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Chapter 5

Damien's butler Aiden had just run a background check on Miss Elle Welcher on the request on his Lord. And he didn't know whether to feel sad about her childhood or to feel happy that she was picked up by Miss Ravena Milford. As a child, she was an abandoned kid left to fend for herself where no timid soul could ever survive the darkness of the vampire kingdom. She, like a lot of beggars, stealers and lost people, had a miserable life. She had been looked after by her aunt till she was four years old, after which even her aunt had left her side.

Like the helpless child that she was, she had spent most of her life hiding and stealing to get one time's meal in her stomach. And that was when one did not take into consideration that she was born a girl, to be grown into a woman. People had tried to deflower the blossoming bud, leaving scars on her mind which would never be healed, no matter how much anyone tried to garden her soul with love.

Aiden sighed as his eyes fell on the girl who was sitting on the bench and having her dinner. She was laughing at something the maid beside her said, her head falling back as a hearty laughter left her plump parted lips.

Aiden's heart warmed at the sight of her flustered form, her rosy cheeks and the way her hair bounced all over the place got his heart racing. He had lived for a whole hundred and seventy two years, and he had never seen a woman as gorgeous as her. Just the thought of her got his blood running thick. He wondered if he could blame any of the men who had tried to get their hands on her. She was an otherworldly beauty, that which men like him had only dreamy of. The living, breathing incarnation of everything a man would lust after, then be that delicate face with carefully crafted features or the curves that would make men pray for salvation.

He had filed all the information that he had gathered and sent it to Lord Damien in his study. Hopefully she would get selected to work here, that way she would have to stay in the mansion, near him.

The next day, Elle was shown to a small office consisting of a desk, a chair, lots of pens and paper, and stacks upon stacks upon stacks of documents arranged untidily on shelves that covered two of the walls. On her left was a set of doors that she assumed let to the bathroom and straight ahead was a large window that opened up to the garden.

This was her office. Her work space. And though the sight of so many files overwhelmed her with the thought of work that accompanied them, she was happy she had gotten the job. And this was the Lord's mansion, of course there unfathomable workload.

She gulped down the ball of anxiety that was stuck in her throat and went ahead to sit on the chair.

"Lord Damien would be here shortly to explain what your duties will be. If you need anything at all, my personal cabin is just on the floor beneath this room itself. And a maid would bring you victuals and anything you might desire at any hour." Aiden spoke in that flawless manner of professional servants that Elle doubted was drilled into their minds from their childhood. How can a person be so devoid of emotion and speak with a white tone with absolutely no expression on their faces? It was surely a matter of upbringing.

Not knowing how to reply to that, she nodded her head and found her fingers curling around a strand of her hair. For a brief moment, Aiden's eyes went to hair and then came back on her eyes.

As she said nothing, Aiden bowed his head and left the room for her so soak in her own nervousness. She had never had a person bowing to her, or waiting on her. Even in Milford's mansion she was but a servant. To suddenly have a royal butler showing her reverence that no person belonging to the class of servants deserved was a little too much for her.

As she bit her lip and took in the sight of the tombs and files before her, the door opened and in walked the person who left her flabbergasted.

Damien was wearing a white shirt today, with the ruby cufflinks in place and slacks that hugged her toned legs like second skin. He was carrying a black suit jacket on the forearm of one hand while his other hand was in the pocket of his slacks.

Just the sight of her oversophisticated self make her press her lips together to stop any blabbering that her mind directed. His hair was slicked back and his face seemed to be so much better than the last time she had seen him, as if her memory could never do justice to his perfection. In order for her mind to not downplay his beauty, she just had so see him in person and paint a new reality of him on the already messed up canvas of her mind.

She stood up and got out of the seat to bow before him in reverence which was probably underserved yet perfectly maintained.

Damien looked at her and dismissed all the thoughts of how pleasing to the eyes she was. Last night he had ordered the butler to provide her with a few new dresses, the maid outfit on her did not settle well with him. And so she was now dressed in a grey dress that reached her ankles, the sleeves of which went past her elbows.

Had she been born in a wealthy family, men would've killed to court and marry her. Unfortunately, she had nothing to her name other than a surname that came from her Aunt's family. Elle herself was unaware of anything about herself other than her first name. It was through his network of dangerously loyal birdies that stalked the streets that Aiden had been able to get a whiff of her identity.

Without wasting a second more on a breath unneeded Damien went to explain her the do's and don'ts of her work profile. He showed her the documents that were dated for centuries that had passed and the ones that were new and were required on a daily basis. Most of the time she would be sketching his Edicts, giving words to his verdicts and sending personal responses to queries and hi-how're-yas that came in from across the globe. Unfortunately, she would also be spending a lot of time with him, during his meetings with the advisors if required.

He had taken Orion on his word. If his son said that she was reliable then there were no second guessing or questioning her ethics and loyalty. He had asked Aiden to collect data on her to know what she truly was and not to check her connections with traitors trying to throw him off the throne.

He had already set free his wolves to sniff out her origin, his loyal spies would report to him about everything they could find out about her.

"I take it that you already know about the privacy and piracy issues. A word about what I do or from these documents ever leaks out through you and you won't live to see another day." Damien warned as he fetched out the letter from his pocket. "File this with other fae documents and send a letter through Aiden saying that I mourn their loss along with them. Also that we'll inform them if we get an intel on the assassin. Good day, Miss Elle."

Damien did not wait for her reply, he just left the room while keeping things overtly formal between them. Not a single smile to greet the lady whose heart had ran a mile a minute just at the sight of him.

He was after all a King, he couldn't just go around being friend's with his servants now, could he?

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