His Ellie.

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Chapter 54

When the carriage came to a halt in front of the palace, Damien stepped down from the carriage with her Elle cradled to his chest, her arms wrapped tightly around his neck as she continued to breathe in the crook of his neck. He hadn't held any woman this intimately since his Amara, he had cared for no one like he did for her and Elle. But it also meant that his grand entrance in the mansion with her all bundled up in his arms was a surprise to everyone.

Without sparing a glance at any of the gasping and surprised looking guests and servants, he made his way to his chambers with quick steps. Orion watched him from where he stood, Neeyah still asleep in his arms, her calm breaths that warmed his neck made him unconsciously times his inhales with hers.

As the main doors closed behind the royal couple, he finally took a deep breath and exhaled sharply. By Devil! The whole trip back to the castle had him trying not to claw at his Damien. Elle's arousal and Damien's responding musk had filled the small carriage space with sexual energy that had him on the edge trying not to gag. Especially since sweet Neeyah was tucked under his chin on his lap.

Good riddance!

Suddenly, as if she had lain awake all time, Neeyah woke up and stared at the closed doors of the castle. How strange, Orion thought as he looked at her, not a yawn or sleep lingering in her eyes. She narrowed her eyes and tilted her head, as if contemplating something of great importance.

"What is it, sweetheart?" Orion moved a hand on her haywire hair to straighten them down.

"Precipice. He will either have to jump or lose everything he's gained." she said in a steady voice. It was not the first time that Orion had wondered whether the child was a seer. He hoped not, for most seers led a really tough life. They had battles to fight that weren't their own, memories and incidents that they had nothing to do with and a troubled conscience that very few managed to keep sane.

"No, Orion." she looked at him, her eyes had yet again ceased to be that of a child's, making gooseflesh appear on his skin.

"No what?" although he had a fair idea and it creeped him down to his marrow.

"I am not a seer." She answered the unspoken question and he wished she hadn't. Reading minds was a sign of great prowess. He did not want for her a life which accompanied such strength. And at such young age too.

He barely managed to tamp down a shiver and started walking towards the castle.

"I see." because how else was he supposed to respond to her? Being his age had taught him a lot, and one of those things was to expect the impossible. His.....his what? What was she to him? A child he had picked up from a casualty that he couldn't seem to separate with?

He sighed yet again. He seemed to do that a lot since Neeyah had entered his life. And she truly has entered his life.

A random thought crossed his mind and halted him in his tracks. He looked at Neeyah and she smiled as if she already knew what was on his mind. found her staring at the horse shed as if she was entranced.

"Tell me, Neeyah, is it the future that you predict or just a gist of that which is yet to be?"

"none. I read the omens instead. " She answered and then smiled with that devilish glint that children often did,"Oriiiionnnnn." she grinned at him playfully, making his lips twitch at the ends.

"Yes, darling?"

"Can we make a deal?"

"What deal would it be?"

"will you get me a pony?"

Orion made it look like he was considering it, as if he was deciding on a life and death matter of great vitality.

"What would I be receiving?"

And at that the playfulness seemed to vanish from her face.

In a grim voice, she stared deep in his eyes and wound her hands around his neck. The child was more than creepy, her mood swings and talks were something that Orion was too unskilled and impatient to handle. And somewhere in his cold heart, he knew she would have it more difficult that anyone else coming across her.

"I shall align the stars so this time around, you are the one she chooses."

Sheer dread made every single cell in his body shiver and tremble. He didn't need her to elaborate on who 'she' was. And he truly didn't desire to walk even a second more into the future.

Damien was overcome with ecstasy, one of his hands was buried in her hair, urging her to partake from his throat, other was coiled tightly around her waist, holding her to him as he impaled her sex.

By Devil she was lovely, so responsive that each time she moaned on his skin his gut clenched and ached with desire, and the desire wasn't even for his own release! He desired to pleasure her, each one of her wanton gasps and moans fueled his pride. He was, after a long time since Amara had been gone, truly and purely into the act. Enjoying the burn from her claws on his back and the tight grip of her sex on his member. Can he even begin to speak of how fulfilling it felt as she met his thrusts with her own? Rolling her hips in time to meet his own.....he felt content. His aim to satisfy her was the only thing that spiked his own pleasure.

