His Ellie.

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Chapter 53

Damien watched as their silhouettes appeared from the depths of the forest. Beside him, Orion stopped pacing around and came to a halt, his passive aggression making Damien's nerves rattle.

As they both appeared from within the barrier, Elle holding Neeyah in her arms, she looked as pissed off as he felt. She had not liked his earlier possessiveness and she made it a point to show it through her ignorance. When they had crossed the barrier, Orion walked to them and opened his arms to take Neeyah from her. Only once he had tucked Neeyah into his arms and under his chin did he heave a sigh of relief. He rubbed her back as a sob left her mouth, her small arms encircled his neck and she whimpered in his embrace.

She hated his anger, and he did too, but his worry overpowered everything. It was still a mystery why he felt for her so intensely, why he cared for the child so deeply. But he did. Now that she was in his arms, he had nothing to worry.

Elle stood before Damien, her intense eyes looking at his shoulder, not ready to entertain him. His hands suddenly itched to take her into his embrace, hold her jaw and force her to acknowledge him.

"Did you find anything?" He asked instead, curling his hands into fists.

"Yes, Lord Damien," She looked into his eyes, "It was the Fae prince. He is indeed dead, Milord."

Suddenly the seriousness of the situation sunk in, heavy in the air as Damien considered his options. Now although he had no responsibility towards Fae, something told him that keeping this knowledge to himself would not be wise. He was barely escaping a war with the wolves, for al he knew, they might announce a war at any time in the future, and his Ellie would be the price for the peace. Unacceptable.

The Fae and the vamps were on good terms so far, and if indeed he went ahead and informed them of their deceased Prince, chances were that the Fae royalty would accuse the vampires first. Damien would be the first one they would doubt, and no one wants to be the enemy of the Fae.

On their ride back, Neeyah fell asleep in Orion's lap, his hands unconsciously stroking her hair as he continued to look out of the window.

Elle was sitting beside Damien, to be honest, she had no real reason to be so angry towards Damien. He was simply trying to make her stay away from danger, and as for him allowing her to pick her own battles....he himself had given her a dagger. Hadn't he? Her poverty had made sure that she was a fighter through and through, a warrior ready to face anything that came her way, there simply was never any other option at her disposal. It was fighting for her breath or saving it and embracing death.

So she was always a fighter, and she never allowed anyone else to make her decisions, she was used to speaking for herself. But as for now, even she realized that she was being petty, she was throwing a tantrum like a spoiled brat. Craving his every attempt to coax her into speaking with him again. She basked in his attention as he tried to woo her, his fingers playing with the ends of her hair, him asking her questions random questions that she hummed to.

She loved it.

Loved the way he grasped her hand and refused to let go. After being depraved of affection for all of her life, she craved his attention. And she supposed he knew it too, probably that was the reason why he hadn't yet pulled her in his lap and kissed her senseless to prove his claim.

Just as the thought crossed her mind, his fingertips moved on the crook of her neck, sending an erotic shiver through her. Her stomach fluttered as her skin heated up.....she loved the way his touch felt. But she couldn't say she loved feeling the heat and yearning in between her legs, absolutely not with Orion and Neeyah in the same carriage.

She heard him chuckle beside her and then felt her breath tingling on her skin. A wave of heat flushed her cheeks, making her blush a bright shade of red. Bending down, he placed an open mouthed kiss on his mark, his heart soared at the thought. His claim. She belonged to him. She was now his. Devil knew how long it would take to get used to that thought.

She gasped, her stomach cramping with a sudden hunger for his lips, her core felt empty, needing him to fill her up as it ached with desire. Her hands clutched her gown, her shallow breaths sounding loud in the closed space of the carriage.

Damien swiftly put an arm around her waist, pulling her into his chest, so much that she was nearly on his lap. His lips showered kisses on the column of her neck. Her head slowly tipped back, her back arching at the sensation. His nimble fingers came to his chin and moved her face to him.

Just as her parted mouth was being claimed by his mouth, a groan was heard and she suddenly became aware that they weren't alone in his chambers. No, they were still in the carriage.

"Can't you two lovebirds wait till we reach the palace? We have a kid with us for Devil's sake!" Orion broke her from the trance and she quickly righted herself, but how could she ignore the throbbing at her core? The way her skin prickled with the need to be touched, the only calm she sought was in Damien's touch. How would she stop her lips from missing the way his mouth would've felt on hers? She needed to feel his touch, the ache and yearning in her core only continued to pulse more, making her want to groan and moan.

She turned to look at Damien, wanted to know if he too felt the same, if he wanted her with the same intensity. His eyes sparkled in the carriage, his hunger evident in the way he stared at her.

The arm around her waist tightened and finally pulled her onto his lap. His hand moved on her stomach in a soothing manner which only nerved her more, made her anxious to feel that hand directly on her skin. She clutched onto him, pushing her face into his neck, but that did nothing to calm her as she heated more with the sudden need to feel him skin on skin, and her fangs? They now ached to bury themselves in his neck. But this need was different, it wasn't hunger that she felt now. It was an instinct wanting to leave a mark on him, just a mark that would signify something. But what? Regardless, she wanted to sink his fangs in her.

He turned to her, breathing in her calming scent, his unoccupied hand burying itself in her hair and holding her to him. Damien pressed her more into him, his erection growing as she squirmed on his lap. He growled in her neck, lapping once at his claim on her neck. Her responding whimper was only for his ears to hear.

"shhhh" Damien whispered in her ear, " I'll take care of it when we reach home."

Pressing a kiss on her forehead, he allowed his lips to linger on her skin. "I'll take care of everything."

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