His Ellie.

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Chapter 45

Hell broke loose the moment his lips touched her skin, a desperate hand reached out and gripped the front of his shirt, pulling him to her, relishing the closeness. Her lips went to his neck, nothing subtle or gentle about her kisses, she was relentless in the way her lips were crushed against his skin, the way they rubbed more then caresses, her chapped lips were yearning for something to cure he ache.

Damien's hand cupped her cheek as he placed kisses down to her ear, nibbling and sucking the earlobe. One of her hands was still nestled between their hot bodies, her fingers gripping her core even as her mouth parted on his skin in a sigh. She was all hot and bothered and he was craving and desperate for her, to touch her, feel her. His skin sparked wherever it made contact with hers, his soul ignited at the thought of a mating.

She whimpered against him with a need so primal she had lost herself in it, all inhibitions forgotten. Elle pulled at the collar of his shirt, her strength pulling him down flushed against her body and she moved to rest her face in the crook of his neck, nuzzling to get more of that sweet cold feeling that calmed her skin when she touched him.

There was a tear, it was his shirt ripping down from its collar.

As more of his skin was open for her, she was craving everything, every single inch of his skin. It was more than passion, a need arising from deep inside of her that enveloped her wholly, making him the only shore she wanted to return to. The horizon that mesmerized him. The horizon which was the end and the beginning.

Her hand moved to the back of his neck and she dug her nails in his skin to bring him closer, even though he was half laying on her chest, his weight was something she was desperate to feel. To know that this strong, heavy man was hers, that he was touching her, running his tongue on on her earlobe and sucking it in his hot, wet mouth was almost too much to handle and absolutely not enough at all. How did he manage to do that to her? How did he make her so desperate and aching and demanding? Why was nothing ever enough when it concerned him?

She moaned and arched her back, pressing her breasts into his hard, sculpted chest. The clothes were a hindrance that she wanted gone. His proximity was a blessing in the churning heat waves that rattled her being and she wanted all of him, had a feeling that he needed all of him.

"more.." it came out as a whimper which was dragged out in his ear, a whimper full of need that only he would quench. With an innate desire deep rooted in her heart, blossoming down below in the very core of her womanly being, she was a writhing mess as another wave of heat paralyzed her from inside.

Her soft cry was a sob which she gagged on, her face buried in his neck, her tears were hot and burning against his skin. Damien clenched his jaw, grounding his teeth at how he was nearly helpless to stop her pain, how he couldn't control the agony that took over her body and he could stop it only to a certain extent. Her nails scratched against his neck, drawing blood as she arched into him, her muscles all coiled up and the burning trails her nails had made down his neck to his chest were just a representation of her pain.

Damien brought his hand down to where her hand aimlessly dragged and rubbed over her hot entrance. The moment he removed her hand she let out a groan of agony but it was short lived as he replaced it with his own hand. Where she knew not what she needed, his fingers found the nub that was hidden between her lips. Her breathless moans and sighs of relief as he caressed and circled her clit made his hard length ache with the need to be in her.

His one hand worked her to an orgasm while his other cupped her cheek, stroking her tender, tear streaked cheek and he dove in her neck. He belonged there, nestled in the crook of her neck, peppering the skin along her column with open mouthed kisses. His tongue tasted her, lips sucking on the softest and silkiest skin he had ever had the privilege to touch. Shivers ran down his spine, making it tingle with the awareness of how close he was to losing himself in her. Or breaking her skin with his fangs and taking from her. But that would have to wait. She was gonna come first tonight.

His fingers circled and teased her clit, at times pinching just a little to hear that gasp in his ear. Her pleas for more were feeding his arousal, making him desperate and on the edge. His hips were already humping against her thing, the slow movement matching the strokes of his tongue and the movements of his fingers. He needed her just as much as she did, this voice in his heart urging him to claim her, claim the beauty unknown to others, maybe treasure her in the four walls of his chambers, away from anyone's greedy eyes.

Tears still slipped from her eyes, now both her hands were around his shoulders, her hips moved against his fingers and her moans were melodies he would never get tired of.

But her pain still lingered and dampened the experience for her he could tell by how her skin still burned in spite of what his fingers were doing to her.

"plea...seeeee" she cried in his ear, gripping his shoulders for being closer to him.

"shhhhh" his voice was but a whisper compared to her whimpering in his ear and her trembling beneath him. "I'll make it go away, I promise. I'm sorry for leaving you like this, darling." He kissed her ear, and kissed it again. "I'll make it all go away."

As if on cue, an orgasm rippled through her and shook her from within, her body going limp and even her cries halted. Only her hips bucked against him, a release taking a hold of her.

He leaned back and looked down at her face, her parted lips formed a seducing 'O' and her eyes were closed with relief as he her skin finally started cooling down a little. When she came down from the high and opened her eyes, they filled with tears all anew at the sight of him. Her eyes were filled with hurt, even betrayal that left him cold to his bones. Sobs broke free from her chest again and she hugged him tightly, face pressed against his throat.

He continued to rub her side, stroking and reassuring her of his presence.

"Wh-why did you not come before?" she hiccupped again, "They all left me alone and you didn't come." she took a break between her babbling to take a deep breath, her panting was punctuating her sentences as she spoke "Even you left me alone and it hurts so much," at which point she started crying again.

"shhh, calm down Elle, sweetheart I'm here now." Lord Damien's large, rough palms cupped her cheeks with the gentleness of a feather he kissed her tears away from her her cheeks, pressing his lips all over her face more softly than anyone would think him capable of being. "I'm so sorry I wasn't here before, my darling, I really am."

As Damien kissed her trembling lips, he thought of how young she was. His Ellie was only nineteen, oh so young to go through this, and that too alone. Her babbling and complaining was all on him, ha had let her down. He had lived for centuries and she only for nineteen years. He should've known before how to treat her, that he needed to nurture her adulting mind more than just caring for her well being. Others might consider fourteen and fifteen year old girls as old enough to breed, but he did not agree with them. Elle was only just yet learning the true way of the wild, and for him to leave her alone in it? To let her be?


"I'm so sorry my baby," another kiss on her lips, his tongue dwelling in her mouth and tasting it, teasing her tongue, "I should've known. I should've been there for you sooner."

When he looked at her face again, she was sniffling and looking at him with need, desire lacing her gaze. Her eyes gazed into his own, still hurt but a little consoled.

Elle hooked her legs behind his waist, pulling him into her, rubbing herself against his trouser covered erection straining to be free and where her hips were leading him to.

"Elle," his groan was so restrained, just the way he rolled his hips into her. She did the same, moving with him humps.

He looked up and found the settings unacceptable for the mating to be had, and mating it would be. He wanted to mark her. Had that desire elongating his canines and making them ache with the need to sink in her throat to mark her from the beginning when he kissed her.

She was his, he would have her. But not here on a creaky and small bed that barely contained his enormous figure. No, he would be treating her right. Hooking his hands on the sides of her waist, he got down with her and took her out of the room. Her head rested on his shoulder, her arms hanging down. His hands were on her plump ass, caressing and holding her to his chest as he moved to his chambers.

He would make love to her on his bed, make it their mated room and bed, where he would take her again and again till the dawn limited it.

Turning to side he placed a kiss on her hair.

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