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Chapter 51

The southern mountain range was a beauty like no other, the dense forest led to the high peaks covered in rare flora and fauna. It was known for the medicinal plants that grew higher up on the mountain, near and surrounding the entrance of the purple cave, the tracks to which were hidden by the thick floral growth.

The cave had amethysts buried in its depth, no one knew how deep and wide the cave truly was, once a man ventured inside and came back two days later still not having discovered all the corners of the cave. It was said the inside of a cave was an unescapable labyrinth with passages that twisted and turned to lead you towards absolutely nowhere.

Many an explorers and never returned from within the depths of the cave.

It was to the south of the largest lake that the town held, all water needs of the town were fulfilled by that lake. The lake was known to be blessed by the Moon Goddess for it was the shape of the full moon and when the moon shined bright in the sky, it was reflected right at the center of the lake, a godlike illumination making the water sparkle from within.

It also served at the southern border between the wolf and the vampire lands, taken a hold by the Faes when the wolves and vamps started going on war for the piece of land. The Faes being the Pure bloods that they were, cast a spell on the place for their protection. For the same reason, when Orion had arrived here before for investigating the land in search of the Moon Goddess, he was unable to cross the Fae boundaries.

Lord Damien, along with Elle tucked in his side with his arm around her waist and Orion standing beside them holding Neeyah's small hand in his, looked upon the border to the Fae territory.

"Where to, Neeyah?" Orion asked her.

She looked around, carefully taking in all her surroundings before pointing to the direction that led upwards to the cave.

Damien frowned at that, surely the child could not have seen the body there, it was beyond the spell boundary. If she truly had seen the body there, then how had she been able to walk through the spell? And for the Fae prince to be found dead in their own territory by a stranger and none of the Faes to have found him? Had Neeyah been mistaken?

"Are you sure, Neeyah?" Lord Damien asked her.

"Yes, Milord. Indeed I have seen him in that direction."

"What is that ?" Elle whispered in awe, looking skywards with wide eyes to the sparkling dome that reached high up in the sky and spread for miles ahead of them. The spell boundary was indeed strongly cast, for it remained unwavering even against the woes of the nature.

"What are speaking of, darling?" Damien's question was a as if spoken on the air, light on her ears as she marveled at the sight before her.

"She is looking at the barrier, Lord Damien. Don't try though, you won't be able to see it." Neeyah was the one to answer.

"You can see it?"

"Those of pure blood can indeed see the barriers. I can too." Neeyah answered.

Orion frowned at her words. She was a wolf, wolves, like any other mortal creatures, were foul blooded. She shouldn't have been able to se it, neither should have Elle.

Damien looked at her, the arm around her waist tightening and pulling her more into him. What secrets her blood held was a mystery he wanted to unravel as quickly as possible.

"It's so beautiful." Elle whispered on a breath, the barrier was in fact transparent as if a prism, and the light entering into it split up into seven colors that bathed the land inside the dome. Not just the dome though, any light that passed through it form all directions was turned into a beautiful rainbow that travelled off into the distance.

And only Elle and Neeyah could see the spectacle.

"We should go, I shall lead the way to the dead." Neeyah tugged at Orion's hand and tried to lead the way. He didn't budge from where he stood.

"Neeyah, sweetheart we cannot cross the barrier. You must have been mistaken." Orion held on to her small palm.

"No. I know what I saw and I know where I saw it." her voice was annoyingly calm, driving home her point with the tone an adult used when he knew what he was doing.

"That is simply not possible, Neeyah."

Neeyah looked up at him with a glare and furrowed eyebrows before she freed her hand from Orion's grip and started running towards the barrier, fast on her feet for a four year old child.

Orion took off after her, fear gripping his guts at the sight of her running off, the barrier would burn her to ashes if she came in contact with it. His heart hammered its cage, his pounding feet reducing the distance between her with an outstretched arm.

But she was fast and oh so near to the boundary.

His breath caught in his chest, eyes wide as he looked at the child walk straight to the barrier.

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