His Ellie.

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Chapter 48

Elle was more alive than she had ever been, even in her sleep she could feel him, feel his arms as they caged her. His breath was warming her neck, her back to his chest. One of his arms slid from underneath her and cupped her mound, one in a while his fingers would part her lips and play with her clit. His other arm wound over her chest, his hand palming her breast, he would roll her nipple and pull at it just for the pleasure of it.
Her restless body had carried her in a sleepless state where although her eyes were closed and she was drowsy, she was wholesomely aware of the way Lord Damien toyed with her. Sought pleasure in her body. His lips traveled across all the space that they could, from sweet caresses on her hair to open mouthed kisses on her face and neck. Throughout the night she had felt him nibble on her skin, his mouth sucking and leaving marks and sometimes she would feel waves of pleasure coursing through her, making her toes curl rendering her helpless as her core pulsed with desire. Those were the times he would sink in fangs in her slender neck.
It was as if he couldn't get enough of her. He was relentless in the way he was handling her, grabbing her breast savagely to the point where it hurt and then soothingly caressing her, stroking her skin and pampering her with kissing when she whimpered at his assault.
She was also so very much conscious of the sweet nothings he whispered in her ear. Promises of looking after her needs, calling her with endearments and then whispering things that made her blush even in her lightheaded state of satiation.
Damien's pulsing erection nestled against her and had to wonder how she would feel about waking up with his cock inside her. He was sure she would have no hard feelings about waking up to an orgasm raking her body. She was still resting, even with him constantly playing with her body, teasing her and claiming her. It was normal for the women in heat, their carnal desires to mate caused them such great pain that once they were states they slept till another wave of heat again burnt them from within.
Damien felt a sudden hunger in the pit of his stomach, his throat going dry with thirst. Damien pulled her ass into him with the hand that cupped her core, a single finger sliding in and out of the pussy that he hadn't allowed to go dry. With ease he slid another finger and curved them inside her, then again with pumping in her with a steady rhythm. He rubbed his thumb over her nipple, barely brushing her tip with a featherlight touch, she arched into him for more, moaning for him to touch her more, to give her a release that her body desired. Damien kissed her ear, running his tongue over her earlobe.

"Wake up, Ellie. You're hungry." He whispered and punctuated his sentence by massaging that hidden spot of ecstacy that lay inside her. Her moan echoed in the room, making his manhood throb and ache to impale her again. She was his for the taking, he shouldn't have had to wait for her permission, but that was how it went. He would not fuck her till she opened her eyes and knew what he was doing to her, especially since it would be just her second time.
She rubbed her backside into him, arching a little more so her breast was pressing against his fingers. He chuckled at her eagerness but gave her what she wanted, palming her heavy, milky white mound and caressing her. By Devil he loved her body, loved the way she was filled out, how soft she was with weight in all the right places. She would be called overweighted but he liked her healthy.
He groaned in her ear, rolling his hips into her so he was placed between her ass-cheeks.
"Wake up Elle, now before I quit coaxing and get serious."
Her moan in response was rather a whine to his command, it only made his lips curve up into a smug smile. He would have loved to continue harrasing her like that but the burn in his stomach grew. It was easy to differ the hunger that he felt from his own. It was her hunger that made his stomach cramp. She hadn't yet realized it, him being so playful and all, but she was hungry.
He pinched her nipple just a little but hard when she didn't still open her eyes. A gasp left her parted mouth and her eyes finally opened.
Elle cranes back a little so she was still held by his hands but she could look into his face. Her eyebrows were furrowed and open mouth begging to be kissed. Her eyes were as yet hazy, he lowered his lips to her mouth and shoved his tongue inside her before his fingers rolled her tontured nipple a little harder than he should have. Her protesting moan was muffled by his mouth. He was quick to turn her in his arms and covered her pulsing tip with his mouth, soothing her aching peak with his soft tongue.
He knew he was harsh in bed, she was yet to see it, yet to feel it and he feared she would not like it his way. But he would just have to make her love it, just the way he made her adapt to his blood, with slow doses that she herself craved.
With a last lick to her nipple he went up to meet her eyes, they were frustrated with the way she craved a release, her legs were spread wide for the fingers that he had withdrawn and her lips parted and demanding for him to fill her again.
He laid down on her body, both his hands going to her thighs and pulling them behind him as he stared at her face. They bodies were flushed together, skin to skin, warm and aching for touch.
"You're hungry, baby, you have to take from me. But I'll give you choice about how you want to sated otherwise." He kissed her at that point, nibbling her lower lip and biting till she winced a little, then moving his tongue lovingly on the skin.
"It'll either be my fingers filling you or my cock impaling you, first will be painless, second would sting a little. What does my darling want, hmmm?" He didn't allow her to answer though, he captured her mouth again in a passionate kiss. "What do you want, baby?"

Her face was all heated and flushed, her eyes shying away at the question, her body rolling into him. He didn't like that shyness in bed, he wanted her to be open and shameless when they were alone together. When they were skin to skin, he wanted her to say what she needed him to do, to speak of her desires.

"You won't be getting anything till you answer with you words, darling." Of course, that didn't include her feeding, he would always keep her belly full.

"Your.......cock" she whispered. It was barely audible and her eyes were cast down, but that would have to do for today. He offered her his throat and asked her to bite him, she fangs descended and dug into him without a question. She was indeed hungry as she suckled at his vein with greedy pulls. As a wave of ecstacy took over him, he entered her pussy, her tight walls clamped down on his cock and her fangs dug in deeply enough to scar him, she would tear him if she moved her mouth.
"Shhhhh, it's okay, you know I'll make it good for you, don't you sweetheart? Come one relax for me." And she did, the bond he had forged made it all better by a thousand times for her to get comfortable and trust him.
He started rolling into her, filling her up and pumping for mutual release.
They were both complete, sated and finding themselves. Strengthening the bond between them.
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