right. Only a fool would let down a second chance, especially one like Elle. Let the ghosts from his past fuel his guilt, he would sulk later, when he was done caring for her unwell darling.

He had realized he didn't want to lose her. That she had forged a meaningful bond between them in the small time that he had known her.

He would treasure her.........................would value her.

Just like he did his Amara.

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