His Ellie.

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Chapter 47

Her body was set afire under his care, he was given free reign to do as he pleased with her, she had no will to stop the assault of his mouth upon her skin, not as he kissed her in a savage way with rough strokes of his tongue and not when he again claimed her nipple, this time to slowly stroke her bud until the sweet pain of his greedy suckling awoke her long asleep desires.

Another moan erupted from her mouth without a concern or permission and she unapologetically held his mouth to her breast, craving the way he was garnering her mound with such saccharine attention.

His broad palm spanned her stomach, creeping down to where she most desired him in any way. His rough, warrior's palm brushed over her clit and played with her it before wasting no time to probe at her slick entrance. She was wet from her release before, her juices covering her lips as her heat proceeded to rake her body.

The sting as fingers entered her core was unwelcomed, the slightly burning intrusion making her wince. She was okay with a single finger, two however, stretched her a little more than what she was comfortable with.

"Lo-lord Damien..." she whimpered, her fingers digging in his shoulders. Damien licked away at her erect bud, nibbling at her nipple once in a while and trying to ignore the way she gasped at the sudden intrusion. From the way she clamped down on his fingers he knew she had no man servicing her so intimately, and her tightness would only be a hindrance. He was a huge man,.....everywhere, including his hard and heavy erection. If she couldn't handle two fingers, his member would put her through agony she was definitely unprepared for.

Damien stilled his fingers inside her, she was wet and slick and yet too tight for him. Placing open mouthed kisses on her chest he nibbled his way up to her ear and sucked it in. She was whimpering, her arms tightly wound around him to stop from fleeing away.

'Shhh. Calm down, darling, relax and it will all be easier for you. I promise you'd love it once we move past the pain." He kissed her ear and stroked her hair, his fingers still buried inside her while his thumb moved on her clit, making slow, circular motions that added pleasure to the pain at her entrance.

His mouth again went to her neck, his fangs aching to bury themselves deep within her, to mark her, territoriality taking him time and again to the crook of her neck where for the moment all he did was suck and nibble.

She gasped and he felt her relaxing under his touch, and then her hiss as he started stretching her insides, moving his fingers and spreading them once in a while.

"My Lor-rd...." she hiccupped as he again parted his fingers inside her and stretched her yet again. "please..."

He ignored her pleas, that was all he could do at the moment. A pang of guilt struck his heart at how sudden everything was. He shouldn't have been in such a hurry to take her, and he definitely didn't want her to hurt so much. He would've taken his time in preparing her well, with oils and lustful stroking, slow caresses.....but they were both running out of time. His beastly soul wanted to feel her, claim her, especially since he had seen Aiden near her. And she was in her heat, her pain wouldn't stop till she was well serviced by a man intimately.

The pain of deflowering her would be a drop in the ocean to what she would feel if he didn't take her. And if he took her unprepared then he risked hurting her himself, he was big and that was no bragging. He was the strongest vampire alive, built the way to serve his title, with broad shoulders and a tall frame, his member equally gifted.

Damien looked into her eyes, his own red irises mirroring her discomfort and irritation as he moved his fingers. She was a fighter experienced with outer wounds, not a woman known to what happened within, or the pain it brought if someone hurt her there.

He gazed into her eyes, her breath falling on his face, warming him up. She was still tight around his fingers, her body refusing him...

"Hush.." his voice too was of the manner of her sniffles, soft, breathy and full of desire. "It's okay." he kissed the tip of her nose and then her forehead, his palm cupping her cheek while he caressed her skin in a calming manner. He was so careful with her, so timid and worried for her.

He found what he had been searching for within her, the bundle of nerves that evoked a very womanly, pleasured moan once stroked. He continued so till she reached another high and came down crying out his name. "that's it, come for me sweetheart. I want you cumming all over my fingers."

He stroked her hair, his fingers still moving when she came down from her high. He was at her ear, his lips whispering sweet nothings to her. She was a quivering mess when the fog of her climax cleared enough to make her aware of his playful lips nibbling her earlobe and his rough hand toying with her nipple.

"It's okay, i got you. I'm right here." he whispered as her gasps filled the room. And it was now that she realized that the pain at her entrance was a little less stinging.

