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Chapter 58

Deep in the woods, in the Fae lands that protected the amethyst cave, a Goddess opened her eyes.

Neeyah suddenly gasped and turned to look in the general direction of the caves. She was lying alone in her bed and as she stared at the stars which were the now hidden by the sun's warmth, she knew fate had yet again rolled its dice. A new turn to be started.
She hopped out of the bed and ran to the doors, once outside she made her way to Orion's room. With her small hands making tiny fists, she pounded on the heavy wooden doors as she called out for him.
Alas, the time had arrived.
He opened the doors and on reflex pulled her in before checking the corridor. When he found no immediate threat, he turned to her and crouched down to her level.
"What is it, little one?" he asked as his eyes went over her frame in search of any injuries.
"We need to leave. Now." She said with an authority that would've rivalled an Alpha's. Her eyes the same wise ancient ones that he feared so much.
"Where? and what's the hurry?" His brows furrowed as he questioned her.
"We do not have time for questions! She will leave and we ought to find her before the Goddess steps out in a few days. Come on!!!" She caught hold of his hand and started dragging him out the door. She continued to ramble but he could not figure out a lot of what she was saying. So he halted his steps and pulled her to a standstill.
"And just whom exactly do you speak of? And what Goddess?" In the back of his mind he knew she spoke of the Wolf, but he didn't want to risk misinterpreting her words.
" Elle's aunt. She is in the town. And we must reach her before she sets out." She spoke and turned around again, pulling at his hand.
"Marie? And how do you know this?" He pulled her to a stop again. And we wondered what was the point f asking anyways. She knew things and there was no explanation so as to why and that was that. He was thinking of taking her to the Lord so they could form some plan of action if Neeyah could say something more on what was going through her head.
"Yes! And we have to go right now."
"Damien needs to be informed fi-'
"No time Orriiiiiiiiiionnnn."
Some fifteen minutes later, both of them were sitting in a carriage, headed to a known manor to meet a friend of long time. Damien's friend that is, she was nothing more than an acquaintance to him.
Nearly an hour later, the carriage was parked before Lady Janet's glorious manor, where he was welcomed by a butler who was so good at his work that he didn't so much as blink at how much they were underdressed for greeting the lady of the house. Being in line to the throne had it's perks, one of them being unquestioned on the way he carried himself. A blessing, really, when it came to times like these when he was being welcomed as a guest as he wore nothing more than his loose pants which he wore when going to sleep. Accompanied by a four year old in her sleepwear.
"I shall inform the lady of your arrival" The butler bowed as Orion and Neeyah stepped inside. Then once the doors were closed behind, the good butler led them to the men's parlor on the left to await the lady's presence.
"William, I think I would do good with a suit, don't you?" Orion asked the butler.
"Right away, sir." he bowed again and left them alone.
Orion sat in a chair with Neeyah beside him, and a while later a maid entered with refreshments which she settled on the table before them.
Unfortunately, nothing which was presented was appropriate for the child beside him. So he ordered the maid to bring a glass of maid and a few cookies while he sipped on the drink poured for him. Mind you, he had been to the palace so many times with the Lord that the servants now knew what to serve him and how exactly he liked his drinks. What he now sipped on was a coffee well blended with whiskey just the way he liked.
"So tell me Neeyah, how do you know Janet?" Orion asked on a curious note, looking at her as she gaped at the ostentatious manner of decoration of the parlor. Indeed, every thing in the room reeked of wealth and status.
"Oh....I knew of her all along. My parents were acquaintances of the Lady, most of the wooden furniture in the house is crafted by my father." she answered and pointed to a mahogany bureau in the corner. "That one was also made by us, mom and me polished it together and I had come here to deliver it with dad. I always accompanied him here, Lady Janet used to give me lots of sweets."
A deep frown settled on his forehead. Neeyah was undoubtedly a wolf, and for Janet to be friends with a family of mutts? When the two species had been at war on and off for so long as centuries?
A maid arrived with Neeyah's milk and cookies and the hungry child devoured them hastily just as the butler arrived with a suit. for Orion. Orion let Neeyah be for a moment and went to get dressed in the adjoining white and gold bathroom. When he returned, the butler told him that Janet was ready to meet them.
They waited till Neeyah finished the last of her milk and then were taken by the butler to Janet's office.
Once inside her office, Janet stood and smiled at them.
"Welcome to my humble abode, prince Orion. And what a surprise, Neeyah Fairblood, good to see you too."
She greeted Orion without the curtsy that women usually did, and shook Neeyah's hand as the child giggled. Greetings behind their back, they all settled down and she turned serious.
"What brings you here today, my prince?" she asked with a small smile that was far from friendly.
"Neeyah here has something to ask." he answered. Fairblood. Neeyah Fairblood. Something about the surname was very unnerving, making him anxious. Probably because Fairbloods and Blackbloods or Darkbloods, were all direct descendats of some diety or devil. Something more he needed to know about Neeyah, more to look out for.
"What might that be?" she turned to Neeyah.
"A friend of yours, Lady Janet. we are here looking for Lady Marie." Neeyah answered and Janed frowned a little at her with a tilted head.
"Marie? why do you look for her, child?"
"I shall make it known when we see her. I know she resides under this roof the now. Please ask for her presence."
Janet looked wary, on the verge of declining, then she looked at Orion, who would probably not back down and exercise his royal authority if the need be. With her lips pressed in a tight line and her eyes going hard, her shoulders slumped in defeat as if she lost an internal battle.
She knew she was up for a 'kitty-party' for a 'chit-chat' with Orion later on. Janet had hidden too many secrets for too long and Neeyah arrival her meant that it was time to open her mouth and let them out. Unwillingly but, really, what other option did she have. She knew that time would eventually come, but for it to be so early, how sad was that?
"William!" she called for her butler who somehow managed to arrive within a few seconds of being summoned, "Inform Lady Maria that she had a few guests waiting for her presence. Tell her it is important"
The butler bowed and left soundlessly.
"To be honest, I still do not understand what the fuss is all about." Janet huffed and made clapped once so a personal maiden appeared and was asked to bring in some vodka.
Guess it wasn't something she looked forward to eh.
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