She must have taken her fill because she licked at where her wee fangs had punctured him. Her claws went from his back to his thick hair and she turned his face to claim his mouth in a ravaging kiss. She reacted with such abandon, shedding her inhibition long from ago when she was humping on his still trouser clad erection while they were entering his chambers. Now like a young lad who has just started submitting to the throes of sexual pleasure, he was standing a foot or two away from the door, his pants around his ankles as he entered her core with her legs around his waist, gripping as tightly as she could even as he felt her trembling. So close she was.

She was using him to seek her release.

He liked to be violated.

She pulled back and looked into his eyes, they ragged breaths falling on each others mouth and they noticed the passion that laced their eyes. Gazing into her heated gaze, he uncoiled his hand from her tresses and wound it from under one of her knees, and then the other. Now he had an even better angle as he held her legs in the crook of his elbows, her hands around his neck keeping her in the position.

Gone was the shy Elle, replace by a ravenous one wanted to be pleasured just as strongly as he needed to pleasure her. He turned to the side and rested her on the waist high cabinet lining the wall.

And the vixen that his darling was, once she had her ass resting on the the surface, she leaned back a little on the wall behind before straightening her legs to rest her ankles on his shoulders.

He swore to hell and looked down at her face, trapping to his memory each of her reactions while he entered her. He knew what he was doing, something he was very arrogant about, as he thrusted into her and hit that sweet spot inside. Damien watched with fascination and adoration as her mouth fell open and her eyes rolled back. Her face an epitome of euphoria as she screamed out his name, her hands stretching up to fold on the wall behind as if she knew not what to do with them.

He noted with shame that his mate was still covered in her gown. He stretched his claw and tore the front of the gown, her generous breasts bounced with his thrusts and he couldn't seem to move his eyes away. He wanted to bend down and capture her pointy nipples which had hardened just for him, but he loved his view of her too much to comply with his urges. By Devil, she was a show just for him.

The thought did things to boast his ego.

From the look on her face he knew she was going to cum, to orgasm on his erection that was still doing the job it was created to do. And he slowed down his thrusts, sliding out all the way and then sliding in as slowly as he could, not quite burying all the way inside her wet warmth. She groaned her displeasure and opened her eyes.

" Why'd you stop!!! I'm so close" her brows were drawn, her hips rolling for even a little more friction and she moan and did she just hiss?

His mate just hissed at him because he denied her an orgasm. His lips curved up in a devilish grin and he stilled inside her altogether, even though he throbbed and ached for a release himself. He clenched his jaw to stop himself from pounding into her like a animal.

"why? because I like that look of agony and anticipation on you face, sweetheart. I love that you are crazy for me, and how that mouth opens to moan and gasp. " her claws reached for him and held his shoulders before she moved her lips. He groaned out loud, she was wanton for sure, would do anything to get him to move.

He held on to her hips to stop them and his Elle cried out, not wanting to be denied her release.

"even now" he breathed out, "Your look so frenzied, so crazed. So...." he pulled out at an agonizingly slow pace till only the head of his erection stayed inside her, "desperate for more. Oh how i adore that look sweetheart, that hunger and thirst."

He thrust in sharply, hitting her pleasure spot which made her groan again....

"Lord Damiennnn" she gasped

"What, my Ellie, what is it?

Another sharp thrust and slow retreat.

"More........"she begged, her eyes shining with a need so primal it made him shiver. "Please........more, please Milord...."

He took one of her hands and put in on her clit, bringing her other one to her aroused nipple.

"Play with yourself, sweetheart. Let me see you toying with your body." He moved her fingers on her clit till she found a rhythm and moaned to the ceiling.

"Moreee, please" she was nearing to cry from his denial. Hunger and need shined in her eyes even as her fingers brought her closer to a release.

But he wanted her such as she was before him for quite some time. He knew he was being cruel by denying her the much awaited orgasm, but he was loved the way she writhed under him, loved how much she needed him, loved how sexy she looked as she begged for more.

She was reaching the high, he could feel it, and he stopped again, covering her hand with his to still them where they were on her sweet clit. She groaned and cried out at being denied again, arching her back and demanding for more........throwing a tantrum for more even as he was still within her. He grew harder if that was even possible. His woman was writhing and trembling with need and desire, she sweet pleas.....Her pleas would bring him to his knees anytime, urging and asking and pleading to move again and bring her to a release. He spanked her ass to make her clench around him and draw out another one of her divine moans.