"Darling, I wont lie, it will hurt you in the start. But I'll take care of you, I promise." He sat brought his fingers up to his mouth and licked her sweetness that coated them. Then bringing his lips to her mouth, he made her taste herself, taste the honey that craved more and more each time.

Opening the zip to his trousers he finally released himself from the confines of her pants, then continuing to kiss her, he arranged himself at her entrance........and entered her slowly.

Her lips stopped moving against his but he continued to swallow her groans. He was filling her, the vice like grip of her tight sheath around him bringing him pleasure like never before. It was an effort to not burry himself in her to the hilt. He wanted that, oh he so did. But he controlled, for her sake he entered her at a very slow pace, stopping and letting her adjust to his huge size. He was met with a barrier.........and pushed against it, his darling no more a virgin to him.

Her palms abruptly pushes against his chest in an effort to shove him away. Any other time she would have managed, she had the strength, but he now she was weakened by her heat and more so by the orgasms he had given her. He continued to move in her core till he was fully inside her. Only then did he part to look into her hurt eyes. She still pushed against him but he held her palms to his chest, her lips were quivering, her eyes blurred with tears.

"I-It hurts..." it was yet another whimper that abandoned her mouth and he rested his forehead upon hers, staying still and allowing her to accommodate, to breathe through the pain till lessened a little.

"shhh baby, it's okay. It'll pass. Just a few more seconds." he kissed her parted lips at that point " I promise I'll take care of everything. Just a moment."

She took deep breaths and when he felt her calm down a little, he slowly started rocking in her, his hips moving in and out of her steadily. She hissed, her face buried in the crook of his neck, not a complain or a whine leaving her mouth as her trust made her believe every word that he spoke. He stroked her hair, kissing and nibbling her as he whispered endearments to encourage her.

She was a darling deserved to treat as such. And he did just that, Her whimpers slowly started to turn into gasps as she grew accustomed to his size and then to moan as pleasure took over the initial pain.

Her breast filled his palm and her continued to fondle her, her fingers moving over her aroused bud to match the pace of his hips as they rocked inside her. He elicited seductive moans that echoed in the hallways, hitting her sweet, pleasure spot every time he pumped inside her. Now her fingers again dug in his skin, but this time because her pleasure was un containable.

His speed increased, her moans in his ear, her palms on his back, her tightness around him, it was more that he could've asked for. He pumped into her faster and faster, sweat covering their naked bodies, their sounds of pleasure mixing with the sounds that their mating bodies made, echoing all around them as a testimony of them becoming one. He felt her going limp beneath him once more, and he himself reached the precipice from where to soar even higher. But he looked down at her face, her eyes closed and that mouth open, her parted lips forming a limp O, her skin flushed over, a furious blush covering her cheeks.........................................and he wanted his claim on her then and there. He wanted no one else to see her that way, no one else to be this close to his lovely beauty.

He held his pleasure at bay, moving again in the crook of her neck.

"Tell me you accept me, love." He whispered, all astray thoughts of Amara long forgotten and buried along with her under that willow.

"huh?" he hummed in her daze.

"Words, baby. Say that you accept me, say that your mine, that you want me." He slowed down, pulling out of her almost to the edge and then burring himself within her in a single do, hitting her cervix.

"hmmmmmm." she moaned. Damien nibbled at her skin, preparing to mark her, to claim her, to make her his own.

"Words, darling. I want you to speak for me. Accept me, Ellie. Be mine." he whispered again.

"I....Accept you." she breathed out, not understanding what exactly she consented to, but happy to be his nonetheless.

That was all he needed, his fangs came out and pierced her skin, burying in her as he forged a bond between them, the startling pain bringing Elle out of her orgasm induced high and then pulling her into the haze of the mating bond that was being brought into place.

He came inside her, soothing her heat from within, the bond now forged, her emotion now his to realize, her pleasure and sickness his to share and bear. Her darkness his to carry and her pain his to soothe.

She was finally His Ellie.

He let himself rest on her skin, his fangs still inside her, his erection twitching and filling her womb, and just basked in the realization that she was his now, feeling her body beneath him and embracing her.

She fell asleep with him still inside her, the mating bond overwhelmingly tiring for her, and the pleasure something that acompanied her even in her sleep.

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