His Ellie.

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Chapter 52

Orion's eyes stung as his heart stopped for a while, his lungs incapable of taking in oxygen as he watched her run to the barrier and then into it.............unscathed, unharmed. Neeyah turned and looked at him with accusatory eyes.

He was not conscious of his body moving, but his legs took him to her without a conscious thought. She was there at the other side of the barrier, and she must have seen something in his gaze, for her face grew contrite. She had just been reckless, and that was unacceptable. He couldn't shake the thought that she might have been burned to ashes before him.

Just before he was going to make contact with the barrier, Lord Damien caught a hold of his elbow and jerked him away from the force field.

"Are you insane! You'll be gone in the air if you so much as touch it!" Damien boomed at his son. Indeed, Neeyah was as yet an enigma with nothing to her name but her werewolf background, and how she crossed the boundary was a mystery in itself. But what was crystal clear was that neither Orion, nor Damien and Elle could cross it without having a meet and greet with the reaper.

Orion simply kept on glaring at Neeyah and she whimpered at the intensity of his gaze. Yes, she was a child, but she could not be a little explorer and go around places she had no business being near, at least no as per Orion.

"How the fuck are we going to search the area...." Damien mumbled under his breath. So far only the kid could cross the shield, none of the adults. So who would cross check whether or not Neeyah was speaking the truth.

"mm," Neeyah whispered from where she was, fiddling with her skirt, her eyes glazed over, " Elle would not be harmed by the barrier. She can come this side."

Now Damien understood what Orion felt, understood the fear that must have paralyzed him for a moment as it cruised through his blood till anything surrounding him made sense. His Ellie? Trying to cross a fae barrier spell. No way in hell was that happening, not over his dead soul. No he would not allow it!


"come over here, Neeyah. Now." Orion lifted his hand and raised it in her direction. His face still of hard planes and angry eyes.

She could have died now. It kept on going around in his mind.

"umm, I can show her the way, I promise she will not be harmed. And you can also see it from her eyes, Lord Damien." Neeyah gave it a try again.

"No, I won't take the risk. Not with her." Damien's jaw clenched and he absently reached for Elle, getting a grip of his calm when he touched her and circled her waist in a protective gesture. His Ellie. And she would not do things where her safety was not confirmed.

"I will give it a try. If she could pass, maybe I can too." Damien's claw gripped at her waist, pulling her into his side, a growl erupting from deep within his chest.


She freed herself from his clutches and started walking ahead. Her anger at his controlling behavior and how much unappreciated his dominance was to her travelled from within her to him through their shared bond. She did not like someone else making her decisions, not even Lord Damien.

"You will nae go there, Elle, and that's an order." Her safety was more important and concerning that the anger tantrum that she might throw his way later on. He could deal with a woman wrecking the house and screaming obscenities, but not her putting herself in danger. Not his precious one, he had just accepted what they had, claimed her as his own. And she had not even fully recovered from her heat, What a bad idea it was to bring her here.

But she was determined, if not to find the dead body then to defy him, but she would cross the barrier.

"Milord, why don't you leave my arm, I can take care of myself just fine, I assure you that." she talked through her grinding teeth and pulled away the arm the her had gotten a hold of.

He held a breath and followed her as she went towards the barrier, trying to get a hold of her again. Before he could pull her away from the barrier, she had put a hand out towards and through it. And and passed through.

Damien left her elbow and watched in awe as his darling crossed the barrier completely. She stood there open mouthed as she approached a whimpering and scared Neeyah into her arms.

Neeyah was still looking at a very angry Orion and whimpering at the intensity of his emotions. She could not yet decipher why he was seething, just knew that he was angry at her. He probably wouldn't take her up in his arms again, or play with her again or what if he punishes her? But she just wanted to prove that she could indeed pass through it and that she wasn't lying and he simply wasn't listening to her!

"Come on Neeyah, lead the way, why don't you?"

Neeyah turned to Ellie and nodded her head before leading her into the woods, near the cave on the dirt path. Through the small shrubs and trees they Ellie carried Neeyah where the kid asked her to go. Both men were outside the boundary, waiting impatiently for them. One was a little guilty, other one angry. Elle was a woman of the sword, a warrior and a striker. She would always walk into the path of danger, it was ingrained into her, a part of the wild soul that resides in her heart. She was a warrior and she would never shy away from a fight or a war in the future. Damien needed to learn that he could not shield her away from the gore and danger.

She ignored the ache in her chest and the anger that burned her eyes as indeed Neeyah led her to large tree. The roots of it had overgrown on the land and it was big enough that a small cottage could be carved into it. Oh, how she loved such cottages.

"There, hidden behind those roots. He's there." Neeyah sniffled in the crook of Elle's neck and pointed to the tree. Elle followed where Neeyah pointed and jumped over a few of the roots that protruded from the land so high up that they reached her knees and waist. Such an ancient, humongous tree it was, she wished she could come her daily, or to have a tree like this one in the backyard of the mansion.

Oddly enough, she had started considering the mansion as her own, as if it now belonged to her, as if she now belonged with Him. She quickly brushed away the thought and jumped over another root and ...................gasped as she landed on something soft and hard at the same time.

Then she looked down and screamed at having landed on a body.

"Oh dear, Oh Dear! I am so sorry, i beg for your apology.." She went on rambling and bowing her head, making Neeyah move with her. Until she noticed that the body was in fact of the Fae Prince.

After which she apologized even more profusely for having stepped on a Prince. After which she realized that he wasn't responding so she crouched down and warily checked for a pulse.

There was none.

Neeyah was right.

The Fae prince was dead.

She put Neeyah down beside her and with one hand she gripped her dagger just to be on the safer side out alone in the woods. She was after all, alone in the Fae territory with a single child. And probably the Fae Prince's dead body before her.

She gulped down a ball of anxiety in her throat and sent a prayer to the sky before examining the body.

Gashes. Deep gashes made by sharp claws ran on his side. He was pale, not an ounce of blood left in his body, all of it had seeped into the ground below. And yet the body had not decomposed. How strange.

He had pointed ears, and canines, sharp and short ones.

She stood up with a frown on her face and questions in her mind. Who could have killed him here? In their own territory? The Fae's wouldnae dare. Mayhap someone else, but who could it be? Who could actually cross he barrier aside from them?

The list sure would be sure if she went to make one. But for the moment, she took Neeyah's small hand in hers and made her way back from where they entered the barrier dome.

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