"Ummmmmmm,..........please..Dameinn, I need more....i need to- to--i just need that-"

"Come, my sweetheart. You need to cum." he provided for her.


He bent down and licked her nipple, taking it deep in his mouth and suckling on it hard, moving his tongue on the hardened tip. She gasped and held him tightly to her breast, at this point, he wondered if she would cum just from this. He decided to keep her on the edge, she was too beautiful like this.

He loved everything about her in the moment, from her frenzied and hazed pleads as she unashamedly asked and begged for more, her body trembling with need to her voice and her face. She had given herself to the pleasure, completely submitted- not to him but to the act.....her release after two denials was going to be better than any she had ever experienced.

He would have tormented her more, but then she looked at him with tears in her eyes and he decided to drop his damn play. she needed t bad that's what made this pleasurable cause it consumed you completely. The need, but he couldn't deny her any longer.

She hiccupped instead of groaning.

"Tell me what you want." He asked, moving slowly inside her, thumbing her nipple.

"y-you wouldn't an-anyway."

He let down her legs and pulled her to him, kissing her so, so very tenderly, rubbing a hand on her back and stroking her hair.

"shhh," a kiss on her cheek, her eyelids and then his lips rested on her forehead.

"Why-y?...... she tilted her head up to look at him, eyes frustrated and needy at the same time, "Please....Lord Damien. I want it so muchh"

"I know." He answered, "I want you to cum with me. When I do." he kissed her again, a slow kiss full of adoration and tenderness that he hadn't shown when he had denied her twice.

"But I can't anymor-re......" She hiccupped again.

" hmmm..." he nuzzled in her neck, "How do you want it, my precious?" still he continued to stroke her hair, his hand rubbing her back to calm her some more. "You want me to go fast?" his lips traced from her neck up to her lips, lavishing her in delicious open mouthed kisses. The smell of their sex was intoxicating as he inhaled on her skin, making him high on everything that was her.

"You want me pounding into that sweet pussy? Hitting that pleasure point again and again?" he whispered on her lips and she nodded with a pained groan.

Putting her legs behind his back, he decided not to trouble his love anymore.

"As my Queen wishes" he kissed her again as he gave it to her just the way she wanted, fierce and relentless. He tugged on her lip, nipping at it gently before laying her back again.

" Hand on your pussy, darling, play with that hot little nub." and she did so readily, moving her finger rapidly over her sensitive and puffy skin. Again the room was filled with her moans and gasps, again she tilted her head and arched her back in pleasure. Eyes closed in ecstasy as 'yes' and 'please' and 'just like that' escaped her mouth.

He covered both her breasts with his palms, palming them, groping and fondling them, and his own hungered groans left his chest. He was oh so near. Pinching her nipples, her stroked them with his thumbs.

"Open your eyes dearest, look how i fill your greedy little core." She was putty under his hands, willing to do everything for that jump down the cliff.

Elle opened her eyes and look at his eyes, then at where he entered and they connected to each other. She reveled in the feel of him within her aching core, moaned at the knowledge that he was the one filling her, completing her.

She felt the energy building, her muscled all tensed with something that took her to the extreme heights, her stomach all tight even as it fluttered from inside, and her core? It was hot and ached and as Damien had said, greedy.

"I'm--I'm going to--" she worried that he would deny her again, surely he wouldn't be so cruel, would he?

"Give yourself to it, darling, cum around me."

And he ended the statement by bending down and suckling on a nipple that he was playing with.

And cum she did, harder than she ever had, her mind going all hazy as her body enjoyed a high like never ever before. Waves upon waves of unimaginable pleasure consumed her entirely as all that pent up energy from two previously denied orgasms washed her at once.

She clenched and spasmed around him, drawing out his seed and he came inside her with a roar that shook the walls. His mouth went slack around her nipple, his pants wild as he lay on her.

She was still spasming, and he didn't stop rocking into her till she rode out the waves of her release, extending it as much as he could.

He loved the face she made when she came even more than when she was sexually frustrated and making demands of him.

So he decided to give her more of those releases.

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