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Chapter 59

"What's going on? Who's here?" a genteel voice resonated in the room. Orion turned around and for a moment his eyes refused to move away from the lady who entered the house. To say she was beautiful would be an understatement, she was absolutely ethereal. Out of habit his eyes scanned the column of her neck and he averted his gaze upon finding a mark on the left side of her neck.

Maria looked at her guests with a confused gaze and wandered to sit beside Janet. Soon after her arrival a man entered the room, his stare meeting with Orion's as if knowing where Orion's thoughts had been wandering toward. Orion looked him over once, he was a civilian, and the level of disrespect shown to Orion was unacceptable.
"Maria, meet Prince Orion, and Neeyah Fairblood. Orion, Maria and her mate, Hunter."
Maria rose upon being introduced, followed by a curtsey, Hunter followed in her steps by rising and bowing. Orion acknowledged them with a nod of his head and once they were seated, Orion noticed the change in Hunter's attitude. He had his eyes downcast, as was appropriate, though he had put an arm around Maria's shoulders, as if making it known that if Orion made any move towards her, he would surely have a fight coming his way.
Orion smiled at that.
"My Prince, to what do I owe your presence." Maria spoke.
" Tell us about Elle, we are here to know about who her parents are." Neeyah was the one who answered. Silence followed her demand. Maria looked wide eyes at her, then hesitantly looked at Janet who shrugged and took a heavy pull on her Vodka.
"Ho-How do you know of her?" Maria asked, her voice a little rattle.
" She is your Queen now, mated to Lord Damien to rule by his side. Now, may we know who birthed her. And why there are people who want her dead?"
Maria's eyes went wide as saucers, her mouth going lax. Hunter looked up with a similar expression.
"Co-come again?" said Maria.
"That abomination!" was Hunter.
Orion growled at him, the sound of which shook the pillars, his dominance and authority making the air alive, making it hum with power.
"Another ill word about your Queen and I promise you a cold grave." Orion growled out and felt a small hand clutching the sleeve of his suit. He looked down at a shivering Neeyah, her eyes scared and wary. He moved a hand through her hair, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.
"My niece lives on?" Maria's voice broke, her eyes shining with tears, her hands trembling slightly as she was overcome by emotions. Orion looked at her, she was genuinely relieved, happy to know that Elle survived.
Maria broke down at the confirmation, violent sobs raking her body. Hunter rubbed his hand on her back as if to comfort her but his face spoked differently. His annoyance rolled off of him in waves that unsettled Neeyah.
"Can we just get this over with already, I'm not an admirer of drama plays." Janet spoke from where she sat, making her presence known, Orion had almost forgotten she still sat there with them.
Maria sniffed and then nodded her head. A smile on her face.
"Elle is my brother's daughter." Maria began, her voice shaky from her breakdown. " You see, my brother is a true blood, just like the royalty. "
Orion frowned at that. A trueblood Vampire? Of which clan? One can count purebloods and true bloods on his fingers, so few of them had lived.
"Who?" He asked.
Janet sighed from where she sat, making all heads turn to her.
" He was my kin," she answered, making Orion's frown a deeper crease on his forehead. " Havers was my cousin, a trueblood he was but who lived with a changed name."
That explained it. There was a tie when Truebloods and Purebloods were being hunted down, killed because the civilians were insecure. People thought of them as evil, undeserving to live in a society because they were harmful. A lot of families had changed their names and as though vanished from the surface of the earth.
"You see, Maria here is my cousin. We are related by blood, but times were bad back then, we were separated and while my father was strong enough for dominate the civilian attacks, Maria's family had to go and into hiding. By that relation, Elle is my blood as well, and I had guessed as much the day she had first arrived here. On my birthday." Janet clarified.
"While that might explain why they tried to kill her, that still doesn't justify why he called her an abomination. What's the other half of the story?" Orion asked as he eyed Hunter.
"I believe that's where her mother comes into the picture." Maria spoke, looking at her palms with a sad smile on her face. Then her eyes looked up again, staring straight into Orion's, " Her mother was also a pureblood, but she was of the Fair's bloodline."
Silence hung in the air. Orion took a deep breath and rubbed his face. Nothing had ever been more unsettling to him.
Fair bloodline meant those of the Deities and Gods. Vampires were by blood and the Devil's children, their existence was dark by nature itself, Evil in essence. If truebloods and Purebloods were shunned and feared by the society, Elle's mother being a Fair indeed made Elle's existence unacceptable to them. Elle's presence was as if walking on a thin border that separated the here and there. She neither belonged to the Fairs nor the Darks.
"Who was her mother?" Orion asked, holding his breath to prepare for what was to come. The possibilities were endless.
"The Maiden of Earth." Maria answered.
Orion could do nothing but sit there speechless, his mind reeling as he tried to accept all that was being told to her.
Being a Maiden's birthed daughter essentially made Elle a Goddess herself.
A Goddess who had the Devils blood running in her veins.
An abomination because her vessel was pure and the her soul sinful. Or perhaps her vessel corrupt and her soul pure.
Both of which were against the laws of Nature. Against the very fragments of reality, for the dark and the fair were not to ever be combined. The most powerful of both the sides could only result in uncontainable and unimaginable power.
Elle truly did not know how powerful her blood truly was. And maybe she was also unaware of all that she could do, being a Goddess, she had the strength to even define the laws of reality if she so wished. And to be birthed by the Maiden of Earth? The incarnation of Mother Nature? Of the one who was in control of all the mortal lives that walked the Earth?
" How is that even possible!?" Orion's voice echoed in the room. He still found it all hard o believe.
"No one knows how, only that it is true." Maria answered.
The room was silent again. Orion ran a hand through his hair.
" The Maiden was lonely." Neeyah's voice was silent, calm as it travelled in the room. The all knowing child had to know of course. She had an aura around her, even now as she spoke her voice was otherworldly, calm and peaceful and yet dif " You forget that a Maiden is in fact a mortal incarnation of the Celestials. When on land, even as immortals, they have to live the lives of us lowliness. She was a lonely soul wandering in her depths when Havers stumbled in the woods along with Maria, desperately looking for a refuge, a shelter to hide themselves. As time went on, she grew fond of Havers"
Neeyah looked at Orion, her eyes once again those hauntingly ancient ones that he was coming to despise. But he knew that if there was anyone in the room who could answer the questions that were popping up one after another in his mind, it was Neeyah.
"What does that make Elle?"
She gave him a smile.
" A person one must fear. An equal to Damien's direct bloodline. She was made for Damien. He the prince of darkness, the conqueror of death, the commander of the Reapers. She the blood of the a Goddess, a Celestial, the holder of Life."
The Yin to Damien's Yang.
Together they both completed the cycle. The light and the dark. Only together can they both truly rule. Together they were complete.

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