His Ellie.

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Chapter 46

Elle rested her cheek on his shoulder which was somehow broad enough to cushion her head. Her legs were still wrapped around his waist as if clinging to him for dear life, her arms limp around his shoulders as he carried her weight as if a responsibility that was rightfully his.

The sense of duty towards her was surprisingly ingrained in him, nothing novel about carrying a woman to bed, but a man carrying his lover to HIS bed? That was where the strings to ones heart created sensual music of love that aroused his soul.

Damien placed a tender kiss on her hair, his hands holding her up by her thighs. She was still sniffling in his shoulders, something that he would take care of soon, as soon as he has her in between his silk sheets with her clothes off.

His warmth seeped into her, the rhythm of his steady heartbeats calming her while his manly, musky cologne cacooned her. She was in her heaven, all anger forgotten as she was held in his caring arms.

Lord Damien carried her to his room, the one he had once shared with his Amara, but mayhap Amara now needed to stay in the past. She had herself decorated the room, adding her personal touch to it which Damien never took away even when she was gone. Back then he disliked the alterations she did to his manly room, but loved her too much to complain. When she was gone, he was engulfed by the mourning to the point he had trapped himself in their room, refusing to get out, seeking comfort in the traces of her warmth that still lingered in the walls meant to forever be empty after her departure.

Women tended to do that, add their touch to everything, turn a house into a home. And here Damien was taking Elle in his and Amara's home.

A chill froze his insides, nausea bubbling in his gut as the thought entered his mind. All rationale forgotten, all desires shadowed by how he would be replacing his Amara. The one he had promised his life and soul to.

A warm set of parted lips caressed his skin, a soft tongue playing at the crook of his neck. His steps slowed down and his eyes closed as he relishes the heat that again warmed his soul. The desire making him gaze down at Elle as she looked up at with with half-closed eyes. Her breaths were picking up again, her body warming up in his arms. The waves of heat would be relentless for a few days. It all depended on who she really was, heats differed for all species.

"It's getting hot again" she whispered in a small voice.

For a moment, he looked down at her face and wondered why he had gotten a chance with a beauty like her. Nevertheless, she was his. Just like Amara was, Elle too was his.

He bent down and claimed her lips, his tongue savoring the taste of her intoxicating mouth while his feet carried them to his room. It was his room now, had been since Amara had died.

Once into the room, he carried her to the bed and laid her down in his velvety sheets, she was a delicacy waiting to be devoured as she lay there looking up at him in anticipation.

He ripped apart his shirt from where it was torn and let it fall down and then marveled at how curiously her heated stare danced on his open torso. And when his fingers went to the fly of his trousers, her wide eyes finally came to a halt on his crotch. He would give it to her................but first he would take what he wanted, make her as naked as he was.

Instead of opening his trousers he crawled up and over her, hovering above her and letting her hand to stroke her neck. His eyes unabashedly went lower to her full bosom that strained against her gown. And then on the crook of her neck, where he wanted his mark on her. His claim to declare that she belonged to him, that she was his to care for.

She hastily put her arms around his neck and pulled him upon her, and while he knew he was heavy for her, he allowed some of his weight to rest on her. And by the sigh that left her mouth, she loved to feel him that way. His mouth went to her neck and started kissing her, opening his mouth to caress her with his tongue. He adorned her pale skin with his hickeys as her moans made him aware of his painfully throbbing erection.

His one arm braced above her head, fingers disappearing in her hair which was splayed across the bed, his other hand went to the bodice of her gown and in a quick tear her bosom lay open to his hungry mouth. He pulled one of her nipples in his mouth, making circles around it with his tongue and then lapping at it. He filled his free palm with her other breast, running his thumb on her brown bud.

His mouth shifted on her other nipple and showered it with the same attention, her moans and whimpers filling the room were a symphony to his ears. He loved the way she sounded.

His hot mouth trailed down, more and more of her skin being exposed to him as his hand kept pulling at the torn gown. She shivered with each touch, her body bucking at the touch of his open mouth on her skin, her fingers came and buried themselves in his luscious hair.

When he reached her navel, he licked at it, both his palms coming to hold her down by her waist as she arched under him. Standing upon his knees, he pulled at the layers of her gown and left her barren to his greedy, hungry eyes.

Damien's eyes sparkled at the sight of her naked beneath him, the very male part of him reveling in having his woman under him, bucking and arching just to have him touch her. The scent of her arousal was heavy in the air, she tried to spread her legs but he was blocked by his knees around them.

And just when he thought of shedding the last piece of his clothing and taking her like the beast that he was...he realized that she was a virgin.

A virgin to be loved and deflowered with utmost care, for he knew it would pain her the first time. If he was indeed her first time.

She raised her hips in an open invitation, a breathy whine escaping her mouth that he swallowed with his own mouth, licking his way into her.

Oh he would be careful alright, he would be as gentle as he could be. For her, he would keep aside his own desires.

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